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Ruler of Chaos Full Album Lyrics

Luvart - Ruler of Chaos cover art

Ruler of Chaos

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 12 MasterChef (2018-08-14)
1. Worshipping My Black Desires (4:54)
I am the shadow floating in immensity of the space
The deep and absolute darkness
The path to the flames of reason
The proxy of the reign of intolerance

I am the curse that will fall all over the book of lies
The hangman who's gonna all the lost souls
The master of your acts and possessor of your lifes
The torment by desire of the endless glory

I am the commander of all thoughts
The prison of all dreams
The wind that incites the chaos
The most insane of all sins

I am uncertain path to the future
The certainty of worst days
The strength of all unbelievers
The passage to the profound abyss

I am the pestilence that decimates all the hopes
The revenge, the supreme insult
The blade spreads the hate
The flag, sign of all blasphemies
2. The Genius of Destruction (4:16)
Creator of the universe, absolute lord of this world
Boiling all the places - in earth, sea and air
You who possess the power of guide the legions
Making storms, shipwrecks and disasters

Universal corrupted
Attacking and frustrating the salvation in the divine plane
Keeping the souls confined in shadows
Your desire will fall all over the earth!

Powerful emperor of abyss
Your essence will be always present
Will be guide the most powerful rotten names
Will be settle the diabolical trinity

That are like this now and eternally
Your straight flag to the four realms
Your victory scream
Will be your name...
3. Blaze of Lust (4:12)
Libidinous desire
A circle of depravity
Dagger and stick - chalice and pentagram
Spiritual transcendence of duality

Channeling energy, magical transformation,
The incense burned in honor of the serpent of lust
Permeating the senses and possessing the consciousness
The pillar of the raised planes

Black blood of the moon, dead water,
The key to anti-cosmic and qliphothic powers
Blood of the dragon, the red gold,
The poison of Taninsam burning the illusion

Flaming union, beauty in the darkness,
Sibilant and macabre is the pleasure of sin
Desire liberate, madness emanated,
Spasm in orgasm, harmony in anger
4. Enter the Unknown (5:01)
Opening gates to the underworld
Communication with an intangible kingdom
The bridge between the worlds
Where the spheres meet

Triangle of manifestation
Tool for evocation
The hands that lead you
Magical instruments for excellence

Enigmatic oracle - past, present, future
Messenger for mortals and gods
From the most distant dimensions,
Manifest and transit between plans

Energy engrave in time
Pure and inexplicable fear
Revelation of the worst nightmares
Lurking for earthly existence
5. Arise from the Depths (2:01)
6. Unholy War (4:31)
The evidence of war has begun
They're coming for the slaughter
Put fire in the fields
The smell of death and burning flesh

Souls screaming, the devil's laughter
Heard the call of the seven trumpets again
Towards the evil chanting hordes
Now Lucifer laughs, hell awaits!

The moon is red and bleeding
The sun is burned and black
The book of lies is silent
All the evil will live forever

The impending disaster it looms
The evil will follow your course
The fallen angel watching you
Your soul will burn in the fire!
7. A Domain of Damnation and Death (7:53)
The ways of the darkness and your blasphemies flooded the cosmos,
The whole creation bent due to your potency and perversity
The abominations ravage the emptiness of the space
Imposing your damned emblem on the great porch

The crawling chaos fills out the skies among the occult stars
Your voice and sigh afflict the course of the last wind
He resides in the airs, with your serpent preys
Moving forward and murmuring in the men's dreams

He allows horrors to exist as part of your existence!
A bestial force piece has a time to service of the hell
The receiver of the forms evoked by the reason!
And the symbol of the monstrous and disordered madness

In the center of everything the transcendent radical and untreatable resides
The brutal lord that grunts cruelly
And before the throne of the whole Omnipresent and Omniscient
All will be impotent against your potency
8. The Sign of the End (4:49)
Ancient of hate, reaper of life
Your hands point to everyone.
A destiny for the world, the death legacy
Ruthless massacre in thy name

Within the arms of abomination
The dying earth agonizes
The ritual for the end of existence
A funeral for mankind

He usurps the tree of lies
Putting an end to the cycle of time
Civility is an illusion
Savagery is the consecration

We welcome your arrival
We exalt your presence
We celebrate your supremacy
We invoke the ruler of chaos!
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