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Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence Full Album Lyrics

Gigan - Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence cover art

Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Avant-garde Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > G > Gigan Lyrics (26) > Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-10-15)
1. Wade Forward Through Matter and Backwards Through Time (10:11)
Scenes shift
Images bleed through
Forces push and pull
Illusions of consistency
All illusions - Eternally

Persistence with elegance
Without fear
Without want
Without trappings of those who haunt

Unrelentingly - tides flow
Unforgivingly - matter slows
But water flows around matter
And air passes at will through time
So might we be
Throughout our lives?

Despite the irrelevance
In spite of the pain
The cycle continues
Again and again and again...

Rise above and strain to reach
The air is thin but thoughts are clear
Just take comfort and have no fear...
And always wade forward through matter
And backwards through time
2. Elemental Transmography (4:12)
Within transmogrifying matrix
One must incorporate blood
Salts and spirits
Even your own ghost
The mortal seed
Familiars and liaisons
Pathways walked backwards
Face forward
Mumbling lips
Quivering fingertips
Sweltering oils
Tendrils of smoke crawl and twist

Fear not the end
The end isn't real
Neither your shell
Once under control
Just listen well

Once seen and opened
And the bridge has been crossed
Never look back
'Lest all hope be lost
Every form
Every music
Is only there as long as it's wanted
In this you can trust
3. Plume of Ink Within a Vacuum (5:14)
Flowing on the surface
Centrifugal pull
Physical telepathy
Tumbling into the void
Feel the weight of the miasma
Saturating itself
Sealed within the waves of twilight

Another burst
Crystalline branches of broken spectrum
Grains of salt across a pane of glass
Spider web fractures
Like upon a frozen pond
Suspended in time
Lava flowing black
Burning clean to start anew
4. Ocular Wavelengths' Floral Obstructions (8:05)
Reality altered
Another plane of existence unlocked
Sights unseen
Fears unknown
Caught in the warp
The warp of mind and sight

As layers pour down
Colors and spectrums envelop
A vibrant woven visual blanket
Pulled over your eyes
Tunnel vision
Pinhole focus
Watering eyes and bleeding mind
Pulsating waves
Flowing undulations
Colors ebb and weep

Submerged periphery
Gazing through the clouds
Spun/sugar iridescence
Pulling apart a spider's web
Peering through the brilliant haze
Until you return from the 'looking glass'

Once the blood runs thin
Shards of metal do their part
And slowly light shines from within
5. Hideous Wailing of the Ronowen During Nightshade (5:45)
It would be the last thing you ever heard...
Hideous wailing
The type that awakens nightmares from sleep
Behind you
All around you
Making your blood sweat with fear...

As the sky's palette goes from blue to gray
As the pink and purples bleed away
Nightshade gives way to darkness
And darkness is the ronowen

Slithering and more...
You push back madness as chaos ensues

Daemonic echo location
Pulling of your metallic salts
Losing control...

The wailing approaches
Like a deafening flock of birds
It's dark now and your fate is sealed...
Each body this night will be divided in thirds
Such is the way of the ronowen
6. Hyperjump-Ritual Madness (5:13)
Science and sorcery
Invoked again
Intense mathematics
Alchemic design
Rigid template of preparations
Woven with spontaneous creativity

Intuition and inner peace
At times all best intents are rebuked
Unfortunate grave reality consumes
Reality once just twisted
Now is bent
A crease in reality
All allowances spent
Once the role awareness snaps
You'll drift away...

Past realities contract
Replaced by the swell of now...
Arrival opposite the gateway ensues
Blinding rays and flickering hues...
Time must take time
To be the time
To stop time
7. Clockwork with Thunderous Hooves (6:42)
Few things are certain
Those that are, confound
The more we learn the less we know
Yesterday's certainty is tomorrow's hope
And the past's regrets are the future's intent

Seasons pass and time gallops forward
Trampling lives and leaving misery in it's wake

Innocent and without intent
Incidental fate
All things irrelevant behind it's face

Sun glints off time's unblemished armor
With it's sheen and star-phosphorescence
It's resilience matched only by it's persistence

Infinite trajectory
Barreling forward
Fire-breathing nostrils flaring
Generations naught but ash in it's wake
Blood-hued mane blazing black
As the hooves like clockwork
Gallop on...
8. In Between, Throughout Form and Void (10:06)
In between
And throughout
The void...

Absence of solidity
Energy transmits
It crackles and travels
Writing networks of energy
Travelling prone, above
Begin and end
Turn on the axis
Twist on the tail
Cruise with the current
It's all ending
It's all beginning
It's resurrection
Instinctual, uninterrupted evolution
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