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Battalions of Hate Full Album Lyrics

Nervochaos - Battalions of Hate cover art

Battalions of Hate

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-04)
1. Pazuzu Is Here (3:50)
Kill the priest, in the name of evil.
Destroy all the servants of god.
Worship the hate and feel the smell of death.
Blood it's his flag, the bloody flag of death.
Now, we're the demons of war.
Fighting against the putrid farce.
The terror of satan it's over your world.
Satanic slaughter. bestial slaughter.

Pazuzu is here.
Plague. disgrace. hate and pain.

Morbid creatures spreading fear and evil.
Demons uprising from the blood.
Lost cursed spirits searching for salvation.
But everything is doom and desolation.

I reside in the ancient tombs.
I am the lord of all plagues.
I command the legions of doom.
Hear my name. i am pazuzu.
2. Total Satan (4:16)
Punishment is eternal with your fucking God.
Christians guided by a God they never see.
Suffering their daily lives.
Praise the Lord. Bow and obey.
Into the nine circles of Hell,
Abandon all hope.

Total Satan
Total freedom
Satan is the lord

Sanctum Regnum.
Seven seals. Seven gates of hell.
Symbols and numbers. Tetragrammaton.
Satan is formed by God's pieces
Satan is God for all.
Pentagram. Cold Demons.
Total Satan.

Total Satan
Total freedom
Satan is the lord

Inferno is about the quest through a life.
Inferno is about the difficulty of life.
The energy of living a human life.

Total Satan
Total freedom
Satan is the lord

Evil is liberty and chaos.
Demons devouring Christians.
Satan rules this world.
Lucifer's waiting for you in hell.

You'll die!
3. Dark Side (3:21)
Inside a tormented mind a live
Annihilating sober thoughts
An avalanche of sensations that changes
Your mind and your soul
A primitive instinct is unleashed

And this changes your mind
Your tormented mind
Into the abyss you will fall
Into the unknown abyss soul
Rising from darkness

No one knows your name
Sons of darkness
Enthroned once again

Extreme hate inside my head
Demons possess my soul
I hear the call of darkness
To unleash the beast within
4. Infernal Words (3:04)
Hell is my reign
and heaven is my domain
Where I command all the beasts with my fire
Feeding human´s disgrace. People screaming in flames
fools that believes in liar. Your dogmas are false like you.
Your life is just an illusion

Your life is a lie, open your eyes
Your god is dead. Hear the truth.

Your soul now belongs to me. Don´t try to escape
winged beasts flying. See Luciferś reign.

Despair in the heart of the Christians, screaming and bleeding
The hellfire burn your flesh. Pain, anguish and death
Despair in the heart of the Christians. Pain, anguish and death

Hell is my reign
and heaven is my domain
Where I command all the beasts with my fire
Your dogmas are false like you.
5. All-Out War (2:59)
A storm of steel
Machine guns firing
Grenades are flying
Under suppressive fire
Our country
In the battlefield
Engaged in combat
A massive battlefield
Intense warfare,delivering carnage

In a war obscured by deception
with a reason to kill
You´ll die for me
To survive

There´s no justice for all
On the edge of supreme war
We don´t need to feel the sorrow
We´ll bring back home
Histories of ... All-out war
6. Dark Chaotic Destruction (2:48)
A bloody storm destroys the earth.
Darkness, chaos reigns again.
Evil hordes marching upon putrid corpses.
Under the eye of the beast.
Spreading fear and terror to
all corners to the world.
Sowing the earth with blood.

The end is near. I can hear the cries of human race
your time is over. No time to love, it´s time for carnage.
Now satan arise
Offering human lives like sacrifice
Now satan arise
Offering human lives like great sacrifice

Satan War Chaos

Open scars
demons are torturing me
Stay dead
never live againg, Never live again
7. One from None (1:50)
In a cripple nation,
raised on hate
there isn´t anything
to smile about

What I understand best
Is fear and hate
They make sense to me,
they don´t lie to me

I had taken all the grief,
the less I think the better
I want to get real,
all I see is a bunch of fakes.

Violence always made sense
I´m sickned and repulsed
I´m from nothing,
No one.
I´m one from none
I´m one from none
I´m one from none
I´m one from none
8. I Fucking Hate You (2:58)
You were born to loose
I know everything you know
Where ever i go
Whatever I know
Nothing has changed
You can't come back

You have no heart
No shame
You are the one to blame

I still take no shit from you
I can hardly express my feelings
Get the fuck out of here

I fucking hate you
9. Perish Slowly (3:03)
Violence in my veins
you´ll die by my hands
unholy wrath inside my heart
pain, I hear the cries
lunatic, sadistic
Shut Up! No more lies
suffering, body and mind. You´re here to die.

Evil hunting you
hunting human souls
you´re hunted by the dead
lost in a sea of grief
Hades wrapped in clouds
Hallucinations. Visions of terror. You´re here to die!

Here´s no peace
just hate.
No fear
Here´s no peace
Fucking Christian shit.

Perish slowly
Inside my eyes you´ll see your death
Perish slowly
This pain, your soul will never forget.
10. The Dead Shall Rise from a River of Blood (2:13) instrumental
11. Legiões Satânicas (Vulcano cover) (3:19)
Das profundezas das trevas
Os portais do inferno se abrirão.
Cavalguem guerreiros da escuridão
Cumpram o seu destino.
Vaguem em almas penadas.
Vaguem enquanto os profanos malditos
Escrevem o seu suplício
Se curvem cristãos malditos
E rezem metálicas orações
Entreguem suas almas ao pecado
E finalmente à perdição.
Vaguem em almas penadas
Vaguem em almas penadas
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