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Phenomankind Full Album Lyrics

Cor Serpentii - Phenomankind cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Death Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-10-29)
1. Retrieval (4:23)
Come - to be like me
To become One - A soul divine
You, a mortal one
You just fell down into my claws

A ritual was made
By scriptures of old inspired
Inconceivable dreams – a promise
For those who believe

Obey and feed me
And I will allow you to join me
In my temple of wonders
To almost all men forbidden

Now you belong to me!
Ear, my whisper - See, my visions
It’s something you already felt
You're not ignorant from those secrets
What the universe really is
What's lying on the matter

I knew you were the one
To accept my power
As we had already been one
A spell parted us
Then for aeons constrained
Through unknown dimensions
I dreamt and planned that day
(That day I would find you)

I’ve got you – right now
I am now entire
The perfect deity
The nightmarish entity
Ruler of all humans

Feeding from hate and fear
Hope and love in their dreams
You are mine forever
The gate to outer realms
You’ll know from now on
The horrors of confinement
That body’s no longer yours
But a door to the physical world
2. A Closer Signal (4:51)
Dead stone far away
A kind of a little planet
From which is emerging
A scream of help

We thought were lost
For several decades
Might be rescued once for all

Those who received the close signal
Must have ignored it will lead them to death

Getting closer and closer
As the signal grows up
Without knowing where they are
Trapped by their own curiosity

In hope to understand
What's left of pioneers
The faith in great treasures
Myths of science revealed

The hunger to discover
Attraction of the unknown
As this close signal is like a bell
Which tolls their death

Please save my soul
Don't let me die this way
Come as fast as you can
Take me away from here

The spaceship has landed
Nearby their goal – feel excited
About what they'd find
Only hard rock
A collapsed and empty vessel
Nothing remains – Stupefaction!

They didn't observe the scene too long
Before realizing they were wrong
This couldn't be an SOS
No one’s left among this mess
3. The Serpent's Stratagem (5:35)
Before you knew my existence
I observed you, approached you
Turning around – A beast of prey
Learning your essence and thoughts

A weak mind like yours
Craving for love and gratitude
Always creates the perfect trap
Predation can sneak from any direction

As a serpent I’m slithering
Entity amongst human beings
Searching for the soul
That could release my Master
This shiny one, wandering
Tiny thing compared to the universe’s scale
But still the key between worlds

I’ve found this prodigious entity
Oblivious to his own might
I’ll use its power to reach my goal

Je suis ce prédateur du silence
Sans issue tu seras ma proie
Insidieux – je serai ta voie

To lead you to me,
I’ll teach you, advise you
Interfering in your psyche
You’ll need me
Becoming the core of your life
Until the shadow of betrayal
Covers this world

Spellbound by the sound of my voice
Reduced to a puppet of flesh
Holding your consciousness in my hands

Feeling your joy
Your hope of finally becoming someone
Without knowing it will soon get away

De ton existence futile il ne subsistera rien
Car ton âme déjà lui appartiendra
4. Sand Storm (4:28)
I feel grains hitting my skin
Like those of sand
Small stings contuse my naked body
I’m in a silent desert
Covering an entire city
Desolation from the past

Wind rises up
And blows louder
Here and there, tornados appear
Ascending to the sky
Deep clouds threaten to crush me
Lightning bolts spread into them
Rain falls loudly on me
A rain made of sand
That the furious storm propagates
With a random violence

I’m here and cannot move
Going through this chaotic scene
An expression of fury
Far from reality

The sand looks so real
The wind seems so fast
Clouds are darkening everything
It might be impossible to be a painting!

However the painter
Has managed to represent
A nature out of control
Life under each brushstroke
I’m trapped in this sand storm

How can a man transfigure
Such realistic feelings
Into a painting?
Like the suffering of existence passing on

Erosion of soul, denial of self
The impossibility of staying pure
The throes of a dreadful yet certain degradation
Metaphor of my downhearted path
5. Theomachia (5:24)
I am the Gods Slayer
Playing a game of eradication
You can’t live anymore
I am the Great Destroyer
Of your system of beliefs
Seeking for pleasure
Tormenting your soul
Sadistic desire for antitheism
Believer! Reduced to a pawn
A simple bait to the real prey

Gods are egos
In need for devotees to come
Receiving their dedication
Like junkies and heroin
By cunning or force
So be it! All shall bow

I created a universe
Where I can brave those
Who no longer deserve
Crush them, pull’em down
And become the god of gods

Si Deus pro nobis quis contra nos?

A game with no other rules
Than those I invent
And when the god vanishes
The faithful remains as an empty shell

My victory, my reward
Placing my own doctrine
To make a new fanatic
A servant dedicated
To the king of Theomachia
6. Rise of the Blind (4:17)
A dark world surrounding
Can't see through without an eye
The eye of the wise
The spirit of the awaken

Always been taken away by others
Heard stories and tales from their mouth
Experiencing life through filters
Can living this way be more wrong?

Things called feelings were faked
Illusion of what they were supposed to be
Reflections of what’s feeding them
Giving the illusion to live

There was an accident
Being alone for so long
An opportunity to think and act
With no intervention or intrusion
In this personal experience

For the first time in a life
Eyes were opened and used
For they were considered dead
Other senses discovered
And fully experienced

Like a new-born creature
Or rather born again
Truth appears behind the lies
And shadows dispel
When the light fully shines

Now as an awaken entity
Rising and standing
Feeling invested of a mission
The quest to free all those made sightless
And destroy the ones from shadows
7. Waves of Wrath (4:59)
This is where I am
Whispering to myself
Trying to attract good Gods’ inspiration
Usual gestures, repeated a million times
A deep dive in a comfortable routine
My mind is an emotional catalyst
And my hands shall now fly free

But, as moments suddenly collapse around me
My head is violently spinning
Conscience is drifting away
A metamorphosis is blasting
From wrath to grief, suffocation is near
From wrath to grief, suffocation is here

Through the dark arts of ages
My brushes form circles of frenzy
Opening gates for shapeless creatures, entities
Now rushing to replicate their frantic legacy

My mind being a portal
My body a useless, smocking shell
I become emptiness and darkness
Appearing in waves, wrath appealing, demons calling

They will rip you open
Suck your thoughts, curse your flesh
On your forehead, they shall carve their names
May you awake, or be lost for eternity
8. Reversed Evolution (4:52)
I have evolved
A superior entity
That no one can defy
I am superb, I am supreme!

Uncommon imprisoned strenght
No patience for achievement
The key to perfection yet to be found
Unsatisfied desire - my frustration explodes

Then it comes
And releases my power
Transforming into the perfect being
An everlasting entity
But the state of divinity is a failure
I decided otherwise
I chose transgression of natural laws
To me regression happened

A mutation, an inversion
To something imperfect
Always endangered
Confronting divine to impurity
The way of questioning
An act of survival
To get strengthened
Satisfying an ego by experiencing the atom

As a perfect being I forgot
A substance I believed futile
To feed the void within my heart
To escape the loneliness of my soul

Coming back to inaccurate state
To be able to feel again
Confronting fear, erasing doubts
An evolution that never ends
Worthier than the hopes
Of an impossible quest
9. Phenomankind (4:12)
Dreaming of visions that aren’t mine
Perceiving sensations that can’t be felt
Memory loss from this life
Remembering scenes unknown

One world progressively replacing another
As an extension of the previous one
Seeing connections between dimensions
Like the meaning of all things revealed
More than a hidden truth
The real shapes of facts appeared

Thinking previous knowledge futile
Questioning as fear obscures reality
Transmutation of body and mind
An inversion of personalities
Ekpyrosis of polarities

Two pieces completing
A puzzle of awareness
Elevating the soul to another state

The I is another one
Melting into a vortex of infinity

Beyond good and evil
All values outdated
Phenomena of evolution
Redefining Mankind
10. Ubik (5:30)
Now that the dead satellite’s been conquered
Muse of human arts for centuries
Undreamt reality spinning in circles
Psychic powers undivided to rule
Inertials empowering the minds sanity

Glenn Runciter and his half wife
Slowly parasitized by a new half lifer
Gathers the 11 saviors, liberators
For what will be a one way mission

The psychics throne is invariably shaped
Unknown forms of unconsciousness
Ubik can do anything
Ubik, Alpha and Omega

All hopes taken away with a blast
If there is life for those, let’s split it in two
Are those visions real, is time diluting?
Ubik can do anything

Holy cup for our survival
Both the origin and the end

Its real name is unknown - unspoken
Almighty, it’s in us all
The source of all knowledge and power
Ubik is everywhere, in everyone
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