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Strange Old Brew Lyrics

Carpathian Forest - Strange Old Brew cover art

Strange Old Brew

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 14 Sathanas (2011-06-01)
1. Intro - Damnation Chant (1:01)
2. Bloodcleansing (2:43)
Blood, sweat and more blood
Love turned to hate
Light turned to dark
And life turned to death

The old engine is still running
The cleansing of the body and soul

(Then) reach out and touch the branches
The branches of the oldest oak
In these last autumn days
When dim colours are over whelming
And grim

Cold hills darken
Frost is setting in
Discover something old
Discover something new

You have everything to fear
You're hated here
3. Mask of the Slave (4:12)
10 times the power
10 times the pain
He rolls you over
And rape what remains

He exists in every town
He is all around
He stab you where it hurts
Up under your miniskirt

Something never never changes
Something never will
He loves the fire

He degrade
He deprive
He is the judge and jury
Of your miserable life

You are his toilet seat
You are beneath his feet
With this spiked device
He rapes you twice
4. Martyr / Sacrificulum (3:26)
You are not the only one
I wish you were all gone

Losers of faith
Grievers of the heart
All the purity of sin
Inner strength
To die for a cause
A martyr's death
An old conscience
Cleansed in blood

A burning obsession
A cold hearted devotion
See into the eyes of evil
And see through the eyes of hell

Losers of faith
Grievers of the heart
All the purity of sin
Inner strength
To die for a cause
A martyr's death
An old conscience cleansing in blood
5. Thanatology (4:40)
The cold hands were yours
The stiff face was yours
But you were not there
The eyes were yours, but they were closed
And would not open
The rays of the distant sun were there
The moon on the hills white shoulder

The trip of death, into the unknown
Silent and numb
The human mind, a vast universe
Dive into darkness

Falling further down in despair
The silent watcher of truth
You have lost your battle once, the quest of man
God given immortality
Pain strikes, the horror in their eyes
Rigor mortis, the death stiffness

The trip of death into the unknown
Silent and numb
The human mind a vast universe
Dive into darkness
6. The Suicide Song (3:40)
Come on dead man
You have slit your wrist
Bow down dead man
And slit your wrist again
Cut!!! Cut!!!

Razorblade baby
Kill yourself girl
You Christian women
You can't live like this
No!!! No!!!

He's flung high, he's flung low
But he still loves the purgatory glow
This long road leads to you
Feel the anger feel the rush
Search your heart
And get out before all heaven breaks loose
The blood hunger
The addiction
Night, cold night
The stars are not lit tonight

Ice bound river banks
Cold murky waters
The treacherous devilry
Coldest thoughts

The blood hunger
The addiction
Night cold night
7. House of the Whipchord (3:58)
In this house that I built
Of cold emotions
Through years of oppression
The suffering which I obey
An unbearable suffering
The rope
The strangulations
The whip
Total submission

In this room that I built
Of devilish lust
A tyrant's possession
Unleashed at dusk
Chained at dawn
Deprivation, solitude
Perfection, lust

In this world that I built
Of no emotions
I whip the skin
I taunt the angel
And ever
And again
8. Cloak of Midnight (5:28)
The trail I walk is haunted
By his blinding light

Down there
For eternities undefeated
The evil incarnate

The cloak of midnight
Screams are strong
Around the oppressed

Like a blizzard
Like a whirlwind
Like the long lost divinity!
It falls heavy like a stone
I am what I am
Spill the blood one more time

The trail I walk is haunted
By his blinding light

Cloak of midnight
9. Return of the Freezing Winds (3:07)
In the night the forest lies cold
Longing for the north wind to return
Hear the sad whisper of the wind
Blackened clouds cover the crescent moon
Evil lords ride the tempest wings
Cursed is the soil of the pathetic fools
The winds of mayhem have returned
To the infernal land of the forest
The return

Dark is the shadow of the reaper
His cold embrace of melancholy
Illuminated are the old roots of evil
Hear the grim anguished cries

Frozen millennium of the evil usurper
From the dark caves of the forest
Freezing winds sweeps the autumn meadow
This is the hellstorm of our infernal ways

The return of the freezing winds
10. Theme from Nekromantikk (3:04
11. The Good Old Enema Treatment (1:52)
12. He's Turning Blue (bonus track) (2:53)
He hung himself in the middle of the night
Found dead in the morning bright light
Got no more lithium
Gave up life
They say: you better give up now
Its not worth the strife
The soul constipation

He's turning blue
He's turning blue
He's turning blue
He's turning blue
And nobody cares

He withered
He's not the only one
Come on get it over with
You're not the only one

He's turning blue
[repeat three more times]
And nobody cares
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