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Cult of the Goat Full Album Lyrics

Deathcult - Cult of the Goat cover art

Cult of the Goat

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-02-07)
1. Climax of the Unclean (8:23)
One who blasphemes is unclean
Whosoever thought magick is will,
shall be unclean
One who is admitted into the circle, is unclean
Robed and raising flame, is unclean

One who has no mind, is unclean
Inverting the scripture is unclean
One who congress with the dead is unclean
One who utters the name, is unclean

Whosoever slays, is unclean
One who breaks the bond of the divine scheme,
is unclean
Whosoever cuts his flesh, shall be unclean
Climax is unclean
Become unclean

There is no law but the unclean
There is no desire, but the unclean
There is no completion, without the unclean
Become unclean

One shall feel neither remorse, nor be tempted by exorcism
When engulfed within the black fires of hell
Neither self, nor flesh has meaning when ensorcelled by
2. Bloodstained Ritual (6:31)
Hiding in dark cornerns we await our victim
Alone and helpless she comes closer
Finally, too close, her life belongs to our master now
Bound and gagged we take her to our den
Insane with fear she's drowning in tears
Twitching and choking on the floor
Surrounded by black candles and bloodstained swords
The ritual can begin

Cutting away her clothes
Our knives cover her body with wounds
Naked we enter the magic circle
And close it with her flesh spilled blood
Satan see us, Satan hear us
Satan take her soul to hell
Satan see us, Satan hear us
Satan take her soul to hell

Hail Satan, all the life we waste
Hail Satan, mocking the swords of the chaste
Hail Satan, take her soul to hell
Hail Satan, more shall follow, we serve you well

We sink our teeth into her flesh
Fingers ripping up her wounds
Digging deep into her guts
The excitement turns our cocks to steel
We smear them red with her hot blood
And chant the incantation loud
Satan enter us, Satan fill us
Satan use our flesh to kill


Rape her mouth
Rape her guts
Rape her mutilated cunt
We feel the fire burning strong
The seed of life we bore so long
Now it shall be released at last
Into a womb that dies so fast

We mock this human form of life
And end it with a unholy knife
Orgasmic fountain of blood and sperm
We scream in praise
All inside her flesh
3. Ascension Rite (7:56)
Entwined within you, the antidote of your creation
Pure black energies raping the mass

The sigils of fear turning man against man
Void is the sky, darkness descends

Holy hangs the pope of disaster
His will tangled in the spirals of sin
Weakened by the spells of the dreaded four
Waning the hordes of the lamb
Secrating smile of the prophet
Arise from the sordid

Thralls of the unholy
All hail Satan
Naught will remain
Walls of the damned
Wretched unclean spirits
Through halls of perdition
Thralls of the unholy
All hail Satan

At war with the vile peacefulness of the gods
The cacophonous melodies of all angels pulverizing torsos
Spread the legs of divinity

Without silver and gold, the mouth of mankind was shut
Without silver and gold, petrified, lifeless, obsolete
4. Man Versus Beast (6:20)
In the shadows, lurks a beast
Can you hear his voices calling?
With a spell, he enthralls
Can you see the light so calming?
A lustful slave, a devilish whore
Can you feel the fire burning?
So go to him, go with sin
It's the age of the antichrist
...and his returning

Come children follow him this night
Come into the deep wods of delight
Here are all the horny animals mating
And the little angels in their spermpool waiting

Man and beast
Endulging in sin
Man and beast
A unity deep within

Man versus beast
A never-ending war
Man versus beast
The hunter and the whore

Cast out of the heavens, abolished to the earth
He is the angel of the first rebellion
Wicked in man, lust in woman
He is the father of all the hellions
Like a siren, he calls to you
Can you hear the sounds of pleasure?
Go to him, go with sin
And in the deep you will find your treasure
5. The Oath (5:34)
Flesh caskets, degenerate empty drones
In the midst of halls conjured from lies
Eerie hymns from hell
Black flames rise
Accept this offering, malediction

Ave Moloch
Ave Astaroth
Rotted in reverence, disciples of Christ
The reek of elergy
Deformed hands exalting the throne
Regurgitating psalms of the meek

Cast into emptiness
All forms of the self beheaded
Crux Stigmata, the grand lie
There is nothing for your glorification here

You have achieved nothing(ness)
No gift from the gods
Only poison to dismantle your being
The fevers of hell, pure darkness

Life has no meaning
Images of your sacrifices
flicker through your mind
The images of a fool
Your grail is death

And the reward for your folly is disintegration
Regie chaos
Released from matter
Omitted from the living
Crowned by the great Satan

Ave Satan
Spiritus rebellis
Ave Satan
Ave ave
6. Devilgoat (10:09)
I summon thee most unclean spirit
Seductor hominis
Most wicked enemy of the faith
Noxious serpent
Author of diabolic power
Inventor of evils
Join us (join us) join us now
In this hour of perversion

Come to us

All night
Magick night
Scenery of ferocious delight
All night
Magick night
In honor of your splendour and might
Perform the kiss
The kiss of shame

Draped in blood
Carnal lust
Oral sex and bestiality
Give me visions
Gve me strength
Grant me power over my enemy
I drink the chalice
Of semen and blood
Vaginal secretions and piss
My blasphemic erection
Enter the void
that is the deep anal abyss

Anal abyss

All night
Magick night
Scenery of ferocious delight
All night
Magick night
In honor of your splendour and might
Watch them now
The whores of the world
and how they chant your name

All hail Azazel
All hail the devil goat

All hail Azazel the horned god of perversion
Father teach us things yet unknown
New tricks of mockery
Show us the darkness which you came from
The darkness we crave for
Take our hands
Guide us now into hellfire

All hail Azazel the horned god of perversion
Take our hands
Guide us now into hellfire

Amen amen amen amen

Take our hands
Guide us now into hellfire
7. Laudate Hircum (4:15)
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