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Shadow - Land Full Album Lyrics

Decayed - Shadow - Land cover art

Shadow - Land

GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-14)
1. Satanic Revenge (1:56)
Betrayers of the faith. Take heed and die. This is the satanic revenge. We came to take what’s ours. Bleed for the true Master. Cry for your false god...
2. Dig My Grave (3:53)
The time has come. To depart this world. My soul hungers. Knowledge I lust. Dig my grave. Lay to rest my bones. This body feels decayed. My spirit feels trapped. The scum of this Earth. They sicken me, hate. Dig my grave. Lay to rest my bones. Convoke the ones faithful. True to our believes. The time has come. To depart this world. Dig my grave. Lay to rest my bones...
3. Praying For Death (6:27)
The blade cuts through. Your flesh and bones. Tearing your soul apart. Your screams my pride. Soon you will be. Praying for death. Torment you shall feel. Your lies to blame. Inhuman pain inflicted. Your screams my pride. Soon you will be. Praying for death. Pleas will accomplish nothing. No mercy for your kind. Prepare to meet your maker. Life flees from you. Soon you will be. Praying for death...
4. Crimson Flood (3:59)
The venom within me. The countess in blood. Forever bathed in sin. Watch the crimson flood. Crimson flood. To cleanse you all. The venom within me. It burns in my veins. Blackest blood so pure. Behold the crimson flood. Crimson flood. To purge you all. The venom within me. Feeding my immortal soul. Nothing shall stand here. Washed by the crimson flood. Crimson flood. To cleanse you all...
5. Darkness Eternal (4:51)
Damnation rings her tolls. Satan awaits our souls. Into the abyss we fall. Eternal darkness for all. Darkness eternal. Forever in darkness. Spread the word far. Across the whole Universe. Time has come to fight. Choose wisely your side. Darkness eternal. Forever in darkness. Sharpen axes and swords. Unveil the ancient shields. March now for victory. Armageddon as foretold. Darkness eternal. Forever in darkness...
6. Satan´s Millenium (6:13)
Cast from the heavens. Stranded in hell. Cursed for his knowledge. Plotting the revenge. Satan’s millennium. The new dawn now comes. He waited and learned. To see beyond the wall of lies. In the darkness no light. In the darkness awareness. Satan’s millennium. The new dawn now comes. Satan... Master... Satan... Redeemer... Satan... Messiah... Satan... Destroyer... Ascending to the heavens. In flames destroying his foes. Charred remains the outcome. Cleansed smoke blown away. Satan’s millennium. The new dawn now comes...
7. Land Of Shadows (3:39)
Welcome to the land of shadows. A new realm stands before you. Here you shall find no lies. All untainted by their Usurper. Land of shadows. Land of shadows. Welcome to the land of darkness. Here you shall see clear. Eternity is at your disposal. Death is nothing in this kingdom. Land of shadows. Land of shadows...
8. Raise The Dead (Bathory Cover) (3:43)
"Dust to dust"...

I gasp for air
I scream for sight
and fight against
torment and dread
Calling the vengeance
I tear at the lid
and promise to raise
from the dead


Black witch of beauty
all hell's necromancers
give me the powers of hell
Mistress of curse
reapers and vultures
Demons stand up
and chime the bell


Suddenly powers comes
from within
Muscles and mind are
filled with wrath
I burst out in frenzy
powers of hell
and break up the
tomb and the dark

9. From The Catacombs (Intro) (1:00)
10. In Lustful Mayhem (2:58)
Fullmoon in the sky
Your scent is carried by the breeze
I yearn for your body
Let us unleash bestiality on this night
My goddess of lust
Bow now to the Goat of Mendes

Voluptuous female I'll possess you
In lustful mayhem

Joining in blasphemic rites
We dwell on the threshold of Azi's domain
Your tongue wraps my phallic battering-ram
I desecrate your damp temple cleft

Your silken flesh I crave
Your sinful juices I drink
In lustful mayhem
11. Cannibalistic Devourment (1:48)
12. The Seven Seals (7:34)
Golden city is now filled with stench
Pearled gates in debris remain
The river of living waters runs dry
Tree of life gave it's last fruit

God lies beheaded on his throne
The seven torches no longer lit
White mantles of the elders blood stained

Decayed angels lie on the shores
Limped sea has turned to black
Praising creatures, praise no more
Temporal book in shape of roll
Once again in rightfull hands
Archdemons fullfiled their fated quest
Darkness shall prevail

"I am worthy of receiving the book.
I have crushed Adonai,
I am worthy of breaking the seals..."

The sky grows dark...
The clouds dance with aquilon

Broken seals fall to the ground

Pandemonium spreads across a damned land
Marked corpses rise from their graves
Trumpets of punishment now sound
13. Darkness Falls (3:49)
The Hellfire burns stronger tonight. Eternal hate feeds the infernal flames. Demons prepare for battle. Craved is the blood of the angels. Satan patiently awaits on his throne. The banisher’s fate is sealed. Time has come for our gathering. In Harmaguedon united under His sign… Darkness shall fall in heaven… Summon all dark forces of Hades. The fall of Tetragrammaton is sure. Raise the cross of death once more. To Golgatha the bastard one recrucified. No resurrection on the third. His soul forever cast in the abyss. Time has come for our feast. The vaulters will turn him to pieces… Darkness is falling in heaven… “In principio erat verbum, et deus erat verbum”, No more! “Agnus dei, qui tolis peccata mundi”, Now die!!!... Unholy hordes march through the gates. Deafening sounds of hoofs and wings. The golden kingdom stricken by onslaught. Purest blood by steel and jaws is shed. Damnation for all right hand path. Last congregation in this land of lies. Time has come for our millennium. Followers of the horned one… Darkness has fallen in heaven!
14. Pagan Winds Return (4:44)
Winter moonlight in snow covered vast woods. Drawing kingly winds dwelling honoured on my throne. Suddently I wondered on the highest cliffsedge of my homeland. The nightfall mist brought me visions from beyond the red horizon... All stood still, this omen would not last overnight. My name is whispered, time has come for me to die... At the sound of Hecate wings, behind the shades of Set. My eyes closed awaiting fearless she took my hand. To a white cold landscape once a glorious battlefield. And swear by my Celtic heart to grant always the victory of the brave... Sword at my side, ravens and owls chanting proudly my death. But the moon glows forever, taste the winds return so dark... Fallen pale moon, the pride of wolves forgotten. Leviathan tears bath us under funebre skies. Swing our swords through the triumphal breeze... My blood for you, divine beautiful Hecate. On her arms she held me high up towards. To touch the clouds in my last sleep... King I am, hailing for the eternal skies. Carrying the wolf within me, brave. My hordes riding like thunder, our flag shall not fall. Full moon and the pagan winds return. By fang revenge is ours!
15. Land Of Eternal Torment (4:16)
Beneath a starless sky
The cold winds of Death
Blowing without ceasing
Where souls forever suffer

The vale of unrest
Temporal scraps lacerate
As giant fangs
Harpies scream aloud

Damned is your soul
Cast unto this realm
Stranded for eternity
In a land of torment
Land of eternal torment

Beneath a darkened sky
Cold winds of Death
Blow without cease
Where your soul suffers

Fire scorching eternally
Fate has bestowed you
Fire scorching eternally
16. Behold The Wrath (4:53)
Behold the wrath of my blazing steel
Forged to cleanse you of your life
Soon I’ll feast upon your soul
A reward for centuries I strifed
Aeons passed, your enemies lingered
Memories burned within me
Now you gaze at my vengeance
Hope for salvation brought to naught

Feel the bite of my burning hate
Ripping through your very existence
Prayers to your worthless God
Are but a trifle to late
Now you pathetic Christian groveller
Behold the glory of Hell
You are about to enter my lair
A victim of Lord Satan’s spell

Behold the horror of your hell to be
The stake lives of those of Pride
The consuming flames are your fate
Wailing and pleading you’re bind
I feast on your despairing cries
Life eternal turned to infernal life
Behold the wrath, the wrath of Satan
The pits of Damnation welcome you

Of torment unknown you are to learn
In pain you’ll recall your sins
Terrified grimace reflects on my steel
My black blood boils in satanic lust
Your flesh turned by my blazing steel
A feast for the hounds of Hell
You are a sacrifice to my Master
The undeniable Lord of this realm
17. Sarges (2:49)
You figure it out!
18. Devils Rock (2:41)
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