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Singular Disasters | Full Album Lyrics

Nattergal - Singular Disasters cover art

Singular Disasters

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDepressive Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-10-02)
1. I. Wintering (2:03)
2. II. The Bridge of White Roses (5:55)
Black, coarse abscence.
Feet tread silent.
Knives fly and slice me.
“No es menester cobrar mil vidas/ ni que rueden cabezas para despejar el aire/ hay gotas de sangre que manchan con forma de flor.”
Hope. Vortex of Wonders.
Despair against desperation.
The need of wanting everything.
The fear of getting hold of nothing.
Threads of life and death.
Joy versus despair.
The entire unfolding of your life, embroidering my reveries.
Behind your pupils, both lover and assassin lurk hidden.
(lyrics in Spanish by Ana Elena González)
3. III. Pieces of Glass (7:00)
Once upon a time, war began.
Once upon a time, our souls got intertwined.
Taught by the same master, yet they made their way into egotistical darkness.
Majesty, what are we to do?
Majesty, will this ever have an ending?
Majesty, out there they think of us as lizards with green eyes towards the sky.
“Under the cold December moon her dream will be shattered. Hatred will guide his hand to strike you. Purest emotion: complete, dense, unique, the absolute and deepest expression of the human heart; the sincere fulfillment of your ancient vote. A single blow, a single wound, from which your blood, pure and once sworn to Fate shall ooze and burn through Heaven, Earth and Hell. The dark prince was never meant to wear the crown, was he? Nisi Dominos Frustra. No mercy in this war
4. IV. Necronuptial Hymn (6:50)
Moon turned red, drowned in bloodshed.
Possessed by the one long ago dead.
Go on, sever my head, tear my limbs apart.
Crush my spirit, devour my entrails.
She drains my body.
She breaks my will.
I am her puppet, her slave.
Unable to escape, unable to yield, I lied buried in another’s dream (or nightmare?)
Unable to escape, unable to yield: till my chained soul cries out to thee.
They cannot see what lies within, but horses run wild while my body breaks down.
“I tried so hard to reach thy hand, but she kept possessing my heart.”
5. V. At Your Door (4:07)
At your door I stood silent, so mute in dispute.
Unable to knock to be true.
How many times?
How many lives?
Tell me who am I, that through darkness reach thy hand?
What have I become?
A flower, forever blooming in your heart.
What have we become?
Twin stars meant to burn each other out.
6. VI. Thunderstruck by War (5:14)
My visions always come true: the horror, the hatred, the endless bloodshed.
In the darkness night, Hell unfolds before my eyes.
Both sleeping beauties will open their eyes with the strike of a sword, the strike of Thunder guided by Fate.
Thunderstruck by War!
Rip your heart out.
Mutilate your soul.
Deliver yourself barehanded to them.
Self sacrifice for the sheer hope of a pure and free eternity.
7. VII. Mourning 1818 (6:18)
Sunlight burns through the drapery.
Blue grey sky above your head.
Have I, at last, learnt by heart the chart written on your face?
To be embraced, once again; not in bereavement, but in love, in death: forever.
Once I looked into the mirror, afraid of what I would meet.
I started back: your eyes met mine.
Timeless recognition.
Sunlight burns through the twin blooming trees.
Red, warm blood trickling upon my arms.
8. VIII. Faery Song (2:41)
By night she flew past my window.
By day she seems so real.
Or so it seemed while I held her between my arms.
Faery, you fly away.
Faery, yet you remain, ma petit ami.
9. IX. Beads of Fate (8:49)
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