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Baleful Scarlet Star Full Album Lyrics

Ignis Gehenna - Baleful Scarlet Star cover art

Baleful Scarlet Star

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-10)
1. Serpent Oracle (7:59)
Abbas Diabolus Exorior ex Abyssus

Thy blood and thy flesh - Come, admonish the worldly by earth and too by water
Thy mind and thy spirit - Unlock, unlimit the pathway to Hir by fire and by air
An axis in flux, whorls the hooked crux with the militancy of Mars
An eye in the mind, burning behind- yearns to remind y'of the realignment of the stars

An unearthly wyrm fiercely snarling at the entrance
To the road leading backward t'ward the starry dark

It's venom encountered as lurid plumes of smoke
That billow as dancers, so tortuously tangled
To dance with the Devil and dancing until death
So strange were it's visions; that serpent oracle

And thence I pressed forth; drunk on on this force that welcomed me through gates of iron
And as many beasts; poised t'ward the east- As Wolf and as Serpent and Lion
With hunger and pride beset in my stride and a mask of dark duplicity
The momentum of wyrd thence am I steered and appeared manifesting as strange synchronicities

The snake spake gently from the cerebral abyss
And I lost touch of what was mine or It's

Atavistic madness consumed me
Upon my voyage into selfhood's realm
For days hung by my feet in (the) eldritch tree
Of knowledge, where men die or they foresee
Themselves anew about this road of thorns
Drinking their fill thereof Azoth's well
Partaking of the visions of the Norns
To rise assiduously out of hell

In void did I loom; betwixt tomb and womb yet returned to the strivings of earth
That eye in the mind, though erstwhile blind has opened in visions of sinister rebirth
And now as a Seer, the mission was clear- beyond entanglements of Form
By spear and by sword, by wyrd and by word, the calm 'fore the storm. The serpentine whispers had vanished, the oracle gone

For I had become the snake- prophecising;
There's a sun in the western quadrant rising
Expectant and illuminating the bearer of the scythes
Stone by stone shall the Magi's fortress fall
It's shadow's paroxysm in the guise of a war of all against all
2. Baleful Scarlet Star (8:46)
Lucifer! Sinister godform
Dwelling latently
In my soul and in the
Hidden cosmic currents

Thine own breaking of the chains
Reflects aspiration unto emancipation
Being unto becoming; becoming unto being
As a deep mirror seen as the black sun

12 Sig runes, sharp as knives
Cutting away at the
Sedimentary rock of a
Moribund, Nazarene enthralled aeon!

Wyrd connexions discerned from afar
As the baleful glare of the scarlet star
Currents disturbed in the subconsciousness
Peeling back flesh to reveal what they are; a fiery hypostasis

Nexion to they who thrive without eyes
Through pyres in the night, evolution arise!
The scarlet star falls in a whorl of lust
Tending the fields of judea with blazing white phosphorus

O, White Phosphorus - Hypostasis of the Devil's ire
Whirling like the fylfot in a maelstrom of desire
Cast over the hope of heaven is the sinister angel's fire sword
Reddened skies mock their cries and block the path to their Lord

Lo! That scarlet star- a scar on the face of the demiurge
Purge! By blazing blade unto the brow of the scourge
Lick! With crimson tongue the weeping wounds of prostration
Ne'er to be seen, never to be known but at the crossroads of damnation

By the sign of form and force
A reflection of thy heart
And is not man of the Devil's brood partaking of his timeless art?

For thou; thou showest there is no god
Thou showest there is no sin
O, Scarlet Star by this ageless sign thou comest
And by these words I call thee in

I; I am the Lux of Xul
And in the zone of Nox do I emerge
Presencing myself as both the heresy and orthodox

For I; I am the spirit unseen
And this; the gift I give
The profundity of my paradox is thus;
I driveth down a sword of death so that the earth may live
3. Edict of Blood (10:04)
Lo! Behold! Remember!
The law of the aeon; the blood in thy veins
Upon cold temple stone in the heat of war
Spilled again and again 'til nothing remains...

But the hardest of steel, the sharpest of blades
A vulture of death, the flame of rebirth
The blood poured into the Mistress' cup
And cast upon the thirsty earth!

From Acausal tides
To the mires of materia
This edict sounds
To the throes of our divine hysteria

Let us rescind
Let us resound
Let us reawaken Him and draw down:

Satanas - Merciless destroyer of enthralling forms
Satanas - As the wild and most violent electrical storms
Satanas - The law of the meek trampled under foot
Satanas - The thirsting soils awash in opferblut

A constant reminder lurking in the corner of my eye
A voice remembered from a dream one night
That spake in eldritch tone; chthonic yet beyond the stars
And I returned my gaze to find a labyrinth of scars

Those wounds they widened as the icy stare of drakon
An edict heralding a great new flood
I understood not, though the latent beast within recalled that
Blood calls for the Aeon and the Aeon calls for Blood
4. Melas Oneiroi (5:49)
Embasked in the rays of a cold, lifeless sun
To enwreath mine stirring in knowledge; forlorn
A sign to remember- A ghastly winter's gale
That echos hither, back to the gate of horn
Enraptured by melancholy, horror and disgust
Yet, mindful- My choice alone to tread this broken path
For the Devil's fateful tale tells not of his humanity
But a willing headlong plunge between the throes of logic and insanity

The bows of an ageless tree hang across the void
Of utter nothingness, all potential destroyed
Fashioning a hangman's noose, eternities long
Hanging by the ankle with the chain of dreadful Choronzon

This noxious revelation
Through Melas Oneiroi
The shadow's exhumation
On leather wings; deploy!

Another lone wind, yielding unto integration
Of the black beast within and this mired mundane mask
Drowning in the mind's magma of transfiguration
So violently hued as the wild flames at dusk
In fertile ground; sewn- the seed of corruption
And deep chthonic pressure threatening tenebrous eruption
Ascending up the chain for my dark will hath been done
Climbing back t'ward the tree from whence it's root has run

Though seemingly revolting
Yet in a rush of joy
This shadow still occulting
Becoming Melas Oneiroi!
5. Litany unto Thanateros (10:07)
Thanateros; I engorge thee in throes of lust and motionlessness
Tandem force to tremble nations in thy fiery ocean's caress
I call thee forth out of myself and (from) afar I draw thee near
Louder and louder thy crimson waves keep crashing in my ear

Blood moon lit trysts at the shore of the thresholds where corpse pallid lovers swoon
Untimely widdershin waltzing 'pon beaches that lead to an unmarked tomb
An epitaph spoke through the mouths of theatrical masks at the cusp of a dream
Barbarous words were imprinted therein as enigmatic emberous phosphene

And drawing near the canvas of demaphyr
Where nymphomanic witches dance
And fornicate before the starry gate
Climaxing in Thanaterotic trance
I joined them there, bewildered thence
Partook of their elixir and burned a strange incense

A star-studded earth; amorphous was the altar stone
Upon which I lay face first in silence deafening
And there within that silence many nameless faces groaned

Mine intent was written
And cast through the angles nine
Mercury requited with a Sulphur sign

Mine intent remitted
And thrust to the annals of time
In the dark committed as a star enshrined

High 'bove austere mountains casting it's light over all with its far reaching rays
Stirring awake from this livid and vivid vision unfolding in manifold ways
Nighttime befell the soul ageing it gracelessly- mere minutes as years
So sweet was the bitterness tasted in the tides of Hir transformative tears

From those tears surged
A tremendous vision and a voice imparting unto me
Like a crack between the worlds, reminding subtly
"See me not as the gate but a pair of twin keys"

Mine intent cast inward
As a lance of sacrifice
Undistorted, mirrored and anointed thrice

With the blood seen clearer
And stolid t'ward virtue or vice
As formless fire and determined ice!

{From deep wells; endlessly-
Spiralling helically
Seemingly opposed
Ne'er thou wert singularly
Though'n dynamic unity
Death's stillness- passionately
Breathing force into ecstasy}

Now in a cosmic waltz the voluptuous harlet
With wide grinning death- White, Black and Scarlet
Art the energies whorling in twine
Within the chaotic web of time

Out through this web this litany sung
And through the high halls of infinity is hung
The severed head of abstention
O, joy and revulsion- one in this ascension

In coming to know no god to be found
But the juggernaut of nature unbound
And the lashing waves of chaos; unstable
Those forces abound that dwarf us in their cradle

Agios Thanateros
6. Anamnesis (5:43)
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