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The Final Threat Full Album Lyrics

In Other Climes - The Final Threat cover art

The Final Threat

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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-02-24)
1. Thus Dream the Prophet (1:18)
One life, One chance, no fucking regrets.
2. The Final Threat (4:14)
Still valiant through adversity, you decimate every source of fear. You rise with this final threat
No one could ever stop you. Prepare for the pure delight, follow this higher way. Lift your heart to the sun. Cast not your hopes away. The highest desire fuels your heart to get over. The highest desire leads your soul to triumph. It’s for freedom that your rage, your vengeance made the “Greatest Crusade”. It’s for freedom that your will converts these old world’s value’s tables. Fix your glory. You reach control. What does not kill you make you stronger. You want the perfect soul, never stray from the hardest way. Choose the hardest way. Beyond the only truth, spit the new blood and memories. Beyond the only truth, keep your respect and loyalty. Resist.
It’s time to change your destiny. It’s time to change your fate. Erase the past mistakes. Prepare for your final quest. Man’s future struggles in you. Prepare for death or victory. You'll reign. Plait your crown. A dreadful corruption broke the wings of your ascension . Time has come to realize that you should be fuelled by the hate of your Enemy . It’s time to set free. This is a new ethic, a new kind of self-seeking discipline. It’s your discernment you follow out to the end. Some day their world will collapse, keep faith in your beliefs. Choose this hardest way.
3. A Call for Revenge (3:40)
A call for revenge ! Self bound because you never had to fight for anything. Like the scorpion you turn at last the poisoned sting against yourself. Then you have to convert your strengths you can still ascend. It’s time to be a conqueror of the highest place. Dispel the smog of their falsified light. They don’t know sense of life, but their time is past and not longer do they stand, they’re already defeated. Remain proud. Stay true to the life your will aspires to. Convictions instilled learn to regain your self-esteem and your broken dreams. Still there's something in you that tells you to be free. It’s time to be a conqueror of the highest place. Dispel the smog of their falsified light. Be the first to tell the truth and to aim straight. Let your sorrow love the superior ways. Justify your own survival through your triumph and your immortality. Backward you turn your eyes, toward the darkened ages, the serpents lie coiled in their lies, your blood is still related and honoured in them. May your pride fly with your courage and your strength to strike the old world down. Broken! Kill your heroes! Just put your faith in yourself and bring a new order back. Just teach a new way of life. your dominion will still remain. Still there is something in you that tells you to be free.
4. Kingdom of Consciousness (3:35)
This plague is bringing you down. Your pride from within itself holds the sentence over. You rise for once again. Your world left wounded and slaved, still drowned by their corruption. Bring the slaves down to their lies, final judgement will be given. No refusal, no resistance, there's nothing to obtain at the door of demise. For once motherfucker just rise, steeled with your hatred. Bring to life all these dreams they are broken down. Stand strong through the dark, your heart will never die again. Fill your heart with the only truth. Stand facing through your misery, for the truth, pride and honour, your ruling waits for slaves. From within an hardest faith proudly take the flame of justice. In distress you hail the sword of truth, salvation awaits you. Define your own destiny, it’s your last resort. Your power from within your heart make fight harder, you are like soldiers from the burning heaven your rivals you triumph over. It's the hardest place there is to walk - sacrifice for your absolution. It's the hardest place there is to walk - Conquer this fate you bound for. This way that makes you right ! This light for the chosen few ! Your blood will cover their lies ! Kingdom of consciousness!
5. Triumph of Resistance (5:28)
It's time to fix your goal, to reach the highest hope. Free from this reign of terror, you bound to triumph. For years they learn fear, despair and illusions. It’s time to change the rules. You'll hold this sword of vengeance. No one will break your stand and your frontline. Nothing will wipe your faith and your courage out. Conquer, destroy and master. You heart reach whole power. You 're Destined to fucking rule. Your justice will be done. Overwhelm. You always struggle for self-growth and freedom so . Spirit, love and will still live within you. Endless you fight for the new world order’s back. Your sentence will break their storm of ignorance. Trough your refusal, you save yourself . You can’t betray or Fuck you. They wrapped in lies and self defeat. Everything you fight for is still to build. Do not let behind or fuck you. Still you're Deprived of pride. Steeled with a valorous heart, you always return stronger. Steeled with the strength, stand facing and resist. You’re willing to live for something real. Like never before, your heart begins to feel the sense of the higher life. From the dark the legions rise to take everything they steal. From the dark the innocents rise to take everything they gain. They all come to triumph. They all come for their lives. Now the killers have to pay. Now the killers have to die. No glory without strengths. Go. This is your will that leads you to triumph. This is your fate you have to regain.
6. Sed Non Satiata (1:42)
7. Army of Heaven (4:14)
Swore your pledge ! Wrapped in demise, pure abortion, you have lost the sight of what is real. Take your life back and fight against this assembly of sages in decay. Confront what stands in your pathway, still fueled by a searing hate. Crawl back from this real destruction, give your blood for the noblest war. Your strength calls trust and respect, it’s your own fate you have to control. These rules that make you straight, stay honest with an instinct of truth, this mankind will overcome for the life your pride wants. Stand strong, stay straight, your strength comes from the inside. Stand strong, stay real, restrain yourself. Wrapped in demise, pure abortion, you have lost the sight of what is real. Take your life back and fight again, give your blood for the noblest war. our strength calls trust and respect, it’s your own fate you have to control. Stay strong, stay motherfucking real, stay straight. You have to strive for real morality, determinate to honour beliefs you sacrifice for, you try to heal what's been compromised with the straighten values that you impose to improve yourself. You must unlearn the shame, the lies and deceit you inherited, defend the most precious ideals, precious values you'll never corrupt. These rights you’re laying down, pure strength you hard sway over, it’s time to prove your loyalty, it’s time to keep the straight and narrow. Confront what stands in your pathway, this Evil you fight against, your strength calls trust and respect, this is the life your pride wants. Vengeance strikes them down. It’s for your pride, it’s for your honour, renewed in other climes.
8. The Funeral Council (3:37)
With all the qualities resulting from your strength you have to promote life that has been undemined. You have to carve the light of your glory in the great big wheel of the mankind’s progress. Ask your pride to fly with your noblest ideal. All of your miseries call for your duty. Let your final will regain whole power. This is a fight for truth, a war of knowing. Recover the goal your spirit can achieve It’s time to reclaim everything. Dead are their dreams! their lies! They disparaged all high hopes and much of the prisons still remain. So wicked and deceitful, they broke the wings of their souls. They kill the lifeforce that elevates yourself ! It's strength they destroy! Pure hate is still to become. Broken, purify yourself! Broken! You know the danger. Endorsed by convictions. It's time to rise. Encouraged by confidence, it's time to fight. A mass of diseases that reach out into the world and through their shattered realm let you collapsed and paralysed. You strike them down! Destroy everything! Embrace this life! You soar above their fallacies that blow out your desire. For ascension let prevail your virtues over them. They kill the lifeforce that elevates yourself ! It’s Strength they destroy! Pure hate is still to become. Still rise and never defeated, now the fight is on until there's nothing left. Even if they attempt to break your upward climb and your stride they could not kill you. Embrace this life! Rebuild and start again!
9. Preachers of Death (3:35)
With your blood you seal the alliance of saint justice restored. False prophets ruled your life, they bent your will, they broke your dreams, and they killed you from the inside. Still trapped and beaten into the cycle of loss, you doomed for your abortion. It is your will that you should make prevail to become what you supposed to be. Now you stronger than ever before. Put on this crown of the new kingdom. Burn this impostor’s reign. In spite of all you bound to triumph. Get ride of their beliefs. This is war your pride holds up high. It’s time to change your life and spit the poison that consumes inside. Strength runs within your heart. This is your last chance to
Restore the greatest realm in these rights. Row! Restore your noble laws again. You give wings to your victory. You give wings to your triumph. From the dark these saint knights rise, still fuelled by a strong allegiance. They come to take all back. It’s power over all. Rehabilitate this old valorous king’s splendid throne . You’ll bring all of slaves down to their knees. With the strength of your will you’ll build a new realm. Teach the true doctrine of freedom, fight to regain your pride. Stay straight, just and loyal, Do not forget this. Stay straight, just and loyal, Do not betray this. This is war.
10. Quest for Knowledge (4:53)
Quest for knowledge Like gods before just fix the most soaring realm. It’s time to start this quest of will and learning. Set your might will over their lies and watch them die in their blood. You still fight with honour and pride. Against them your knowledge will set back. Bruise! Your heart still carries truths that you have to reveal now. Is there anything more praiseworthy to defend? Still unswerving faith you keep within you. It's time to choose you life, just choose your fucking side, your fight will never die. It's time to raise yourself upon the ignorant and placid masses. It's time to learn and emancipate your fucking mind. In this world of blind lead by ignorance knowledge is your only path to freedom. Free your mind from mental slavery. Knowledge is the key of freedom. It's time to choose your life, choose your fuckin side. your fight as long as you live will never die. As long long as you live just fight. Your wisdom fuels these legions of conjurers. It’s time to rise against your enemies. You’re the hand of unsullied revenge, the arm of absolution. Through the heart and reason’s alliance your knowledge will be set back. Take it all back. Let your great hope be thought of life. Let your high will be love of the new world. When your spirit grows to be very haughty nothing can break you down. Your vengeance strangles these traitors, embrace your fate. Faith, will, hope still remain. Save your soul while you can, it’s your world that you left behind. Stand up strong, start to act. Start to act until the end.
11. The End of Their Reign (5:53)
Dead are their gods now you desire the heights of life, thus go your conquest, your fight and your final stand. Power is in your ruling thought, a golden sun with knowledge around it. It’s strength though unity. You can’t lose yourself. You lead your heart of steel to its own destiny. Blow! Until truth becomes you. Still waits for you a place to heal. Cast your fear away! You'll be alarmed by your wild wisdom and perhaps you will celebrate your great advance to the highest hope. Could you create ? What you have called the world shall be created by you. You made begin your fight. Your revolt soon will become. Vain are their idols, now you desire the "super-genera", thus go your will, your faith, and your creations. Power is in your ruling thought, a golden sun with knowledge around it. False are their values and fake are their promises. They came to devour your most precious skills. Can you see the distorted eyes of their shame and devotion ? With strenght you fill your heart. No one break your frontline. Destroy everything they stand. This is what you born for. Blow! Until truth becomes you. You are what you want, still there's nothing that could ever break you.
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