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Ore Veritatis Full Album Lyrics

Heretique - Ore Veritatis cover art

Ore Veritatis

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-05-20)
1. Preludium (1:35)
2. Rain of Fire (2:55)
I'll rise in fire
To burn The human's race
There is no hope for defilers
and vilers like You
No Mercy!

Thy chains of hate
are like snare on Your neck.
'Couse I feel hatered
on this empty world.
I'll be Your conscience,
Your judge and torturer

My bleeding eyes
melt Your mystic ground.
It's too late for gods
They will not safe You - anymore

Thy graves it's places, where sins will be forgotten

You live like pigs
You'll be born and die like each others
3. Equilibrium (5:05)
Ty jestesś tylko popiołlem na wietrze
Niczym rdza trawiąca ostrze
W ciemną przepaśsć zmierzasz czlłowiecze
Tracąc wszystko co jest Ci boskie

Ciernie czasu kłluja twe ciało
Przenikają jak chlłodne ostrze
I odejdziesz z twą pychą niemałlą
By zatonąć jak stary okręt

Cisza - tylko ona zostanie
Zawibruje w twych uszach jak dzwony
Kiedy stanie przed Tobą poslłaniec
I zarząda twojej korony

To jest taniec na szali wszechśswiata
Miedzy bytem, a nicośscią
Między śswitem, a Ciemnosścią
A Ty zardwisz - by potem zapłlakać...
...gdy pozbierasz okruchy czasu
Zegar nadal będzie je liczyć
Kiedy skonńczy sie twój żzycia zasób...
...i gdy zgasną pośswiaty zniczy...

Twoją krew wypije ziemia
Wzrok zapadnie w czarną przestrzeńn
Biel twych kośsci, chlłod kamienia
Jesteśs tylko popiołlem na wietrze...

Czarna mglła zasłloni twe oczy
I przeminie miłlosść i pogarda
To jest odwieczne prawo wszech - nocy
zże gdy zgaśsnie dzieńn
rodzi się
4. Putrescent Society (4:03)
I was born from The sound
of Thy darkness.
And then I saw all human's
blasphemous behavior.
Night show me,
how much you're disgusting.
Every crime and all rapes.

Most of You are the fucking insects
Most of You have deamons in your mind
I must start to heal this fucking sickness
Leaving pure and innocent blood

Once upon a time
I had cursed visions
It's time to say - goodnight
There is no time to pray...

To make The salvation
You need to burn Thy flesh
The next generations
Reborn wothout Rage

My choice is Satan
I chose The Darkness
Night will be my mistress...
5. Tribe (4:08)
Assembly my troops
We march with The gloom
Without fear
With a pride on our black, cold shields

We'll bring thunder nad terror
The sign of emperor
We roll through this land
Hear cry, howl of death
Time of lie has end

Hail ! Brothers !
Spread The world
Stand as one
Full of hate
To this dying world

Our tribe in cold light
We'll gather in The night
Deadky frot in eyes
Thrill on neck, fire burns
When pentagrams break

We'll see all yours sins
Final battle begins
No mercy will show
Steel through flash, crushing skulls
And The broken bones

Hail ! Brothers !
Rise Your swords
Stand as one
Full of hate
To this dying world
6. Lashing and Contempt (4:25)
Rise up - Your Lord is comming
So bound tremble in your chains
Enslaved by your pure instincts
You're bare ashes in the wind
Ancient statue backs to life
His blood pulse in chaotic wave
He know the first be punished
Angels always fall first

Skin shall burn and The sences will fade
Only dying wasteland have remains

Light incenses and bow your heads
Then You break free from chains
But sins will not be forgotten
You have to drink this wormwood
Punishment is immediate
Each will receive lashes
Skin shall burn and The sences will fade
Only dying wasteland have remains
7. Ore Veritatis (4:44)
With a storm I'll araise
- Pain of born
- Lethal thrill
Relase You's deepest fears
Through The pain consumming Your soul

On The wings of hate You're came
- Blinded eyes
- Millions dieds
With a fire that burn Your mind
This truth never be lost in pass

Anger, fury, hellish hate
Like a rain on dessert of Your pointelss life

Heaven... heaven burn

Fueled with rotten soul
I'll never go this false path
Holly words on toung of viper
Sneeking into ignorant ears

Blinded humanity
False prophets born from greed
Blessed eternity
This is a lie, that You are spread

Dominus vester venit
Supplica, ut benedictionem accipias
Ora, ut pacemanimi experiaris
Solve, ut absolvaris

Sovle qua dominus tuus avarus est...

Ore Veritatis !
8. Postludium (1:44)
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