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Klatau Full Album Lyrics

Gorgos - Klatau cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-27)
1. Oppressor Terror (4:06)
Black, Heart beating
still oozing
held on high

Source, malicious
Unbeknown to mortal man

Taken by deathmatch
Carved from the beast of beasts

Fervent, ingestion
Putrid Aortal flesh

Fallen, deity

Roaring thunder, a Quaking Earth
Pacified to soulless wasteland
of phantom origin

Emergence of the Archfiend
Destroyer absolute
Creature Of grisly manifest

Bringing extermination
Catastrophic entropy
Enslavement of the masses
subjugation human race

The slain brute,
Withers away
(Cindered corpse an empty vessel)

State of rapture
On demonic black blood
(Painted Stigma, reformation)

Wicked Ascension,
Presence nefarious
Levitating from the ashes

Prime evil, Oppressor Terror!

(Lead: Ortiz)

Blackened Dark Skies,
Raining stones of fire
Oceans boiling dry,
Sulfuric pits of Sludge

Devastation through villainy,
Pestilence, total war
Senseless Slaughter,
Quickening extinction

Carnage untold
inconceivable Genocide

Pointless clash, trivial strife
A Forgery of truth

Hollowed Fidelity
of subservient minions

Detrimental desolation
cultivating chaos
Propagating devastation
Instituting death

Malefactor, puppet master
Shadowing Aggressor
Influential Virtuoso
Weaving their demise

Pending Execution
A revelry in suffering

Fate Preordained
Destined to decay

(Lead: Ortiz)

The view from up on high
of the crawling world below

Apocalytic ruin
of turbulent calamity

The tribulation
of unholy testament

New found power
Stolen, Ripped from
capturing the demon
2. Deadlike Interest (4:13)
Another lying in a ditch
Sun baked and bloated
Maggot filled, rotted flesh
Food for the worms

A toothless smile for the murdered fool
Victim of the killjoy
Lifeless eyes staring through the abyss
A site of horror

Bodies piled in a mass grave
Trophies for the wanted
An art form for the insane
Demon monster living through you

Didn't always used to be this way
As if it wasn't wanted
We like eating hearts and brains
When it comes calling our name

​Flash of Green light
Hunger beckons more for the slaughter

Hunting the enemy
Stalking the prey
Salivating over plan of attack
Murder the ultimate high
Doesn't matter who the victim may be
As long as they bleed for me
Everyone looks exactly the same
In a bucket of guts or a pile of bones
Homicidal act of rage
Demonic aggression
Instrument of infernal wrath
Or just because we can?
Bludgeoned head or face through a glass
Beaten butchered and hung from the rafters
Putrid stench and feasting flies
The violent deed leaves blood on all sides

Deadlike Interest evolution of man
Primal instinct used for perversion
Assimilation chaotic disorder

Immortal malignant cancer of filth
Uncontrollable savage beast
Creature of dark absolution

Fire pit boiling cauldrons of blood
Stewing innards for food on a cold day
Devices slicing layers of flesh
Pulverizing cadavers drilling holes in their heads

Long hanging strings of teeth
Decaying pile of hands and feet
Masks of human skin and hair
Body parts to many to name
Embellishing a temple of terror
Purposeless, indiscriminate murder
Subterranean being alive
Abomination wreaking havoc above
Bloodletting, carnage, mayhem


​(Lead: Ortiz)

​Distorted image sent through from the void
Archaic power origin unknown to us
Set in motion events untold to us
Let it set fire burn down and explode

​Deadlike Interest evolution of man
Primal instinct used for perversion
Assimilation chaotic disorder
Chaotical mayhem

Immortal malignant cancer of filth
Uncontrollable savage beasts
Creatures of dark absolution
Darkness, disorder

Human flesh delicacies
Savor the flavor
Fanatical lust for corpses
Give me fresh corpses

Unending destruction of all
Cannibals feeding eating themselves
Starts with crazy bastards twisted
Fisted from birth

Fire, burn it all down
It's all a blaze let it burn down
3. Satanal (3:15)
Fallen angels put on earth for us of celestial stock
Incongruitous defilers of man
Tormentor succubi

​Separated by the use of sanity
Thoughts that blind, never wasted only lost
Before she swallows all your pride
Think twice before you take her ride

Never felt my work to be nauseatingly difficult
Loose handed living day by day
Enter that evil bitch
Walk away with reality until it's too late
Petrified, kneeling down in a corner
Squared up on all four sides

Gang raped and fisted just for fun
Condemned to hell eternally
Pawn for the succubi screams
Come for us all, we yearn to bleed

Kill for fun
Hacking up dismemberment
Kill someone
Defiling your ownership
Lose your face
To never see the sight again
Of this place
Drowning in your fucking blood

​(Lead: Ortiz)

Beauty, shall the beholder die?

Lethal spell cast upon me
Because of you all this has come to pass
Bitter taste of blood
Smothered face, gurgling red

Fading out disappearing from belief
Sent back down
Reset to mental binary zero- murder

​Rising pandemonium
Fire-pit, crematorium
Nothing will be left but ashes
Irreversible state of madness

Kill for fun
Hacking up dismemberment
Kill someone
Defiling your ownership
Lose your faith
To never see the sight again
Of this place
Drowning in your fucking blood
4. Psychobitch (2:45)
Ravishing wench destructive and deadly
Merciless tart of explicit tastes
Venomous ruse of passionate pretense
Wicked facade imposing vulgar lust

Tenebrous haze, hedonistic invention
Nefarious ways of a stalking cunt
Demented fiend of erotic obsession
Exacting her rage, feasting, Psychobitch

Ancient demon, borrowed body of carnal flesh
Sadistic creature of hell
Tempting siren, she-devil, malificent
Noxious bane of distress

Chasing, stalking her prey
A predatory game of blood
Leaving death in her wake
Pleasure seeking in affliction of pain
Sadomasochistic sexual torture

Changing herself into true demonic form
Leaves them screaming for Jesus, Lord have mercy!
Shedding her skin away no escaping

​Riding, straddled on top
Her vicous talons dug in deep
Victim brought to submission

Pelvic suction of rhythimic grinding
Climactic fall into the dark, breathless abyss

​(Lead: Ortiz)

Changing herself into true demonic form
Leaves them screaming for Jesus, Lord have mercy!
Shedding her skin away no escaping death
Cocooned coffin of damnation

Locked away, lifeless trinkets of novelty
Each syphoned dry for enduring divinity
Unfading goddess of morbid design preferring you


​Teasing, enticing your eyes
Lucid dreaming, distorting your mind
Screaming, Screaming, Beating, Bleeding
5. Slaughterpig (3:24)
Carve out
Your heart with a spoon

Clamp down
Your torso in a vice

Tie rope
To each limb and play

Tug of war
With your body parts

Popping sound
Dislocated shoulders

True delight
Laughing all the way

Begging for
A quick and painless death

Head restrained
Farting in your face till you puke

I'll fuck your wife beside your bleeding corpse

You're not
Worthy of revenge

The fairest game for you
Vengeance is so swift!

Smothered in your face

Whipped for several days
Every ticket written and
Red light run to speed away

​Paid in
Cold sadistic torment

Agonizing pain

Smashed with a hammer

Knee caps
Bored out with a drill

Each one of your travesties
Dealt back to you a thousand times fold

Your life and entire family
Removed from existence
Each one
Meeting their demise

As you witness thier affliction
Paralyzed by horror

I'll sow your asshole shut till
Your feces fill your mouth
Seeping out each orifice
Your bloated head explodes

Legacy covered in shit
Remembered forever
A fraudulent pig
You will not be found
All your body parts
Eaten by the swine

(Lead: Ortiz)

Several horse pets raping you
Screaming out in agony
Rag doll body struggling
Anus bleeding heavily

Dragging you back to the
Dungeon underground
Mapping out lines
On your body with a blade
Slicing your face off
Skinning you alive
Stitching up a skin suit
Wearing it around

Pleasure in your misery
Oppression of the worthy
Indulgence in your persecution
Brutal plan of wretchedness

Staring in your eyes
In my hands, plucked from your skull
Seeing your regret
Apology not excepted
You shouldn't mess with normal people
Don't you know there's crazies out there doing bad?
6. Nephilim (1:11)
7. Violator E.T. (3:31)
Landed, undetected
Concealed under darkness of the night

Strangers, unearthly
They come to take us sheep easy for the plucking
Intruders, malicious
Visitation from somewhere in the stars

Cosmic vagabonds
Far more technologically advanced

Searching, penetrating
Grotesque forms of callous fornicating

Humans, empty vessels
Anatomically designed for something special

Infectious, degeneration
Doomed for annihilation soon to be extinct
Killing each and everyone
Extermination, planetary death

Anti-gravity atmospheric nightmare
Fleeting hands, bruising, pulling down

Fighting, a vain opposition
Alien epidural incapacitating composition circulating
Mutating blood

Rage! Bodily negation
Wide-eyed seizuristic state

Strength, quickly dissipating
Arms restrained, legs separating

Insertion, horizontal drill
Extraterrestrial sodomistic thrill

Bleeding, impaled anal pore
Foreign object violating, ripping evermore

​Taken unwillingly

Lost in mental disarray
Disconnected consciousnesses somewhere far away
Scrambled, cerebral retrogress
Flashes of distorted figures leaves us in distress
Mangled, beyond reparation
Seeded specimen heinous insemination
Viral, microorganism
Gestating parasites symbiotic plague

(Lead: O'Clary)

Body changing

(Lead: Ortiz)

Cellular decay
Other worldly life-form
Our decimation day
8. Klatau (3:51)
Tied to a wheel sting of blood in my eye
Awaken unconsciousness nightmare of torture
Six bodies bound semi-circled around
Six more lie dead sawed in half on the ground

Frantically fighting for freedom far fetched
Revolving contraption gyrates us towards death
Stopping then shaking powered circular saw
The bastards before me break their own jaw

In agony
Body dying

Red blood sprays wide as the giant saw worked
High pitched in sound slicing organ and bone
Grinding from groin then guts to brains
Symmetrical carcasses falling apart

Human fillet fit for the feast
Sliding down slowly entrails still gushing
Twenty four pairs soon there will be
Retracted dual saw blades spin just for me

Show me what we die to see
Divine deliverance?
Or Damnation?
Send me to the nothingness

​Slice and dice
In death we trust

​(Lead: Ortiz)

In agony
Body dying excruciatingly
Diamond toothed blades
Counter rotating
Slicing through meat
Making short work of me

Now we are all piles of dead flesh
Perfect every piece
Half-cadaver corpses
Bloody mess of gore
Methodically deceased

Cold automation of soulless machines
Meat-hook wielding cranes
Hoisting up remains
Meticulous dissection
For sinister collections

Mechanical monster resetting its blades
Living individuals hanging from a cable
Squealing desparation
Quickly fastened to the table

Gruesome death gear of dastardly fancy
Supernaturally designed
Inentions Diabolical
Sparing no expense for anthropophagy
9. Vicious Fantasy (4:06)
Hands blood red
Violent evening of procurement
Righteous night of murder
Screaming unforsaken
Frantic, frenzied horror
Berserker mind control
Voices echoing, calling from somewhere
Evil, sinister
Cataclysmic dark enchantment
Promised salvation
Invocation of the wicked
Spirit, unholy
Sacrificial mutilation
Worship, reverence
Veneration for extolment

Several bodies laying naked side by side
Headless figures, fluids gushing blood collected
Rigor mortis
Stiffened limbs, clawing hands
Hacksaw, hammer
Smashing bones, dismemberment

​Life! Meaningless!
Reality! Vicious Fantasy!

Submerged in blood
Wading death pool
Floating eye balls
Staring upwards
Wrathful forces

​(Lead: O'Claray)

Exaltation, euphoria
Swimming in ecstasy
No one has known, no one has seen
Soon all there is will cease to be
They all will burn
Heaving inferno exquisite suffering

Grinding my murder blade
Bringing slaughter
Cold blooded crusade

Life! Meaningless!
Reality! Vicious Fantasy!

Die decay away
Discontinue we exterminate
Living laid waste
The wicked reigning supreme
10. Tormentor Undead (2:43)
Locked and loaded while shifting
Speeding towards the killing fields
Hate driven animosity
The substance of deception
A pull of the handbrake a fishtailing stop
A hail of bullets raining down

​Blast, your way to justice
Locking irons and seeing red

They all will die
Two in the chest and one in the head
No mercy shown
None are deserving

Eye for an eye
Vengeance with each kill
Frenzied reprisal

Bloodbath, a game of thrilling massacre
Vivid death and carnage all around
Superhuman heightened senses
Strength from the netherealm
Immortal curse of perpetual regeneration

​Back from the grave
Murderous prodigy
Power unleashed
A rite of passage

Even the score
Round after round heads hitting the floor
Bodies run through
The promised punishment due

(Lead: Ortiz)

​Send them all down to rotting hell
Infinite inferno
Elimination of enemies through systematic slaughter

Path, diabolical stratagem
Evil scheme, written in blood
Machination of villainous force
Christening dark dominion

​One more, last one to die
Stranglehold, fighting for his last breath
Kicking feet, Gouging out his left eye
Shuddering body twisting thumb into skull!

Trophies, jars of hearts and vertebrae
Mounted heads on underground walls
Legacy of eternal damnation
Killing for revenge
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