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A Ruined Oak Full Album Lyrics

Omotai - A Ruined Oak cover art

A Ruined Oak

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Sludge Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-11-13)
1. Welcome to the Adders' Land (4:12)
Satellighting desecrated
No forgiveness shall be ours
Every signal dissipated
Hell awaits us in this land
New invaders bent on conquering
Unimagined their atrocities
Disappearances abound in this
Poisoned kingdom, endless in unrest
Don’t look back
Home has vanished
Forget your home
2. Ruined Oak (3:09)
End your leagues of migration
Turn away from home and nation
I know this pain you’re holding
This is your heart I am holding
Could have eased you in your troubles
Cut you open, left you gutted
Hold these torches, join the new clan
Leave your old life in its ruin
And none betrays the rule that governs Adders’ Land
3. Last of the Green Vial (3:40)
Drifting ship brought to bear
On the sound Where a town disappears from the map
From a lion they alight from the prow
Voices calling for the knights, butchered now
Reach for them with my cries
I'm nothing now, but skull and ribs and a spine
4. Arms That Flood (5:30)
Lizzie queen, I know you’ll hear my plea
The state of things, it ain’t a pretty scene
Digest the poison, metamorphoses
A chrysalis discarded, collapsing colony
You know the kids are home
You know they’ve got no father
You know they’ve got no sword
You know they’ve got no armor
Depleted feed, we made some enemies
So I petition thee to send a laden fleet
Arms that flood the land with blood
5. Blackjaw (2:59)
Wise owl came and told me
Strangers came in from the sea
Survival not guaranteed
Tribe is looking to me
We’re piling ‘em up
We’re digging a hole
We’re lighting a fire
Erasing the scene
The signal, the sky
We’re lighting a fire
Erasing the scene
6. Back to the Drifting Satellite (4:34)
My mind, it’s rotted with hope
I’m still looking
You shall not board
You must stay
Stay here now
Make your way
Left you there
Help from the crown
Be well, Dare
Three years gone
And back I come
To my only ones
Storms arise
North wind blow
Chief men drowned In the rising tow
Rags and bones
No else remains
Birds all flown
Break my heart
Lost anchorage
Consign you to God
Had we never loved so kindly
Had we never loved so blindly
Never met, never parted
7. A Cruel Weight, Thy Wound (8:08)
At the oak, you stood waiting
Left alone and abandoned
Factions roam like the currents
Daughter’s bones, cruelly weighted
Yeah we were a storied wonder
Way across this neurotic sea
Magnetic, unflagging All the cells, all the stars
Connected, resonating
What are we waiting for?
Take me home if you’ll have it
Be no ghost, little maiden
Marked in stone, wayward orphan
Death will come, cruel waiting
8. Fire Is a Whore (5:53)
Crawling over bones and blood
Pile the pyre, dancing fire
Crawling over bones and blood
Wicked tale, it fades away
But the imprint still remains
Wicked fire, the charred remains
New growth will make its way
Crawling over bones and blood
Pile the pyre, dancing fire
Crawling over bones and blood
Wicked fire, the charred remains
New growth will make its way Built upon
9. A Maiden Nerve (5:32)
Old knots, old nerves
The days are turning gray
My hands are froze, my face is pale
The captain left us here
He said good luck
But I know…we’re fucked
Fin’lly we moved, searching for food
Child in her youth, doomed like a ewe
I cut the loam, gathered the stones
Lowered my baby’s body to tomb
There’s nothing
10. The Savage Sky (5:11)
Yerushalayim, born anew among them
Lands are stripped and bonded
Realm of devils’ wonders
‘Neath the cross sink under
Ruined oak absconded
Crucify, savage sky
Crossing lines fill the sky
11. Augustina (5:06)
Those deep-set eyes
They betray the flame
Snuffed out of your days
Those vacant eyes
Dark and weary soul
Your gold was a new home
Those deep-set eyes
He’ll live like a slave
And die like a king
You sit in your balcony
I’ll sit in the dirt
You sit in the balcony
I’ll sit in this dirt
I know that honor
I know that glory
I know that honor
I know that glory
I know It lies in
The salt Of this earth
12. Tusk Aurora (9:14)
These fucking errants
We’ll watch them crawling
Starving and barren
‘Til they come calling
This human scree
Fear greed and lust
Aspirant kings will be
Impaled upon the tusk
Some say the white men are ten billion strong
Others believe that we’ve witnessed the last of their Lecherous land grabbing. As for myself?
I don’t mistake the extent of their treachery
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