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Claws Full Album Lyrics

Epitaph - Claws cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-10-15)
1. Gossamer Claws (7:45)
What's that noise, admits the shadows?
Hoots and growls from sundry creatures asleep
Now one by one - helpless they stir
Specimens exotic - afraid to die
Deadly ruse!
Talons rend!

Rows of cages, a dark menagerie.
This proud collection, it has no equal on earth
Weird predators, uncanny symbionts
The latest addiction, is yet to hatch

Deadly ruse! Needle-like talons rend its carapace!

Plucking out its prey, with impunity it kills
Plucking out its prey, with impunity it kills
Something lies - patient hides its time
Camouflage - with the gossamer shell telescopic claws
Eyes aglow - dreadful Claws

On this most fatal of nights, somehow the compound's door has been left slightly ajar
Strange gurgling sounds, and the faintest ticks and clacks and little pops can be heard from beyond its threshold!
Albeit stroked with fear, the greasy wealthy magnate tentatively steps through the door, so overcome by greed.
His gaze peers on the dim shapes of his immeasurably costly menagerie, now turned into a grim charnel house.
His life-long pursuit, those unique pets, all dead now.
The eyes focus on that weird egg of monstrous proportions, the one of mysterious origins.
See how its surface is now lined by hair-thin yet so regular cracks. In those last moments before his demise,
his curiosity is still pigged by such a marvelous phenomenon: no strange malady, no dangerous pest behind their demise!
Just look at the shell as it blooms open, like the unfolding vestigial wings of a translucent moth! And from within the cage,
cruel limbs now dart forth.
Bars can't hold the bar head proboscis, the filthy sinewy claw now closing in upon the hapless magnate!
And as he's been dragged off his feet, towards that multi-mandibles maw, the slavering orifice sprouting festering probes,
he realized he's about to be inoculated with voracious larvae. The other confirmed creatures were mere nourishment,
fair game it thrived upon. This last victim becomes its nest...
For the beast is trapped - yet the brood is free
The brood is now free now to roam!
2. Waco the King (8:45)
Trudging through the moors
And the fields of marred glory
Didn't have a choice
Rumors spread around
That the empire has finally fallen
Besieged on all sides
Lead your pack, a pride of wolves
Among the jackals that hungry throng
When the splendors collapse and wane
Treading where legions fear to march
Onwards, to battle, Pillage and slay
Steadfast ascendancy, until that hoary wisdom fades

High 'King
Raptured Vanguard
High 'King
You only want to fall asleep

Brumal lands of you're
The ancestral home forsaken
Abandoned mirage
To carve a realm anew
In your wake a stream of gore
Ephemeral dream
Descendants betray your might
They say that blessed are the meek
Fuel their souls with lies of a false rebirth
Embrace a whole new faith
of denial
To worship pain and fear, just to kneel before the pope

High 'King
All but forgotten your pernicious name
Transcend the threshold
You only want to fall asleep

Useful tools of fools
Tangled in a game that's for the grown-ups!
Devious powers confound
Pledging their swords - blades ominous
When you crossed that river of fate
And brought your children to the slaughter
Southbound to the ruinous lands
Raptured vanguard, in oblivion scions fall
Sire of a frail kingdom
Rule the horde, a warrior tribe
Stepped in the dark and wanton game
Won't they meddle with the divine
Lords and tower-builders
A purpled menace, to benight
High 'King
Raptured Vanguard
High 'King
You only want to fall asleep...
...and lead your children to the slaughter
3. Sizigia (5:38)
I've been circling in your orbit
Now I'm alive, coming to the fore
The void was cold and numbing...
Shake off the fright - two worlds collide - and merge

Always longing for an alignment
Gravity pulls, we're unable to resist
From parsecs far - I spied on all your wonders...
Just stop the whine - chronic pleasures unfurl

Wait till my comet dawns
Zenith of lust
Your pretty satellites - I will gorge them whole
Wasting the night

The hyper-architect, the stars are set, we plummet
Headlong to bang hard, my axis tilts and shifts
Fecund and Lush - the gulf will soon be spreading
I won't come around, for eons more, take care
4. Wicked Lady (11:02)
From the darkness - she comes smiling
Nothing you can - do
She's black terror - teach you hate
You will feel it too
Mortal potions - crystal ball
She will drive you insane
Words and rhymes - from - evil books
You will loose the game

Wraith, your kind- whore - Hades' bride
Old visions - send a message
She chants toil - while - all ignites
Will I save - my soul

She calls thunder - rips and mends
Even the black clouds wither
Philters dire - a dance in flames
Demons beyond her gaze
Manic trysts - come -from her womb
When debauchers mourn
Fallen angel - makes you cry
When she whispers - die

We're in league with the devil - you're just forgot your pain
You try to call her pet names - and tease her core in win
The weakest link is failing - in fire she breeds
You try to call for mercy - the weaver pulls the strings
Crawling down - oh ohhh
Crawling down - oh ohhh

Gripping fear - sign of evil pleas
She stands and leers - from a disowned bier
Bestride the vault - true pantherine ghost
That seeps in your life - ardor grows in her spires
You're just a slave - I am the night

You wander by - like the living dead
A ferrous wand - now the ghouls they slither inside
You'll burn tonight - I am the night

The will to live that you will ever know
No faith can save you - but she'll destroy your weak pride
You're just too blind - I am the...
5. Declaration of Woe (8:16)
Woe betides you the die is cast
Banners will fly - against the winds that vent forth pure hate
Strife - never ending gloom we proclaim - blood to shed
And tears, till this harrowing is through

Lend me strength - fortify my soul
And let me lie - Rest in the grave
Grant no respite - Muster all forces

Daubed in bile - join the forlorn hope
Rage and guile! Tremble before these weapons arrayed!
Watching until at last you sway and founder
You and I are sentenced to feud in vain - just you and I
And no promises of truce

Oh, spent my time in misery
Till it came to a boil
Heed, once reviled, oh despised!
A grim resolve, execrate!
Hear ye! Unyielding decree
A Declaration of woe
Lace a garland with the sighs
Tip the scales of the balance
Watching until at last you sway and founder
The hounds are on the loose
Wrench the serpent's tongue

Implacable, I turn a Deaf ear to your laments - scheme of your disgrace
Gloat, when your dreams do curled sour

Grant no respite - Muster all forces
You and I, I'm afraid, will duel to the bitter end
Declaration fo woe
Unjust/Righteous...Endless Circle
Declaration of Woe
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