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Disintegrated in Putrid Bile Lyrics

Coprophagia - Disintegrated in Putrid Bile cover art

Disintegrated in Putrid Bile

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBrutal Death Metal
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Lyrics > C > Coprophagia Lyrics (9) > Disintegrated in Putrid Bile Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-11-05)
1. Disintegrated in Putrid Bile (3:55)
Skin falling off
what did you expect
disgrace the gods
time to reflect
time to inject

End this world
end you life
you will know who I am
when you pay the price

Fuck with me?, stupid cunt
my reign is eternal
Fuck with me?, stupid cunt
my reign is eternal

The women are weeping
as their blood is seeping
I never cared for whores anyway
this is the price you pay

Reduced to bone
compared to this
sores and boils were a blessing
2. Submission to Septicity (4:00)
Infected wastes roam the land
cast from eden by my hand
deities crowd to watch the show
my legion shall overthrow

Advanced civilizations cannot be matched
you cant touch us
unworthy of the land of gaia
our purpose is higher

kill this cunt, slay another
cut off his head and deform the others
prove yourself, prove your worth?
none will be spared

It shall be so
I gave my word
this world is ours
this world is ours
3. Ruthless Intestinal Rupture (4:22)
Split in half under brute force
bodies gushing
it flows red like wine
ruthless rupture

Whores shriek at the sight of entrails
I shut her up with my nuts
bow to me, you are nothing
and I am a god

Split in half under brute force
let me set your souls free
split in half under brute force
sliced at the knee
body parts as far as the eye can see

comfortable in my wretched skin
your nightmare is the dream
end it all as they beg for death

Can't you see?
prayed to nothing
and left with me
Can't you see?
prayed to nothing
where is my mercy?
4. Abortifacient Hypothermia (3:56)
Block out the sun
ash cloud of our reign
I am the only one
to command the spread of pain

She runs no longer
my urges have grown stronger
elements controlled
the land turns cold

This is a kill we need not touch
blood falls below freezing

You'll curse the day you crossed me
filthy bitch
take one life, you take two
filthy bitch

This was too easy
glacial infestation
piercing your lungs with your last breath
piercing your lungs with your last breath

Compassion is foreign to us
compelled to cast the spell
leave a bitch to freeze
frozen statue
detestable form of life
5. Embryonic Disgorgement (3:58)
Decayed wasteland
plagued with disease
rampant pestilence
infected women roam the land

The next victim has no chance
gut her, slice her open
putrid waste of life
abusing her uterus
I am unrelenting

Contents reduced to sluice
it fucking reeks, her wretched cunt
liquefied, putrified
fissures tearing
seminal fluid, anus dripping

Deafening screams as her womb is torn
leave all ripped and split
unborn child creamed to shit

Suffocate this bitch
throw her in a ditch
6. Parasitic Origin (3:57)
We came form distant worlds
to kill, to conquer
bodies piled for miles
we can't be stopped

Rotted flesh from the bones of inferior masses
Deformed population
Chemical mastication
Reduced to waste

Piles of shit
Mounds of bodies as far as the eye can see
We cant be stopped
The extinction of man has has begun

None will survive this
None will escape
Reduced to waste
Congealed mass of human paste
7. Epidemic of Violent Hallucination (4:47)
Hallucinations of the damned!
I cannot see
who the fuck am I?
I cannot see

When a contorted mind wields the blade
only innocents will be slain
and left in the dirt
the Earth will take them back

I am insane but my will is supreme
I am insane but I live my dream
I am insane and I am in control
I am insane in mind, body and soul

Repetitive massacre
snatch the weak
you cannot hide from me
you cannot hide form me

Coursing through my veins
blood, hate and distant
send them back, forced to kill
send them back, mentally ill
8. Necromorphic Evisceration (3:37)
Reanimate this wretched being
a tool of my dominion over this world
consume them, my evil spawn
consume them

The sounds of the dying
screams of the weak
they're here to kill
and claim this world

This fucking whore is dead
my cock jammed inside her head
I saw the life leave your eyes
as you plead with the skies

My squad of impalers
they're here to kill
born from the swamp
they're here to kill

There is only one path to enlightenment
we must alter your flesh and free your soul
9. Dormant (No Known Survivors) (4:52)
Face slain, waste lain
look at your chest
guts laid meters from the rest

Scan the land and hunt down the last
why do you run?, futile, infantile
scan the land and hunt down the last
why do you run from us?
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