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Return to the Void Full Album Lyrics

Execration - Return to the Void cover art

Return to the Void

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > E > Execration Lyrics (18) > Return to the Void Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-08-05)
1. Eternal Recurrence (4:57)
A coming of pitch black night
Oh, otherly world
Nocturnal recurrence
Comatose, comatose stale

Roaring macrocosmic winds
Three stars lit
Casket lid, casting glimpse
Time taking shape, bottomless pit
Uncomfortable silence
There is no life, there is only death

Eternal return
Eternal recurrence

Journey towards the stars
Endless light
Self-similar forms
Infinite number of times
Across infinite time

Horror unveiled, come what may
Release me from this womb, never to return
Horror unveiled, come what may
Release me from this tomb, never to return

Roaring macrocosmic winds
Three stars lit
There is no life, there is only death
Eternal recurrence


There is only death

Coming of pitch black night
Oh, otherly world
Nocturnal recurrence
Comatose, comatose stale
2. Hammers of Vulcan (5:00)
Blood will be shed
By mechanical birds of prey
Unmanned vehicles in the sky
Shoot to kill

Die in despair
Death in the air
Smashed by the hammers of Vulcan
Man and child
Surrender survival

Sordid tales of execution
Dishonest warfare on innocents
Downcast humans trapped in the abyss
In the trail of the destruction

Rising from their bloodstained pits
To exalt their revenge
Terror reigns once again
A self-fulfilling prophecy

Resurgence of fear, anger, and hatred

Man and child, all the same
To their cold mechanical eyes

Rising up, going forth
To exalt their revenge
On airborne machines of death
And their human masters
3. Nekrocosm (4:17)
Mystical path
Methods of initiation
Descending into
Inner being

The ego awakens
Power emanating
Ancient mysteries
Resembling death

To outer observation
Spiritual perception
The intense strength
Of human egoism

As strange as it may sound
Traits twelve times worse
Than those he possessed
In ordinary life
Turn our minds
To the other path
Moment of waking

So dazzling, so shattering
Consigning existence altogether
And consciousness ceases
A state of ecstasy
Passing into the macrocosm

Secrets of the nekrocosm

The death-shudder of winter
Human subconsciousness
Empyrean nightmare

Beyond the threshold
Hallucinative coma
Abnormal conditions
Frozen in celestial infirmity

Frozen in celestial infirmity

Archaic path
Metamorphic malignancy
Ascending to
Intergalactic doom

Thus we rise
Into the nekrocosm
Through the higher worlds
Spirit, life, reason, death
4. Cephalic Transmissions (7:45)
Like fierce eyes staring
Seeing the backs of your eyelids
Like keen ears listening
Hearing your every reflection
Like sleek fingers stroking
Feel the deceit in your hands
Like a dead pulse beating inside
Cephalic transmissions, betraying your thoughts

Running from the equinox
Gleams of hope in sight
Echoing prosperity
Crestfallen beauty
Fire sweeps across the earth
No hope in sight
Originate, disintegrate
Crushing shock-wave

A crime of conjecture
A mere fantasy
Your will subverted
Sublime agony

Cosmic forces reversing through a magnifying glass
Scorching all, retreating time

Unprepared cerebral death
Absently subverted by
Agents of the comatose

I saw death rise from the earth
From the ground itself in one blue field
I felt gloom sink in vast seas
To the bottom, infinite core


In a glimpse of times long lost
Voyage to the call
Cephalic transmissions
Internalized corruption abound


Cephalic transmissions, betraying your thoughts

Like fierce eyes staring
Like keen ears listening
Like sleek fingers stroking
Like a dead pulse beating inside
5. Blood Moon Eclipse (0:51)
6. Unicursal Horrorscope (7:06)
A spell was cast upon us
Passing down from ancient times
From myths and tales of bygone worlds
In temples of an extinct kind
A quest for all-seeing prowess
All matter is of life and death
A self-inflicted penance
Synthetic prophecy
In a blind trajectory
In solitary minds marooned
A prying consciousness
To exist, conquer, and possess

Summoning the nemesis
Spelling out the end
Lulled into a myopic state
In voidance we descend
Absorbent distant constellations
Portrayal of inverted life
Radiating from within a dead space

Unicursal horrorscope

Blood moon eclipse
Black spell onyx
Occultating hex
Suspended in the realm of night
In the foul plane vexed
Absent future out of sight

Woven in threads of currents and lights
Made so by sheer force of minds
Infinite streams of thoughts and naughts
Cast into form by nuts and bolts
I am the specter of human intentions
Pure reason, doubtless, unfazed

Astral winds portend the final equinox
Radiating from within a dead space
Orbiting in eternal darkness
Towards a dour anomaly
Zodiacs forebode the end of time
Portrayal of inverted life
Buried in layers of stardust
Swathed in celestial emptiness

Outside the range of light
Beyond the reach of life

Ascending into distant constellations
Gravitating towards a dark flow
Mysteries encompass revelations
As knowledge attracts the unknown
7. Through the Oculus (1:07)
8. Return to the Void (4:40)
Immersed in thoughts of the great unknown
Of lands like our own
Of times such as ours
Still, different and unreal

Tangled dreams of prosperity
Of life in exile
Of cities still unmade
Yet, made another way

Stargazing soldier
Caught in a vision
Usurping the place of the outside world

Ingesting the serum of truth
Projecting the mind through time
Racing at light speed
While standing still

Unleashed in a world of untold truths
Stunned and confused

Interrupting their way of life
A small mark left to grow and grow in size

Colored glass of our own perception
Unbound consequence
Immaculate deception

A return to form
Shapeless and worn

Aged and paranoid
I return to the void

Reversal of life, a retraction of space
Seeping through the cracks of time
Floating by the age of grace

Once again, offset zero
Beholding the galactic drift
Time in flux, decomposed
Colored by my preperceptions

Annulment of the present day
Eradication of the stay
Readjustment to my time
Calibration of my mind

I now see clearly
The world of our own
Cities still unmade
Yet made another way
And life in exile
All smothered and vile
9. Det uransakelige dyp (5:48)
Nei, i malstrømmen må jeg ned
Gå all kjødets gang
Vis meg veien, bunnløse avgrunn
Hurtig kollaps til intet mer

Nei, i dypet må jeg ned
Der er fred fra evighet
(Vis meg veien) blodrøde stjernehimmel
Til det skjulte hjertekammer
Illevarslende svart legeme
Tid og rom deformert
Ingenting kan unnslippe
Altets dødsrike

Inn i dypet
Inn i dypet
Inn i dypet
Inn i dypet

Overskridende bølger av vold
Overhengende kosmisk urkraft
Sort masse tilintetgjør enhver form
Astrofysisk katastrofe

Sempiternalsk dystopi
Utenomjordisk dystimi
Passasje til det uendelige kall
Menneskets ultimate fall
Endeløst mareritt
Inn i intet, slukt hel

Inn i dypet
Inn i dypet
Inn i dypet
Inn i dypet

Ja, i malstrømmen må jeg ned
Gå all kjødets gang
Vis meg veien, bunnløse avgrunn
Hurtig kollaps til intet mer
Metafysisk gravkammer
Det uransakelige dyp
Der er ingen vei tilbake
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