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Death Ordinance Full Album Lyrics

Heresiarch - Death Ordinance cover art

Death Ordinance

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-08-05)
1. Consecrating Fire (3:58)
Observance, the whips of duty wrench flesh from bone
Laborious artifice, forged steel for a new order
Wrought for the great ends beginning, the will to death
Ordained in the blood of sacrifice

Immolation rites, horizons erupt in flame
Illuminating plateaus, indomitable


Held high the sword ablaze
Multitudes prostrate unto flagellation
Strikes to resonate through eternity
Echoing fear through the heavens…

Stoked, the forge from which we flared
Insatiable as fire, our vengeance burns
Tellurian scourge in consuming ardour
Crematory nebulas, purify….

Incensed... With the spoils of victory

Insatiable as fire, our vengeance burns
Existence seized in consuming ardour
Smouldering vehemence atop a world in flame
Only ashes will remain…
2. Storming upon Knaves (3:11)
Genesis, birthed of blood and fire
Men of tempered will, disciplined and readied
To assail fate and conquer destiny

Objectives dictated, in cruel calculation
Eyes and ears tense, in voracity
Stifled breath, adrenaline courses
Storming forth to crush

Iconoclast, paroxysmal vitriol
Cascades deluge upon…
Shell splintered bones, flesh knotted in razor wire
Dread totems of conquest, establish parameter

Vengeance, wrought in death and iron
Abhorrent detractors, knelt in subjugation

Enact, the great ends beginning
Atop a pillar of carrion, crowned as conqueror
Those who flee the hammer, shall abide the forge
Impetuous annexation, storming upon knaves
3. Harbinger (4:07)
Conflagrating miasma evinced
A shadowed spectre adorned in blood
Beckons righteous slaughter….
Awaiting the dusk to attack
Ashes congealed with sweat
Myopic divinations, coerce atrocities

Pendent upon a precipice
Beset by an ultimatum…
Victory or death

Acrid stench of rot, asphyxiates
Perceptions compromised
Charge forth from blood-mist, frenzied
Inexorable Templar's of death

Entropic force assailant
Surveying a kingdom or prey

Quintessence indomitable, overwhelm
Triumph forth on a maelstrom of devastation

Sinks into bone
Conflict as canon

The blood the warrior sheds
More divine than the rambling priest
Wiser that the ink of the philosopher

Aristocrats of dirt, consumed by blooded mist
Cornered, in narrow clay walls, the kingdom of the trench
Within this great arena, I lunge in determination
Over the corpses of my brothers, who fought tooth and nail
4. Ruination (5:27)
Unyielding beast of war
Mechanisms fuelled from mass carnage
Mobilised, cruel ordnance
Shatters a ravaged earth
Wretches grinded in the mire,
Putrescence paved the way…


Through the fray, into the storm of purging fire
Affixed our blades, we swarmed upon the trenches with merciless will
Dying screams to haunt eternity, fresh blood warm to our hands

Consecrated sacrifice, in offering to a deathless order
Immolating heroes, spitting on the ashes of the scorned
Men who prayed the hands of fate would deliver them to triumph
Thrown rigid from the gallows, bestowed to vermin

We broke their line, enveloped in a pincer formation
Rats scurry from the nests, ensnared by cleansing fire
Those trapped below the sodden earth, scrambled for armaments
I still feel those cold desperate hands, clawing at my face

Implement slaughter, as divine ordinance
Pathos trampled…
Under strides of will
Destiny, vanquished…
Through force of conquering steel

Communion, baptised in blood
With sacral murder, absolute

The world held in a vice, ever tightening
Engines of ruination, grind forth without end
No sanctum, structures obliterated to dust
Tombs to smother the dead and dying
Beneath clouds of crematory ash

So it is told…
So it is done...
Humanity is lost...
Humanity is obsolete...
5. The Yoke (2:53)
Amongst the ruins, a new strength emerges
Smelt in the fires of conflict, weathered by storms of steel

An order, born anew from the ashes
Feeds the growing pyre, with the debris of the world

Rivals condemned to extermination
The craven, consigned the yoke
6. Iron Harvest (7:00)

Born of a world, in endless conflict
Lineage of scorn, perpetuates struggle
In wake of carnage, abomination harvested

Inexorable offensive, seizes vanquished sapience, in helotry
Stifled amongst gnarled edifices of blood and sinew, exultance of carnage
Sanguine beasts of slaughter pressing onwards, harrowed flesh and soil
Mechanised armaments of industrial extermination, yield the fruits of conquest

Death as duty, war as existence
Inevitable, mankind’s extinction….

Scourges of terror
Advance on iron cavalcades



In the 36th year of the millennium, a paradigm had shifted
A new method of warfare emerged, death automation…

No poetic name exists, for the wholesale murder of nations
30 years of slaughter, piled gristly across all continents

An age of steel, reaves flesh from bone
Meat to feed, the hounds of war
Charnel reaping, fuels the furnaces

Carrion reaping for an iron harvest
Sanguine beasts of slaughter grind onwards…
7. Lupine Epoch (2:00)
Sated, upon the lifeblood
Of mans destined doom
Death in ambush
Neath the churned up fields
Ablaze in crimson gore

Atavist subjugator forged….

Deafening… the hammer spoke
Over shrill cries of zealots
Of men fated to servitude
Liberated through murder

Abolishment, of crude hierarchy
Man has sought shelter within
Doctrine trampled beneath hoof of animal law

Past horrors, perpetuate manifold
Phylogeny of conflict
Progenitors of primordial dominance
Ascended through ritual violence

Beast of prey, of a lupine epoch
No man shall have mercy upon another
8. Righteous Upsurgence (4:32)
Forsaken in vestiges
Dispersed amongst swarming multitudes
Regrouped, awaiting retaliation
Desultory vengeance, swift but overcome

Senses heightened, survival precedes morality…

The many, nomads, the mob of the last man
Strode furious, upon black festering ground
At lone figures, in the great theatre of war
Readied for deaths will…

Corralled in rot, gasping under flesh tombs
Feet sodden, drenched in foe and comrade blood
Folly subsides, beset by desperation
Cornered rats with teeth bared

Hopelessness dispatched, it matters not who lives or dies
The action in strife, brings purity of soul
Execution of the will to death defiant
An upsurgence of righteous violence…

As the hunter, stalks a savage landscape…
As the quarry ignorant to its doom
Perpetual victimisation
Axiom of reptile brain…
9. Desert of Ash (7:42)
Mephitic exhalations
Cindered bones crushed underfoot
Vestiges of fallen legions
Endless trudge, despondency pervades…

Final lineage malformed
Absolute regression
Global chaos…

Erudition eradicated
Extinction inevitable
Threnody of dying whimpers
Subsides in final flames

Excogitated hecatomb
Conflagration lustrates
Death apodictic…
Nothingness without end…
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