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Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume Full Album Lyrics

Integrity - Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume cover art

Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume

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1. Fallen to Destroy (1:20)
From the heavens
We have fallen . .
To destroy
2. Blood Sermon (2:55)
The great reckoning is upon us
Phantoms of miracle and disease
Infest the flesh of Gods only living spell
Night screams herself into your dreams
We shall never remain pure
Awaken and ingest
The strength to strangle our past
Legions of murderous hordes
Hunt in waves of powerless ruin
Invoke the cataclysm and testify
Nameless apparition
Lies we held so precious
Invoke the cataclysm and testify
Cowering husk of flesh
Your prison decays around you
Promises forgotten
Behind landscapes of time
We shall lead astray
And rake in the thorns of broken Processions
3. Hymn for the Children of the Black Flame (2:16)
Our great darkness
Shall rise again .
Unleashing devilry
Shackled beneath
Corroded tombs forever undying
For we are the children of the black flame
4. I Am the Spell (2:55)
I am the Spell
Sacrifice is serenity
The overwhelming whisper of annihilation
The cold lechery of spidered dreams
As winter's sun eclipses the shattered moon
Abandoning angels, devour us
Conjuring illusion
Cauldron of lies
Born from the shadows
Of flickering fires
Blood on the edge of eternity
Smoldering beneath ritual pyres
5. Die with Your Boots On (2:58)
Parasitic feast, subdued in sound
Sharpened teeth, abandoned ourselves
Where will it end?
Die with your boots on
Absorbing images
Gnaw upon the flesh
Strangled laughter with no regrets
Where will it end?
Die With Your Boots On
6. Serpent of the Crossroads (6:40)
Forever in shadow, serpent slithers on
All the signs within your eyes
Where were you Tomorrow?
Flooding through another Hell
The night she held us cold
Crossroads whispers Tomorrow
Held my knife to the throat of God
The sound of chains rattling forward
Where we left ourselves behind
Those lost years, we were promised
Slipped away in the ghost of time
When the serpent offered salvation
In a world that has held us blind
With hellhounds I ride
Stripes have caged my back
Death has known me well
Imprisoned by this mortal flesh
This broken desperation, burning on inside my cross. .
I can never be free
Turn your eyes away, blind the darkness, let it all fade
7. Unholy Salvation of the Sabbatai Zevi (7:24)
Redemption -through inversion, blasphemous indulgence
He deceives the entire world, deforming religion
Replacing the sacred with the profane
Purification through transgression, holy within unholy
Redemption -through inversion, blasphemous indulgence
He is viewed as a mirrored reflection of man
So are His intentions, reflected in reverse
Flesh prisons confine those creatures
Greater than what we could ever know
Unleash your true beauty with sin, release the fiend within
Burn this world to the ground
We are the Gospel. We are the End
Sheep shall remain on Earth... Cowering in flesh
Only we shall be released , through our most glorious death
Shedding the skin of the serpent we rise
Eternal like the Night
Infect the Scriptures
Inverted Convictions
8. 7 Reece Mews (6:56)
And for the last great seance
We have gathered together to bring forth the End
This is the End that shall destroy everything
This is the night that shall forever reign
This is the darkness that shall be your cage
This is the chaos which shall never fade
And they go on being mysterious
Centuries lost in the canons of time
They have appeared among us
Haunting us, taunting us
Cauldrons of infinite light
Our dreams, they have drained us, chained us
Left us as hollowed shell
Tonight we shall bleed them as they have bled us before
In a sea of blistering consciousness
We shall arise, once again, for the End
And testify
Rising from Oblivion
Only to vanish once again
But, you never let me down did you?
Not even when you found
That the nightmares were here to steal your dreams away
And replace your eyes with other things
Like them, like me
So hold me in your arms
We’ll never be apart
This darkness that I breathe
Has ruined everything
Lord, tell me to believe
That this life is just a dream
As we burn down everything
9. Burning Beneath the Devils Cross (3:03)
Beyond this headless cloak of blood
The forest impales
Driven by moon and star
Nightmares betrayal
The conjuring flesh
Claws through the night
Preying like wolves
In the wake of hunger
Burning beneath the Devils Cross
The Demon awakes
Burning beneath the Devils Cross
The Demon betrays
10. String Up My Teeth (4:18)
We are the illusion
Syphon the night
Right out of your mind
Illuminated darkness
Salvation tangling its way back into focus
And we fight
Through the night
Where dreams turn on you
Cursed by suicidal laughter
Weaving a lace of fear
Into your heart
Religious silence
Descending sisters
Transform the unknown
Shivering sacrifice
Your hands brittle like the taste of swollen glass
Falling through the spiraling shadows
Into the glorious abyss
Only in our name
Shall we hold the hissing destruction
11. Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume (6:45)
The last vestiges of spiritual collusion
Our covenant of Lycanthropic indulgence
Tearing off the flesh down to its feral base
Eviscerating everything in her name
Testify, speak in tongues, fill this room
There is a hand beneath the stairs
Flooding into the flickering light that rolls itself throughout our minds
Bellowing archetype, I can't find myself wrong
This is how I smell the rot-
The pungent stench of dreams
Their thirst does resemble your blood
Parasite night screams in her lair
Like the raw flesh of seductive eyes
The elegant serenity of the twice drowned sacrifice
Await in silence
She keeps her secret in the swamps of Rome
And this is where the Devil comes through
Between me and you-
We never had much of a chance
As hard as we tried to resist
We were always destined for this
We were always coming home
We are the hate that they created
It never leaves us . .
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