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Pale Cold Irrelevance Lyrics

Old Night - Pale Cold Irrelevance cover art

Pale Cold Irrelevance

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal
Album rating :  -
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-09-01)
1. The Last Child of Doom (9:41)
For all of those about to die
He plays and sings this lullaby
He made his resting place deep within Earth’s womb
But now he is awakened from his eternal tomb
As you hear the church’s bell for the last time chime
Forth comes the master of all space and time

He is not a foe, He is not a friend
He is the beginning and He is the end

He weaves destiny
On his infernal loom
A tide that swallows time
The last child of doom

He is not a god but an entity Aeons old
The forger of all worlds you are about to behold
No point in running you got nowhere to go
Humanity should have never sank so low
As you listen to the last notes of his lullaby
The reality sinks in – you are all about to die

He is not a foe, He is not a friend
He is your woe and this is the end

He weaves history
On his macabre loom
Time to meet your destiny
And impending doom
2. Mother of All Sorrows (10:28)
You make me think of a killer rhyme
So sad how these encounters run on borrowed time
You completely disarm me and leave me with no alibi
Heart pounding, palms sweating, you leave me to die

Dear Mary mother of all sorrows,
Tell me what secrets harbours her heart?
Now that this sickness claws from within
Who will be left standing and who will fall apart?

You make me dream of a different life
Of mistakes undone and truths that don’t cut like a knife
But love is a sickness that fathers all the pain
Can’t help myself but wonder… was this all in vain?

You say you are not walking away but your back is turned
Only a lesson lived is a lesson learned

Dear Mary mother of all the broken hearts
At the end who will be left there to pick up the broken parts?
3. Thieves of Innocence (10:28)
Let me sing you a song of
All of our grieves and fears come alive
Of childhood nightmares wearing flesh
And living in horror stories while you thrived
Innocence was the first part of the soul to die
Eyes pleading for you to just do something
The rest was as eager to follow since
Evil always triumphs when good men do nothing

The world will try to break your heart
A dozen times by the end of the week
Starving your eyes of tears became an art
It’s weeding out the innocent with the weak

Time is the cruellest of concepts
A spectator as unyielding as it is unforgiving
Only when you are hurting to the point of almost giving up
You know you have been truly living

The thieves of innocence
Are ever present
In silence they’re watching
And taking…
4. Architects of Doom (7:07)
I heard your sobbing last night
Dear old mother
Your boys are also losing their sleep
Missing their father
He took up arms and went in
Another fool’s war
Because the wolves were hungry
And rotten to the core

All the pigs were shamelessly weltering
While our heroes were dying
On their corpses the wolves were feasting
While honest men were crying

So I offer you
A myriad of shattered dreams
Lives lost in wailing screams
A multitude of broken homes
All for the wolves sitting on the thrones

Freedom was a lie
Glory was denied
But you managed to rise above
I still don’t know how
Rest your weary eyes father
Your boys are proud men now

In spite all the sadness this war did sire
The same old hatred is still raging afire
5. Something is Broken (9:52)
The whole world took a deep breath
And for a split second stood still
In disbelief watching the reaper
As it moved in for the kill

Something is broken…
It all just came apart
Like a house of cards
Once you stopped his loving heart

Hate is an acquired taste
Yet it’s bitterness hides a sweetest core
With this rope you forced around my neck
All I can do is beg for some more

It’s like trying to sing of my loss
In ear endearing rhymes and verses
With a mouth full of rusty nails
Sharp razors and curses

Something is broken…
6. Contemptus Mundi (10:47)
Another bitter men here I come
Another happy ending comes undone
An empty shell, wretched and broken
A collateral victim of things left unspoken

So I face the bottom of a thousandth glass
Another hazy year has come to pass
Apathy is headed for the ultimate high
So I make another line just to get me by

You have to bear in mind
That life is bitter black
An anchor pulling you down
A noose around your neck
A soil that will bear you nothing
But a sour yield
A broken heart that can never
Truly be healed

Another bitter men here I come
Another happy ending comes undone
An empty shell, wretched and broken
A collateral victim of things left unspoken

May woe betide this accursed race
May the last sun set on this godforsaken place
As apathy spirals to an all time high
I feed the gun and bid my last goodbye

Contemptus Mundi
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