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Pieces of Fate Full Album Lyrics

Elvenpath - Pieces of Fate cover art

Pieces of Fate

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Power Metal
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 9 Sisslith (2015-04-19)
1. Mountain of Sorrows
Days growing longer, the shadows must flee
They day when we must leave draws near
On the horizon the mountain I see
We’ll have to climb it without fear
Teyth, beloved twin brother, come take my hand
Ascenders born to learn the light
You’ll take the western road, I’ll choose the east
The book and the axe be our guide

When night conquers the daylight and winter calls our names
Our roads will differ, will fate be the same

Storms cross my pathways, pillars of stone
And many a strange sight I see
Puppets and demons, warriors and masks
They reveal the dark side to me

Cloisters of silence, houses of life
The mountain is standing, who knows what’s inside
Amazone warriors attack in the night
The hour has come when steel will shine bright

Mountain of sorrows, grown of fear and lies
I’ll climb you forever though blood be the price
Mountain of sorrows, made of doom and fraud
Beware the ascension of him who’ll be god

Teyth, beloved twin brother, close we have come
The mountain tip is right at hand
Verlinden, guardian of women at war
Tonight as one we will stand
Night after night will the sun light our minds
And all our past lives are gone
The killing may go on, yet we know at heart
The war will never be won

Maelir and Faemir on pillars of stone
All children, all siblings of the mountainside
So break all the rules and break all the laws
The guardian of secrets is with us tonight
2. Battlefield of Heaven
Two brothers hit the road again to hunt things from hell
Try to break the family curse that someone put on them
Bounty hunters from the pit walk the earth again
Evil and bad to the bone, spawned and born in hell

The dark shadows seem to win
Earth will drown in the sea of flames
Only Samuel’s colt can stop the reign
This will send the shadows back to hell

Demons break the final seal (to) free Lucifer from hell
Lost in darkness try to find the light to save the damned
Wrath of heaven out of black, the horseman has arrived
You have to sacrifice yourself to see the evil die

Claws of heaven strike in hell
Ring of death is in brother’s hand
The battlefield of heaven down on earth
Impala’s spell will close the gates of doom

Will this ever end
The angels start to cry – all hell breaks loose
Serpent’s shadow kiss
Kill the sun and moon – all hell breaks loose
Lords of life and death
Rulers of our souls – all hell breaks loose
All hell breaks loose
3. Sons of the Blood Cult
Born to blackness, harvesters of blood red agony
Where your life lacks any purpose but (to) die painfully
Hear the victims’ tortured screams, they sound so wide and far
Welcome to a world of sin – it’s called the abattoir

The machinery of doom
See the weapons of mass destruction
The stench of death it fills the air
Blood stained is the veil for our deception

Come watch the march of the damned, see them bleed
Blind to the torture, lost in our greed
How can we stand still and in silence stare
Sons of the blood cult without any care

Holocaust of helpless souls for mankind to devour
Kill without a second thought, a thousand lives an hour
Bolts of iron, hooks of steel will play their deadly game
Feeding the machine – it puts the human race to shame

Fighting for their very lives
A fight they will never win
Watch as morality dies
Draw your last breath in the palace of sin

They call it man’s nature – I can’t understand
An eternal slaughter that never will end
Glory in battle waits for him who dares
Sons of the blood cult take no prisoners

Welcome to a world where no one speaks
Yet the silence of suffering reeks

There’s no mercy, no remorse according to our laws
Born and bred to kill again and again – reaper’s den

It’s a graveyard without names on stones
Yet no preacher’ll ever bless these bones

Come join the cult – when we’re gone the machine still rolls on
Through all their pleas and their lies the blood cult never dies

So this is humanity
Our stainless souls so white
So civilized we seem to be
Yet walking hand in hand with genocide
4. The Liars’ Dance
I count the faces in the streets and lose my mind too soon
They smile at me, reach out their hands and promise me the moon
They’re wearing colours of all kinds, it’s hard to make a choice
The liars of our time are they, it’s time to raise your voice

They are not that much interested in all the life I live
It’s only one thing they demand – and that’s all I can give

(Liar, liar, land’s on fire)
Play the games you learned to play and dance this masquerade
What you don’t know is we know what’s rotten in the state
Beware of the day when those you fooled will seize their chance
I’ll never put my trust in those who dance the liars’ dance

Promises ring in my ears, they try to seize my mind
Black and red and green and brown, I’m going colour blind
Words so sweet written by angels they only repeat
Mere puppets on higher strings, can they save you from need

Increase their power and their wealth and fool those they should feed
An empire built of lies – it’s an abominable deed

I stood and watched this land for years and this is what I saw
If elections could change a thing they’d be outside the law
So burn the smiling faces and burn all their lies as well
Burn the lands on which they walked and send them back to hell
5. Testament of Tragedy
In the distance I can see
My brother falling on the battlefield
Live by the sword and die by the sword
A shiver goes through my soul

To the north hear the call
To the west hear the call
To the east hear the call
To the south hear the call

I can hear the chant of the moon
A wonderful ode to the soul of the sword
Lightning caresses the silent sky
Testament of tragedy arise

For freedom we fight, for freedom we die
Our legacy is a free life for all

The road to perdition disunity brings
Betrayal and greed – darkness ill seed
Sea of slavery made of a million tears
Humanity climbs the mountain of doom

Together we fight, together we die
We share good times, we share our grief
For my brother I fight, for my brother I die
Out of our blood the tree of freedom grows

In the light of the moon we sing this song for you
In the shadows we hide, we are ready to die
To our freedom we hail, glorious last night on earth
6. Wild Boars of Steel
Are you looking for a place
Where Metal sets your heart ablaze
Trust my words and listen well
I’ll show you where to raise some hell

Deep in the woods where only brave hearts can survive
Where stainless steel is forged and Metal comes alive

Metal forces true and real
Maniacs, wild boars of steel
Guardians of the Taunus woods, forever ironbound
Infidels our blades will feel
Bow to the wild boars of steel
Children of all nations come and hear the Metal sound

Wacken ain’t the place to be
Just losers, greed and misery
This ain’t what Metal is about
The boars will take the bull right out

Immortal faith, the fire burns forever on
So if you know what’s good for you come join our legion

Journey on a falcon’s wings
And see the woods, the land of kings
In the distance thunder roars, our fire and our force
Hearts ablaze enlight the night
As one for Metal we will fight
Kneel to no one but the altar of the Metal gods

Orschel rocks – Taunus in flames
Orschel rocks – Metal’s our game
Orschel rocks – Our voices on the wind, we’re wild and free
Orschel rocks – Steelbound at birth
Orschel rocks – Conquer the earth
Orschel rocks – Fight for steel, victorious we’ll be
7. Coming Home
8. Sentinel of the Past
The secrets of the past don’t let the demons rest
Well full of endless screaming wrath
My mind a sentinel, keeper of my heart and soul
The last hope for my world

I have black wings and my heart is turning dark
A great ocean called life

The dark voices in my head
Best friends of my past
Will be there till the end
Is hope dead, am I lost
What is right and what is wrong
Future means no more to me

I’ll never be a knight, fearless guy, a warrior
Rebel with a fearless heart
More like a tiny pawn, a background actor and a clown
A mere witness to my own life

There’s no way out, just pain to feel alive
A blade that paints the lines of life

Things change in my life, see a light in this night
No more pain to feel alive
I lead the final stand for my life and win the fight
The darkness decided to leave

I have white wings and my heart is born again
A great ocean called life
9. Queen Millennia
Stare into the silence of a night sky full of stars
Can you see our planet’s death that’s coming from afar
Every thousand years another world will near our own
We’re set on collision course as to the Queen is known

On a golden chariot amidst a golden rain
See her ride across the sky, the thunder screams her name

As September’s getting closer impact time is nigh
Who will save the earth from certain death out of the sky
A thousand years she’ll reign the stars and hold them in her heart
Ruling two worlds’ fates would tear the bravest soul apart

Come destruction, quakes and fire, floods sweeping the lands
She will save mankind from drowning with her barest hands
Battling her own sister, holy truths she will defend
Single combat, she will be the winner in the end

Like her no one has been, ever we will hail our Queen (Millennia)
Love must reign in the end (her name is the light of the stars)
Eyes (in sadness) on the horizon (and madness)
The Queen of Queens is rising (she’ll know the dream she had is)
Doomed to fade to black in outer space

Beneath the surface the city we’ll see
The sacred tomb where those who died must be
We’ll face the guardian of the holy gates
Beyond the stars our future awaits

One must give his life the earth to save
Forever glory bound beyond the grave
10. On the Elvenpath
In the sunlight I can see the tears of wind and more
Through the hills and through the seas my spirit feels at home
In the distance I can see something strange is going on
Evil shadows on my kingdom and my home
Dark woods arise and bring the eternal night
Ugly laughter invites me to step inside
An unknown fear is overwhelming my mind
Like in a trance I am following the dark call

Am I dreaming, am I still alive
Just pure darkness, no trace of light
The trees are howling, the silhouettes are crying
My mind is falling and I’m self-denying
Whispering voices, promises of death
Dark bloody water, there’s no wishing well
I will surrender but something holds me back
A young raven that came out of the black

In the darkest night you will die

Ballet of demons, symphony of madness
The young raven guides me through the blackness
We find a house, a lonely piece of fate
Is there safety in this ugly place
The walls protect me from the creatures of the damned
Maybe the last light in this nightmare hell
But in the end it’s just a shelter
Not a way out of this deep damnation

In the darkest night I am still alive

Arise – on the raven’s wings I fly
Arise – through the dreams and through the night
Arise – far away from the black hole
Arise – through the days and through the light

Now the demons start the final battle
The evil blaze surrounds my mind
Madness screams and tries to devour me
But we escape and find a path
The sunlight strikes through the dark forest
My strength is growing as I walk on the path
Out of the darkness, back to my kingdom
As we walk on the Elvenpath

Arise – on the raven’s wings I fly
Arise – through the dreams and through the night
Arise – far away from the dark sky
Arise – through the days and through the light
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