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Arbiter Full Album Lyrics

Hopesfall - Arbiter cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
Album rating :  90 / 100
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1. Faint Object Camera (5:25)
Unafraid of the will to draw near

Precious sol
I think it sweet of you

Are you an over compensator

Crusade to expand calendric systems
For a universe of round worlds
An object from afar
To expand

Faint object camera
Drawing near

Keep unafraid of the will to draw near you
To call, manera (the way)
2. H.A. Wallace Space Academy (4:03)
What you think is freedom
Isn't where your choice goes
And now you fear everything
There's lost years and more wars to go
I guess it's so typical cause nothing's getting done

In a ditch with a shovel
In a bombed out space where the roads need fuel to survive
If the fog caves in
We're discovered

They'll never tell you about the plans of the few
They promised it to
They're not like you
And they'll never serve you

When arson plays its role
There's an unarmed maniac to chase you home
It must've been rendered sentimental

Uncomfortable you head that way
To rise up and break your fall
A native tongue will hold you
Lets hope so
Say you will look and find it soon

Go ahead, you save yourself
Formulate and save yourself

My own way of systems
Often sold to nations
Sorrow, amelioration
Attention, Jupiter
My own way of systems sold to nations
3. Bradley Fighting Vehicle (3:40)
You hear that hovering
What's a planet to a moon
Never been there

Insightful but commanded
Mavericks live a life of danger
On a horizon

Pacifist for honor
Never been there
Didn't know
Your moment is later
Massacres never seem to find or correct their error

A horizon
I'm in a fighting vehicle
Plague vs. rebel and we're waiting

A way home is back there
Is there something out there
Is there some place
Is there somewhere

We've been told, past Neptune
The insight in your days ahead
That there's something up there
Something out there, up there, somewhere

A horizon
I'm in a fighting vehicle
Plague vs. rebel and we're waiting

Staring at the sky for years
Seem to hold a place unknown to all
Insightful but commanded
Too bold to act alone

They don't seem to know
That in the whites of their eyes you'll see
Reasons unknown

Which legion to fight for
At the height of revolt
With what we know
And so it goes

What progression
Is unjust with what we know

We think we saw you
A cult revival
What goes Into it
An image of my own
4. C.S. Lucky-One (4:22)
I wasn't for life seen thrown away
I get what the sun throws

Some ways I'm salt
Some sense of a medium

Sent through rooms
Assumed quality
And brought by a stadium

Not stolen away
Nor in my heart

Wasn't the last I've thrown away
First to fall
You're the first to go

Promised us, I'm the lucky one
So get what you want

So, paranoia
I've never seen It, so

It's my own way
Echo of a loss

Unity divisional force
It defies
It's the struggle

It's the person behind you
A rectified heart
To all the lucky ones

So far
They know you're here

Brought by a stadium
Thrown away
All in my heart
Assume I'm bought by a medium

Echo of a loss
If it defines you
It's a struggle
5. I Catapult (5:01)
On a quest to form the shape of ...
I've not entered

In the middle of the wild lies a man
Who cries over the loss of a disc world
Omnia, this is all
This is everything
Unless it falls into you
Who carries us home that we've long defended
Prophetic dreams of Romans
At the sound of querent seeking divination

Pass over the queen and revel in her sea and

Face the fight that storms the poles
I've not entered my new world
Sound the end, theocracy
On a quest to reform my own ways

Ritualistic fortune tellers
And the querents who seek them
Unless it falls into you
Under the kingdom there's a reptile queen
The distance the sleep counts down to zero
Walls expand and raise to third degree
Let me be I can't defeat you with my patience

Listen here regrettable wretch
The wisest speak with the weight of a round world
All along an enemy so old
Let me be I can't defeat you with my patience

I starve my brain with nothing but my dreams
When we stare to the ground I'm nothing but around to most
For what makes them hang above the earth
I catapult out over wasted days
Can't let them know my brain turned off
I feel nothing for a superstar
6. Tunguska (4:37)
It's the clearest of my fault, the feeling

You can't just wait for what's potential
In the room there was something more

Nuclear is oh so lonely
An afterglow with an enemy so old

We thought they thought we think they are sane
We think we are exceptional
With the feeling In a mist of salt, is the mystery solved

In the ready room of an afterglow
Where's the rest of my heart, the rest of my self when drowning the ones who...

...Prey on I'm the menace of my heart
When drowning with the ones you love, where's the rest of my heart

The clearest of my faults
More than anything at all
Personal austerity on
I'm the menace of my

It's what preys on personal austerity
Low lying beach, where's the nearest of the civilized
Hopes flash, fall
Yellows what's left
Pretending to be the one above it all

A meteor just entered the sky
It's just a little bit low to the eye you can hardly notice
Over there, we think we are exceptional

In the ready room of an afterglow
Where's the rest of my heart, the rest of myself

Spinning everything we've never
Acted on anything at all
It preys on and personal austerity on

It preys on I'm the menace of my heart
When drowning with the ones you love, where's the rest of my heart
The clearest of my faults
More than anything at all
Where's the rest of my heart with the rest of my self

I'm so low to the eye

Pretending to be the one above it all
A low lying beach where's the nearest of the civilized
7. Aphelion (1:44)
Aphelion, I'll awake for another
8. Drowning Potential (4:37)
Consent for needs and blistered love
Knowledge of, resulted from
So spaced out by spheres of color

You got potential with another
Settled for common man
You got potential

All my needs are shifting roles
All my earths are shifting worlds
All along subjectively involved

You got too careful with another
Settle for common man
You got potential
You got potential minus suffrage in your sleep

It's all withheld

Something's better
Time's illusion
I'm not my own
Falling in circles

It's called my soul
It sent me golden eyes
Sent for you, my love
Ominous circle

Function of an intercession
Nothing holds an enemy so old and unaware
That there's none to call hopes for

Center, I'm awake for
I'm not centered for my new world
Stare to find resolve
And I see all
9. To Bloom (5:23)
Made unaware to then be led and segregated
Some of us are all for nothing but a home
And to feel It in our bones
Anti-hero of our own space
I guess the transmission Is gone

Just force yourself to wait
You settle for the face of an arbiter
Not tempered by fault if ever alone

Evers alone, falter through
You stare out Into something beautiful

When the honest save their own honorable souls
And to wait inside our hearts
Where amazement blooms

And to be inside our home
An escape pod for intangibles
A two moon endeavor

An incredible sun awaits
Where's your soul
You unprincipled, unintentional, good for less than

Downturn forces pressure
From where there's
Just this
Incredible threshold

When to make amends
With a forgotten nation
That I've never seen before

Never be known
Share our hopeless endeavor
Under far pavilions be known, antihero

When the honest save their own honorable souls
Where amazement Is to bloom
You'll be alone
The antihero of our own space
10. Indignation and the Rise of the Arbiter (6:19)
In any window there's a new look
At something you've never looked at before
Some perform new revolutions
And never be broadcasted where you're trained to

Interplanetary to dark matter to ground fault, an alien-robot
You think there's something better
But it's fundamentally out of sorts
It senses fault (when) somethings ripped apart but paid on time

Put the paint on
Output the photo to bring the race to the stars
Space station awaits a call to war

Intermediate in our own

Put your all
Swing slow
Indignation is misdirected
When you stare at institution
I'd take notice of the arbiter

Nostalgia of aristocrats
Adulthood to middle class
Loyalists with perspective
At the rise of the arbiter

Introducing a heart-breaker
Provincial and dominated
Introducing my own intermediate...

Intermediate in our own

In a mixed up soul
I'm the Navy so

A kill switch to a ring
And if all are not the same
And stars are of an aristocrat
The daughter to upper middle class
A loyalist with perspective at the rise of another arbiter

I'm the Navy so old
I'm the Navy so

I'm the Navy so old
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