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To Kill to Live to Kill Full Album Lyrics

Manticora - To Kill to Live to Kill cover art

To Kill to Live to Kill

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Progressive Metal
Album rating :  92.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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1. Piano Concerto 1: B Flat minor... (1:00)
2. Echoes of a Silent Scream (6:03)
Adrenaline rushing in to keep me strong
All strung up, standing in the dark
The tension in the air is indescribable
Pure destruction of life on my mark

Your silent screaming leaves a permanent sight
I shall never forget until I die
Your body broken and high on adrenaline
And your eyes, in desperation, asking why

Digging - To keep my sanity
Hunting - To find my identity
Searching deeper down in history
(To keep the nightmares away)
Burying the memories of gray

So we leave the eerie burial ground
In the dying hour of the night
Conscience as white and pale as pristine snow
Internally saturated with this might
3. Through the Eyes of the Killer: Towering Over You (6:15)
Blindfold - drunk on killers of pain
Deprived of senses
Scared to death - not aware of reasons
Stripped of ability to move

In this sterile landscape of tiles of white
I'll teach you the meaning of pure and unrelenting spite
Torture - Cellar, experiencing pain
The last place that you'll see
Sexual violence - serving as a tool
To make me sane anew

What comes around, goes around
And now you reap what you sowed

A fistful of hatred meets your bleeding face
Invocation of your end of days
I forgot the laws of mercy - I'll show you none
Say sorry and the pain will soon be gone
4. Katana: Awakening the Lunacy (7:04)
Day of confirmation
Or day of opposition to be precise
Smiling faces in excess
And spirits high - you can see it in their eyes

Tales of old and tales of new
All of what was, and what's to happen then
An artifact presented to start up the madness
Awakening the ancient blood-lust again

Katana -
Awakening the lunacy
Opening Pandora's box
Katana -
Awakening the lunacy
Creation of a monster has begun

Entering a sudden trance
A gruesome fantasy
Providence of destruction
Of gods and monsters and horrors to be

Swatting at mosquitoes
Indifferent to the creeping evening cold
The enchantment of the tale
Mesmerizing the boy, swallowing him whole
5. The Farmer's Tale (Part 1: The Aftermath of Indifference) (6:35)
One father, one daughter
Both left alone here on Earth
One man with rage in his eyes
Takes the job for what it's worth
No words said - See the indifference?
Ground Blood-red - No chance of self-defense

She was fragile, she was pure
To the point of eminence
This monster took all the beauty from her
The reason for my decadence
No words said - See the indifference?
Ground Blood-red - No chance of self-defense

I sacrifice - All I have left for you
Petrified - That this will destroy you too
Paralyzed - By the horrors that you went through
Agonized - By the crime no one can undo

I will search and I will find
I will kill this pathetic man
To the hungry pigs he'll be served
Terrible feast, perfect plan
Feed the pigs - Feel the deliverance
Bones to twigs - This is indifference!

The beasts will feast, devour all
Only his screams will remain
This sight will haunt you forever
A nightmare no one can explain
Feed the pigs - Feel the deliverance
Bones to twigs - This is indifference!

You know this is for you, right?
This is my revenge!

(Sweden, somewhere around Jönköping. A pig farmer tells me a horrific tale of the brutal assault and rape of his daughter)
6. The Devil in Lisbon (5:40)
7. Growth (9:19)
Two times twelve is twenty-four - add the offspring then
Twelve times seven is eighty-four - add the offspring then
Thirty pairs times five amount of twice of seven score ten - oh really then?

Overpopulating our only home
All together multiplying - completely blind
Breeding ourselves into this living hell
And no one dares to speak their mind

Famine, destruction, conflicts, all-out war
Consequences of an everlasting Growth of man
Elimination of other species on our behalf
And no one dares to speak, while they can

Into oblivion - Obliteration
Human saturation - Overpopulation

Destruction within
Why can't reasoning win?

Keep on producing offspring
-They better not eat too much
Keep on sowing more fields with crops
-They better not use too much water
Why don't you expand the cattle breeding
-They better tighten their bowels
But another plastic bottle of water
-Only twice the price of gasoline

It is incredible how we're condemning ourselves
To become extinct through sheer polluting volume
Critical mass will arrive before we know it
And no one dares to speak, while they consume
8. Humiliation Supreme (2:43)
9. Nothing Lasts Forever (5:48)
Once upon a time you were gonna live forever
But that was another fairytale, dad
You warned me
Oh, how you warned me
But how can you ever warn a person against something like that

And I keep pretending that it's all ok - I'm OK now
But we all know it's a lie, dad
I prepared
Oh, how I prepared
But how can you prepare to see your own father die?

I remember when you explained how the water rose on the beach
Explaining things to that innocent brain
It seemed to me there was nowhere you couldn't reach
But this is now and with "the now" comes the pain

Fading smile - Disappearing smile
Why does life wither and fade away?
Fading smile - Disappearing smile
Daddy, I'm your little boy, and always will be

All I have left is this cold stone to touch
I've got to remember that you're not here anymore...
That nothing will ever be like it used to be before.
I feel your spirit floating here, all around

I'm ok now, Dad
10. Katana: Opium (5:44)
Awakening from the dampness that covers the land
Moist to the brink of madness, intolerable heat
The young commander rises from his bed
And stumbles to his faltering, stinking feet

Stirring up the dust of the dried out road
Soldiers on the verge of collapsing, lungs on fire
Order must be immediately restored
For the queen, the king and the empire

We cannot have disorder
There mustn't be disorder
We'll teach them that disorder
Shall be destroyed

Bayonets on - Shoot to kill - Ready - Aim - FIRE!

Faces ripped apart in a carnage, so vast
A vile reel of molested human remains
11. Through The Eyes of the Killer: Revival of the Muse That Is Violence (7:28)
Grotesquely intense
To kill without conscience
So intense - It doesn't make any sense

So out of this world
To butcher you without conscience
So intense - To see that your life ends

Now watch me take an eye for an eye
Tell the world you knew, goodbye

Nightmares falling apart
Nightmares obliterating
Nightmares vanishing
To kill you is my muse

In solidifies in my brain
Grabbing a hold of me
So intense - Awakening my urge to kill
To tower over you!
12. The Farmer's Tale (Part 2: Annihilation at the Graves) (6:13)
(Sweden, somewhere around Jönköping, Misery loves company and hope turns into annihilation of an entire family).

Hope turned to dust, in the blink of eye
Women and children, screaming in a horrid cry
Fleeing from the sight, the view of the graveyards
I'll scare you with my tale, as my horror story starts
Every day I see my mother, crying for her sons
Every day I hear her voice, crying for her loss
Remembering my father's face, in anger and despair
Cursing at the sky above, collapsing in a stare!

To the burial ground, we go, in the misty night
I cling to my father's hands, among the flickering light
Spiders crawl upon the dead, a thousand graves unfold
Ravaged bodies all around, beneath the dirt and mould
Every day I see my mother, crying for her sons
Every day I hear her voice, crying for her loss
Coming from the fields of death, she hears a massive blow
As the dynamite explodes, in the giant graves below!

I've experienced too much horror
A family's ending by the man-made caves
Everyone I loved so dear
Were annihilated at the graves
I've experienced too much death
Caused by mindless pleasure-seeking slaves
Everyone I loved so painfully
Were annihilated at the graves

I've stared into the reaper's eyes
Heard his endless laughs and cries
Felt the stream of tragedy
Lost my sense of sanity
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