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Vanitas Full Album Lyrics

In Twilight's Embrace - Vanitas cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-10-15)
1. The Hell of Mediocrity (4:14)
We live our meaningless lives
And like all others we'll die meaningless deaths

We have allowed ourselves to wander all the time
Reaching no end, we've made it our birthright
O brethren, don't you deny
How small we've become

Even the ones with their heads in the clouds
Get them cut off at last
Their great expectations reduced
To the most average goals in their sorry lives

We've been wandering all our lives
Lost in woods, dancing in mist
Down the crooked path we walked with eyes towards the Sun
Now floating downstream

I choćbyś próbował ile sił
I tak porwie cię miernoty rynsztok

2. Fan the Flame (4:40)
Persevering in the world of bias
Reality of exclamation marks
Where mediocrity becomes the new extraordinaire
All in rapture
Before another golden calf

Long has man squandered his dignity
Gone are the last vestiges of virtue
All value erased
By laudations of weakness
No one dares to call by name

We fan the flame

When all profoundness seems to be but a cause long lost
And relativism seems to have no end
Instead of keeping our intentions pure
We play the same old guessing game

And no one cares the stakes have never been high for us
We are all losers at the end of the day
Seeking comfort in feverish laughter
Hopelessly pretending someone else

We fan the flame
We fan the flame
3. As Future Evaporates (4:21)
Some are banned from knowing life as it is
Others know it way too well
Some lives are bound to dim away too fast
While others are doomed to vainly last
Forced out of their mothers' wombs
Taking path of least resistance
While others keep on measuring the void
For days on end

As here and now becomes a waiting room
For a brighter dawn
Which doesn't seem to come
We keep on waking up in a purgatory
Which is turning
Into the burial ground of ours
As future evaporates
We find ourselves stuck in a moment
On our way to eternity

Sometimes it's the act of running
Straight into the flames
And burning oneself to death
That makes the life worth living
And matter in the bigger picture
On a larger scale
In a wider context
4. Trembling (3:22)
Burnt leaves
Moist Earth
And ever colder evenings

Birds are flying low
Beating of a drum, chime of a bell
October falls

Trembling hands
Faces so pale
Into the pharynxes of hell
We fall
5. Flesh Falls, No Ghost Lifts (5:41)
The pendulum swings
And with each swing a longer shadow is cast
We belong to the world of matter
And as dust we will become one with the ground
Seizing days, taking all for granted
Bred to consume, not to experience
All surface, no substance
We're leaving but ash behind

Like a nebula we haunt
Like a whirlwind of randomness blind
Traceless for the world to come
Transient forevermore

Flesh falls, no ghost lifts

Terror, fear, repulsion and awe
Shall fill the hearts of men
When death's sickle is risen
To bring the ultimate orgasm of life
As climax begets climax
Iron is driven through flesh
Teeth decay, body turns pale
Cadaverine scent fills the air

Miotamy się za życia jak dusza
Co nie może wyzwolić się od ciała*
A ciało ciąży niby brzemię
Trudno odrzucić świata zalotne uroki
Przepędzić jak mary, w nieistnienie

Gdy za jakiś czas przyjdzie nam spotkać śmierć
Gdzieś na skraju życia, które dobiega końca
Czy będziemy w stanie spojrzeć jej prosto w oczy
W których odbije się to, co po sobie zostawiliśmy?**

Vanitas in excelsis
Et omnia vanitas

*/** stolen from Włochaty
6. Futility (3:50)
I summon hyenas, flies and vultures
Leftovers will make you foam at mouths
Sharpen your tusks or just circle
'round this excrement of natural selection

Come all ye scribes and eye witnesses
A record will be set in forcing open doors
Subject to dispute by the most exquisite
Pimps of reason and lowlifes of all sorts

Everyone shines so perfectly
With the reflected light, having burned their own out
And it feels way better to see deep blue oceans
Instead of the reeking cesspool of life

It's gold rush with no gold left whatsoever
A feat in mining out of the barren Earth
Burrowing deep through infertile soil
Delving into the dried riverbed

A paradox that keeps the world turning
We last in love of the life we truly hate
7. The Rift (1:08)
8. The Great Leveller (5:40)
Another year and we're still here
Our days are nothing but killing time
Nothing but different shades of nowhere
And a slow-paced countdown to the great nothing

We've been given an illusion of power
To sculpt the skyline with bare hands
In truth, all we can reach out for
Is an edge of a dull blade

Fortune does not favour dreamers
Most were born or encouraged to become
As thirty winters come to pass, it turns out
Well, our limit is much below the sky

All pledge allegiance to the great leveller
A punishing arm of mediocrity's rule
Militant Schadenfreude
The burden of lesser men
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