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From the Madness of Ixion | Full Album Lyrics

House of Atreus - From the Madness of Ixion cover art

From the Madness of Ixion

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsIron Bonehead Productions
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Lyrics > H > House of Atreus Lyrics (19) > From the Madness of Ixion Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-11-10)
1. The Madness of Ixion (5:50)
I will not still my shaking hand
I will pound this earth to dust
I fair denied thee giftly promise
Yet in thieving hands my flocks depart

Letting blast with vengeful fists
upon the father of a costly bride
Revoke divine blood in wrath
I will him into pits of cinder

Writhing nightmare in molten flame
conflagrated skin retreats from his flesh and bone
stripped of his life, converted into ash
as so the mind of a guilty fool

Sleep doth not cease abandon
for minds un-sober of toxic deed
In poverty of soundless thought
Ixions mind is cracked in two

Sequela of his own lament
a vacuous insanity
beating his chest with white hot grief
burying nail to crumpled face

From watchful clouds and breaking ray
sorry eyes befall to he
Godly hands extend in pity
to offer him convalescence

Spared of addled mind at last
his snake like ways return
His lusting gaze affixed to Hera-
wife to god who set him free

An angry Zues is ever watchful
he designs a cunning trap
Nephele is formed of sky and water
to beckon fool in Hera's form

An apparition of seduction
takes Ixions loins by storm
into the vaporous god-clone
he renders his frothing seed

Failure revealed to all
he's bestowed into eternal flames
upon the sunwheel he is nailed
forever to burn in violent stars

Punished for crimes against man and gods
he's peeled away from mortality
Tartarus enlightened by his flame
casts shadows upon his brothers damned

Dancing pain contorts blasphemic flesh
Folding faces screaming in the deep
Hellish figures conduct the tormenting flames
Burning away the will of pleading mercy

Once a greedish King bound to his pride
now a sightly torch for all hell to see
pride and shame fell quickly to he
now a flaming beacon in hades' hand

Hurled to earth is a new race
from fecund Nephelian womb
Centurion kind standing tall and proud
draws his bow to the heart of man
2. Zealous Inequity (4:55)
Sorrow becomes but a folly
when jesters weep in costume
The howling discord of the unsatisfied
rends me unto fits of laughter

Reaching arms and open mouths
swayed by grief and dreams of fortune
I witness these sorrows before me
and smell them sour on greedy breath
decry those whom destiny saddled
whimpering for an equal portion

How clever they smirk under hooded cloth
burning their homes to protest yours
the fires of hell are frigid cold
compared to these of jealous wh--es

I will feed you naught
woebegone beggar of idle hands
Beseech thy neighborly coin
And they too wish right-rid of you


Black hearted wretches
uprooting the steadfast
injecting feigned inequity
like poison to foolish ears

Clamoring upon refuse
Your good for nothing hands are bare
Whilst mocking the great empire
you cannot cure your own hunger

How far stretches forced pity
for thieves and slighting tongues?
How must I suffer loud pillocks
the yammering of the unbeaten?

Time will pity your welts
black rags warm sickly skin
morality of the inferior-
wasted deaths will be ignored

You've swindled from one at last
whom smiling cures your abhorrent life

I would drown you as a maimed bird
If I held but the waste of glove.
Nothing stirs the violence in kind men
like the virtues of an un-whipped slave
3. Oath of the Horatii (4:32)
Fear the hand of patriots
hail in blessed unity
Hardened stone bravery issues forth
Iron-hearts of the proud
Casting arms in oath to protect
the sanctity coursing noble veins

Three swords for three brothers
ready to die for fathers grace
cursing this Curiatii of the Alba
spitting blood upon the very name

Ready the horses and gold plated guard
they journey for contest at dawn
The tears of sisters and wives
still wet upon armored breast

They meet with bloody certainty
spitting their venom with every hateful blow
two of our bravest sons fall on their guard
igniting the heart of Roman fury

Honor thy Mother Roma
Protect her from our foreign enemy
raise your arms in defiance
sacrifice your soul to victory

Allowing a chase to separate the pack
the final roman soldier outwits them and attacks
Using his sword to cut them down
it took just one man to kill them all

Wearing three bloody heads upon your blazon belt
let thy smiling father beat his bitter chest with pride

Look to our earned west
Do you not see our sunlit walls?
Feel the power move through your soul
let your heart spill over with pride

Pledge the oath ye sons of the wolf
keeping true to your destiny
The halls grow dark with foreign demons
Keep the sacred ember glowing in us all

Even though his brothers fell to unworthy ones
forever on their blazing will moves the centuries

Onwards in Victoria

Daughters be not saddened
A true warrior never dies
Remember the oath and sacrifice
what must be done allows our paradise

Walk the noble path of glory
tread not the swamp of cowardice
Honor brave deeds forge the path
carry our torch beyond their grave
4. Cordelia (4:49)
Nothing can come of Nothing
Speak again!
Here I disclaim paternal care
Get the hence, avoid my sight!

When power bows to flattery,
Majesty falls!
The jester dances around the throne
All is lost, Lear is mad

Time shall unfold what cunning hides,
These treacherous faults and mutinous hides

Lear is mad

By the sacred radiant sun,the mysteries of night
and heavenly orbs, I split the crown in two but keep
the name of king

Woe that too late repents!
into her womb convey, sterility!
Sharper than a serpents tooth
To spawn a thankless wretch!

Sheets of fire and horrid thunder
Crack the sky, burn and flood the earth below,
Tempests blast in eyeless rage
Disperse your furies upon me...

Bound upon a wheel of fire you do me wrong
To pull me out of the grave,
My tears do scald like molten lead!

When we are born we cry that we are come to this great
Stage of fools
Where is thy luster now? All is dark and comfortless...
A plague upon you: murderers... traitors, ALL,

5. Call to Thee, Concubines (7:53)
Hear me now woman
Empty your bodily purse
I the sacred, I the will
bestow to you my nightly gifts
Inhale my steaming bath
and upon your back I anoint with oil
Bring to me your bedside manner
the privilege is mine to bruise your breast

Cloaking the mouth to silence breath
urging your lost and heavy sigh to fall
Now drink deep with me the Bacchus wine
childish fawn, raise the chalice
Rending thee bliss unto willful heights
Though do not peer my eye girl
as if by purchase we are one of equal worth
aroused from sleep to fall in line
this night I show thee I am king

Engraved upon bejeweled shackles
Forever bearing my name in gold
Thy beating heart my public property-
swells and falls with my fecund intent

Cleanse yourself upon my word
purify skin with soaking cloth
kneel before me as I witness
Behind my curtain hides your shame
Overpowering thy worthless crumbled womb
smiling servant of distant homes
until thy youth is nature weary
I grip you with my forgiving hand

Swallow these presented oaths
a fruitless legion bestowed into you
empty your mouth of my fatherly name
and cut your fingers upon my blade

Return to me again at dawn
together we stroll Sodom's yard
thy fetid scabbard encloses my knife
lest you feel the basement cold

Spill before me milk and honey
dine with me in sunless garb
apply your tongue to ripened fruit
to pull in sheets of blessed rain
Fornication Under Commanding King

Sweeten thy crow
unfurl your damaged wings
To watch over this power

Do not fret to enrich more of self
I to thee provide your very all

Honor true your parthen service
and earn the keep of my desire
Do not conjure my strike

Valleys upon striped backs
provide riverbeds after my content
mapping all ye conquered future
I allow to scar your soul
6. Ad Hominem (6:53)
7. Prometheus Bound (3:54)
Starved and frozen hands
hold up these skeletal frames of misery
crawling in darkened caves
bloody faces, gritted bone split teeth
Prayers from rotting mouths-these god ignored
formless bodies in endless pain
Cowards saluting death, the silent friend
lightless, abandoned of warmth
winters hand asphyxiates

War and famine are eroding spirts
Minds in ruin unfortunate decimated
suffering hopeful thought
torrential pain from birth to death
hungry smiles
Unending emaciation
unripened youth, fed on lack and scarcity
their only hope to carry on...

Rip open the fur to consume the meat
quenching cold skin with hot spurts of blood
vomiting sickness into fresh carcass
nourishing the young with corroded hands

Upon the white mountain
resides the halls of fattened lords...

testaments of the ill fated curs
lost unto the drunken ears of the gods
Spoil us naught your unworldly deeds
In fireless depths we escort our souls

Ambrosia dried upon the lips
of these damned majestics whom misery ignores
Deliver us from existence
we the heirs of indignant whores

Man's savior is a titan
scaling Olympus in low pursuit
to thieve a spark from thunderbolt
the burning gift clenched tight in hand

From cruel and powerful Zues
an almighty power is thus granted
sacred life giving flame
triumphing worlds of ice and blindness

What have you done Titan!
flouting the will of the almighty one
Upon this eternal mountain
will thee lament
8. Bonded Behind Supremacy (7:20)
Gathering flies behold un-swatted skins
immobile hands are bound to crooked necks
singing chains burn deep into warbound flesh

Befitting moans are ample and constant
weary the tussle of dragging mockery
under spirited laughter of free men
Now see here- along the eastern riverbeds
shameful lines of the thousand sold
Scores more lost to their kings
Barking women rattle cages in passing sight of golden
centurions-holding the ravaged at spearpoint

Bound behind the supreme they remain
for the many days journey to their fateful purchase
tanned into leather and burning in the day
promises of death whisper in the rain

Now artifacts of a worldly divide
an assumption of power reroutes the unfit

Bonded Behind Supremacy

Silent heirs to quivered arrows
Ancestors to a visage of serfdom
as empty purses carry weight of hope

Purge your violence not from thee
This vigor serves empire for much needed labor
Until the fires of Hades claim your damned soul
fingers will reap this land to you borrowed
Paths of kinship punished by the whip
traded for coin a mothers baying fruitage
Bloodshed above trembling swords
in the wake of a moments scream
Fighting men of thee meet finality
to cheerful crowds grow dim and vanish

Befitting moans are ample and constant
weary the tussle of dragging mockery
under spirited laughter of free men
Now see here- along the eastern riverbeds
shameful lines of the thousand sold
Scores more lost to their kings
Barking women rattle cages in passing sight of golden
centurions-holding the ravaged at spearpoint

Bonded Behind Supremacy

Of weakness
Punish them

Burning bones
In mighty heaps
Suffer them
To Blindness
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