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Midnight Ghost Full Album Lyrics

Brainstorm - Midnight Ghost cover art

Midnight Ghost

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-10-13)
1. Devil's Eye (4:36)
So far away but don't have to be alone, waiting for rescue,
Wondering why I can't do this on my own, I could forget you,
I can erase all the memories they weren't true, time to believe in,
Falling apart at the seams, I know I should, start breathing

Don't waste time complaining why my fate is fading,
When it's over I'll be resting free

I set fire to the sky and the world is asking why,
Dreaming, dying, rising,
Stare into the devil's eye and the world is asking why,
Dreaming, dying, rising...

So many choices but where will they lead us, sorrow in my heart,
Am I the stone and I'm dreaming my tears, deep in the dark,
With every word I was causing so much pain, I feel the pulse rise,
Running away and my heart now is pounding, end of my line...
2. Revealing the Darkness (4:46)
So far away, you're lost at sea, the wind is howling frozen
The sails are torn, the mind is black, the fog is coming in,
You hear him talk, you hear him breathe, you hear his scary laughter,
He rolls the dice, you pay the price for his abandoned seed.

They're hoisting their flags to be free
And when he stepped inside the cursed treasury

Turn to me in the night, forever we sail a crimson tide,
All I see, all I can hide is revealing the darkness

Don't close your eyes and save your neck, the rope is coming closer,
The fear you hide, the blood you smell, a bell strikes far away
Their bodies dead across the deck, transform from death to dust
A curse laid down for many years, nails sticking through his skin
3. Ravenous Minds (5:02)
Look in my eyes and see what's behind the veil of obscurity,
I lay me down to sleep, losing my fate but soul to keep,
Watching me till the end, a soul has passed to burn again,
Dark shadows of the damned will spread their wings, they will descend

It's running through my veins,
Say a prayer, cast a spell
I'm causing the living hell,

Crossing my life, ravenous minds
Falling till I disappear,
Crossing my life, ravenous minds
There's no way out of here

Crawling inside the mind, is this the fight to face my crimes?
Pulling the strings behind the scenes to harm and fear the mind,
If all the world could see me for who I'm used to be,
Leaving me violently, I still hear you in my sleep

The curse reveals my mind
Say a prayer, cast a spell
I'm causing the living hell
4. The Pyre (4:20)
You're playing god and you're playing with fire,
The void awaits while you call me a liar,
You leave behind now my body cold,
You brought anger and fear to the world

The evil strikes and you're laughing inside,
So watch me bleed while I pay the price,
Chains 'round my neck and my body raped,
Ask god to forgive or expect my hate

Prey - you can't seem to get it right
The preacher lost his life last night

The pyre - the place you tried to set my soul on fire
The pyre - the winds of sorrow will tell my child that my soul's alive

So now's the time to open my eyes
The flames have died under blood red skies,
I roll my eyes and curse your name
Now you will die, every day again

I am the witch, and hunter, as one,
There is no church that can safe you from...
My hands of fate, my pounding hate,
I've told you once, but now it's far too late...
5. Jeanne Boulet (1764) (7:47)
Beyond frontiers, along the river,
There is no hope you better watch out for the light,
End of your dreams, a sea of silence,
What has been heard and forget in the vale of tears.

Back in 1764, well of sorrows evermore,
Where the evil comes from thousand places,
Waiting for the sun to rise, your foolish pride to be alive,
Darkness is entering your door

Before the night is over save me,
The hound of hell will bite my eye
Time is running out on me, nothing is the same... sacrifice her
Time is filled with destiny, nothing to surrender... sacrifice her

Another curse of the human race, a prophecy a violent faith,
God is no more for you and me,
Strong enough to face the lie, digging hard in your eyes,
When the wounds will never stop to bleed

As now the night is over save me,
The hound of hell will drink my tears

Beyond frontiers, alone you die,
What death has been concealing in the morning light...
6. Divine Inner Ghost (4:38)
Stillness of the night now, when it comes close and it feels cold,
Turn my eyes black and my lips blue, makes the skin dry, freezing inside,
One blink and my heart bleeds, one word now and my soul's weak,
The cold blood runs through my veins but I'm gazing why I'm insane

It's a part of me that tells you... It's a part of me that wants you
Still believe and you'll find, my inner ghost your heavenly god

Something out is reaching, hear you whisper while I'm breathing,
And my scars bleed while I'm feeding my insomnia, I'll embrace the darkest night,
Freezing, when the wind blows, nightmares, but I can't go,
I must flee this place of madness, my way to deal with sadness.

This is the time you are forgotten, try to realize,
I return to you, as the world passes me by
7. When Pain Becomes Real (4:58)
Lost in the light of day, rising from the grave,
You hide it, you find it, would you mind about it,
Setting your dreams aside for all the fears of life,
You're so tired of chasing the ghosts you're replacing

All of my illusions ignored,
As dreams fall dead from the sky
All that I'm afraid to see...

And when the night returns in my mind,
When all the pain becomes real in life
This night I can't escape the fear inside,
When all the pain becomes real in life

This moment your life could end, oh will you speak again,
The stars fall and we're all down the line,
Harmless so it seems, it starts like a dream
Hold your pride, and realize, the safest place within your mind

All of my illusions ignored,
Whatever I wanted to hear,
All that I'm afraid to see...

And when the night returns in my mind,
When all the pain becomes real in life
This night I can't escape the fear inside,
When all the pain becomes real in life

Bounded by fire, I swallowed the slave,
The endeavor of life, my hidden face
The lonely demise of my grace
Your mind is consumed by flames
8. The Four Blessings (4:52)
The quest for all my inner freedom, I will refuse to shut my eyes,
But now the time has come to take me down beneath the crimson skies,
Cold lies burn like fire between the eyes, but you must regain control or
Nothing will remain, watching your life fading away...

One... reborn in... two... there is no love,
His soul is longing for the flames,

Three... return as
Four... the sun remains,
The blessings out of pain

Oh we can hear, we can see, we can feel you
Oh we can hear, we can see, we won't fear you

You fate is sealed and marks the end of the world
Strike down the dreamers that remain, insane leading the way,
So hard to name the tragedy, we're staring with delight
You should have listened to the words but now can't change your fate

One... reborn in... two... there is no love,
His soul is longing for the flames,

Three... return as
Four... a sacrifice,
Blessings from the skies
9. Haunting Voices (5:46)
I lay awake in my bed late at night,
I stare in the dark, see them tumble,
Something appears, repulsed by the light,
I try to escape but I stumble.

My aching fears are crawling up my spine,
Reflecting the past of a lifetime,
The dead marches on, not sure what to find,
Alone in the dark with a black mind

Does anybody care,
I'm haunted by my seeds,
Does anybody help
When death crawls on it's knees

There is no pride, there is no fate,
Now I'm lost and can't escape,
Oh these haunting voices
There is no light,
There is no shame,
But these memories will remain,
Oh, these haunting voices

So many years lying dead six feet under,
Sworn to the dark, rotting inside
The angel I've seen was a curse not a wonder
Killed my illusions for no pride

Violence is now sending me to my grave,
For all of mankind's demise
I start to bleed and my soul will be dead
Hell is a place within my eyes

Does anybody know,
My life is lost and damned,
Does anybody see,
Death's here to make a stand
10. The Path (4:53)
My sorrow laughter in the dead of night,
Try to understand and prevent my fall
I tried to find and take away the light
Now I'm crawling deeper into my hole

Under and in between me,
To live on borrowed time

The path I choose, the way I lose my inner sight
The path I choose, I'll never lose my state of mind

Steal the remaining flames of my life
Owned by the dark, lonely and insane
With all the choices and the deals I made
Tried to understand the devil's game
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