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Sade Full Album Lyrics

Paragon Impure - Sade cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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1. Sade I: Introduction to the Divine Marquis (2:23)
"…Bleeding corpses, children ravished from their mother's arms, young girls massacred at the end of an orgy, cups overflowing with blood and wine, unimaginable sufferings, inconceivable tortures…What a tireless monster;…When he reaches the end of his crimes, when he has exhausted his fund of incest and bestialities, when at last he is there, panting over the bodies he has stabbed and violated, when there remains no church to be polluted, no child he has not butchered in his rage, not a single moral idea upon which he has not smeared filth of his odious doctrines and language, only then is it that he halts…and looks at himself…and smiles."

Jules Janin, Revue De Paris, 1834
2. Sade II: Juliette, Queen of Vice (9:09)
One touch from your gentle fingers
and I want to be a whore
A foul, dirt-caked, shit-pantsed whore

I want to master the refined arts of theft
and drown myself in wealth
I want to murder the oppressors of Nature
and smother the name of god
I want to take the whole world to my bed
and set it on fire!

I want to fuck barons and beggars, bishops and beasts
I want to feel the lash and the knife, the switch and the belt
Smash by ass!
Open my veins!
Let me feel the warm stickiness of my own blood
gushing out to bathe my body in its pure flow
Let me swim in the fetid slime of crime
and gorge myself with the worm-infested fruit of total perversion

I beg of you:
Invade my rectum with hot pokers!
Let the sickly odor of my burnt flesh inflame my passion
Oh, the stinging, unbearable pain….
Like a million knives lancing through my bowels
A hundred claws tearing my entrails

Rip my nipples from my body
Stuff steaming pitch up my ass
Pour molten lead on my cock
Cut off my tongue with a razor
Fuck me with a cannon
and blow your sword through my chest

Sour vomit may choke my throat
Tears may burn my cheeks
Pain may chew at me like a mad animal
Yet I will refuse to move a single muscle
I will say nothing
I will never surrender
Unless you grant me the courtesy of doing so…

Oh, sweet Juliette
Mistress of sin and desire
Murderess of benevolence and virtue
Queen of destruction and vice
I worship at your throne!
3. Sade III: Mors in Excelsis Deo (6:32)
Wicked whores who stand before me
Shut your filthy mouths and obey me
Your beshitted asses must be reamed
of all vestiges of sin and corruption
by my holy pontifical prick

Brothers and sisters in this great fiasco of existence
Vulnerable little lambs
Prey to all vulturous evils of the world
Let me, mediator to the great afterlife,
bestow a plenary indulgence on your poor, buggered asses

By the lord's putrid cock
To your knees for the papal blessing!
Confess to me...
Unburden yourselves of the millstone of sins
Repent to me...
Lift your souls from the muck of guilt
Come with me….
Sodomize the son of man!
He who defrauded the masses
Sodomize the lamb of god!
He who served as tool for tyrants and pawn of despots
For all the strife he has visited upon us
we shall sodomize him in eternity

Such are the labors of his vicar here on earth
I, holy father, holy fucker, the old papal bull


Thou artisan of hoaxes
Thou bandit of homage
Thou robber of affection
Mark these words, thou son of a strumpet!
Since the day thou didst emerge from the bowels of a harlot
Thou hast failed in all thy plights
Thou hast belied all thy promises
Centuries have wept awaiting thee
Thou impostor
Thou fugitive fraud
Thou faceless and mute god
Thou wast to redeem man and thou hast not
Thou wast to appear in glory and thou hast not
Thou wast to be chamberlain of our tears
And thou didst nil...

Dominus vobiscum
Et cum spiriti tuo
Mors in excelsis deo!

Inspired by the audience of Juliette with the pope,
L'Histoire de Juliette, ou les Prospérités du vice, 1797
4. Sade IV: Repentance of a Dying Libertine (5:19)
I was created by Nature
with the keenest of appetites
and the strongest of passions

I was put on this earth
with the sole purpose
of placating both by surrendering to them

Incidental effects essential to Her designs for me
Conform entirely to Her laws
Criminal in your eyes,
perfectly straightforward in mine

I repent only
not sufficiently acknowledging Her omnipotence
Blinded by the absurdity of your doctrines
I did at times resist Her
…and am heartily sorry for it.

I picked only flowers
when I could have harvested ripe fruits

Based upon the repentance of the dying man
Dialoque entre un prêtre et un moribond, 1782
5. Sade V: Philosophy in the Bedroom (9:27)
Libertines of all ages, of every sex, of every inclination: hearken!
Your passions, which the cold and dreary moralists tell you to fear
are no more than the means by which Nature seeks to exhort you to do Her work
Surrender to these passions and live freely!

Lewd women: emulate the lustful!
Submit yourself to pleasure's divine laws
Ignore all which contradict them!

Young virgins: pursue your fiery desires!
Throw off the restraints of your ridiculous religion
and spurn the precepts of your foolish parents
Yield to the laws of Nature which logic describes
and to the arms of willing lovers!

Lascivious men: be crafty in exploring the carnal arts!
Acknowledge no government save that of your desires
Acknowledge no limits save those of your imagination
Only in expanding the sphere of your tastes and whims
true pleasure you will find!

To all: let us realize that we have been cast into this woeful life
without our consent!
We have been assailed from the dawn of consciousness
with the sophistries of those who would gain from our confusion
If we would snatch a brief moment of pleasure
If we would plant an occasional rose along life's rocky path
We must sacrifice everything to the demands of our senses!

This is the lesson of the Bedroom Philosophers...

Based upon the foreword to La Philosophie dans le boudoir, 1795
6. Sade VI: The Final Passion, or The Passion of Hell (12:20)
The Libertine of all libertines
with eyes pitch-black and golden hair
An imposing physique, statuesque as a Greek god,
with the prick of a stallion and a heart of stone
The wealthiest of noblemen, with time on his hands...

Every fortnight he emerges
for nights of boundless vice
For dreadful dissipations
this world has never seen...
Spectacles of atrocity
Exercises in debauchery
Orgies of blood and tears
True paragons of impurity!

His procurers roam the land
sparing effort nor expense
to elect the chosen few
Fifteen maidens for each event
imprisoned in a convent
unaware of the horrors yet to come
Oh, these poor, unfortunate gals….
Their fate is sealed in blood

On the evening before the orgy
the Libertine examines his stock
Stripped and screened for perfection
the broads are struck with awe
Not a single stain is permitted
Not a wrinkle goes unperceived
A single flaw means rejection
and rejection is never condoned...

He fondles and probes their luscious bare bodies
scrutinizing every crack and crevasse
He sucks their mouths and licks their cunts
He reams their assholes and savors their shit
As the inspection comes to an end
the girls are lined-up and branded with a number
From one to fifteen, the order in which they will fall prey
to the hellish passions of our depraved nobleman

Locked in the attic until the following night
Trembling with fear, awaiting their doom
One by one, the girls are summoned

He beats their delicious buttocks with a rod, fierce and steady
When their skins turns red as wine, he buggers them swiftly
While beating their backs with a cane, he fucks their cunts

Deflowered in both holes and forcefully whipped across their body
the Libertine picks up a spear and stabs each girl six times
Once in each buttock
Once in each tit
Once in each side of the belly

Weakened from the loss of blood
the girls stand dizzily and lost
He rewards them with a ribbon,
to appoint the torture yet to come
Than kicks them viciously in the ass
to send them tumbling through the window, into the cellar…

Hell awaits!

Fifteen torture machines
horrific and ingenious
Fifteen executioners
swarthy and mysterious

When the timing is right, the signal is given
With great clatter and horrendous screams
the machinery is set into motion
In a state of indescribable excitation
with his prick glued to his belly
the Libertine is foaming at the mouth

Bones, broken and molten
Skin, carved and burned
Limbs, severed and boiled

The stench of Death fills the room
accompanied by unearthly blasphemies
and shouts like the bellows of a bull
drowning out the clamoring of the fifteen girls

May the leprous prick of Lazarus squirt bloody cum all over your mother's face!

With each moment his passion increases
Until finally he can no longer contain himself
bursting out his jism in ravenous ecstasy!

Based upon the final murderous passion,
the grand finale of Les 120 Journées de Sodome, 1785
the apotheosis of libertinism!
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