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Infected Minds Full Album Lyrics

Bloody Redemption - Infected Minds cover art

Infected Minds

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > B > Bloody Redemption Lyrics (9) > Infected Minds Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-09-04)
1. Enter the Purgatory (1:24)
2. Torture of Souls (3:11)
Fleshless – their death is inception
Breathless – black unwanted souls
Hopeless – heaven is the deception
Lonely – kept in to the void

Be left alone
Their hopes are gone

Imprisoned in the dark place
Surrounded by a cold space
Isolated from life
Consequence of suicide

Darkness – lights without reflection
Places – of wandering ones
They are waiting for resurrection
Torment – torture of souls

Be left alone

Imprisoned in the dark place
Surrounded by a cold space

Gates to the heaven are closed
You took your life but the pain remains
Gates to hell are closed
You will suffer many days
3. Infected Minds (3:22)
Another crime, somebody is dying
How many lies for human rights
Bearers of light with golden eyes
Opulent life, infected minds

Price of life is higher than your death
Price of life depends on your wealth

Starlight is so cold
Over poverty of whole world

Those who have wealth want more and more and more
Decent people are turning into fucking whores
Dependence on money took their real life
Their death will be cheap, these are the infected minds
4. Help Me Find the Nails for Christ (4:36)
You worship man trapped in history
Inspired by the devil’s biblical story
Wind blows from Golgotha to calm your fever
And fills your heart with an ancient evil

This man is dead and others come here
Maybe holy, but you do not want to see
You have tarnished his name of religions
Priest needs a cunt and Christ needs crucifixion

Under the bloody skies
What see your blind eyes?
Burn book of holy lies
Help me find the nails for Christ

Messiah must be crucified forever
Third nail is my final passage to heaven
Your hope ends in the flames of inquisition
Baptism is the beginning of malediction

World don’t need icons of cowardice
Lose your powers when you are on your knees
Take back past from pray to reality
Cross is the symbol of pain and brutality


Beautiful lies and ugly truth
A way of better knowing God
Beautiful lies and ugly truth
You gain power from Jesus’ blood

First nail infects your body
Second nail takes your mind
Third nail burns your soul
And fills your heart with sin and lust

First nail infects your body
Second nail takes your mind
Third nail burns your soul
And fills your mouth with ash of Christ
5. Expected Despair (4:23)
In the world where people live controlled by lies
Despair comes with misery and disturbing cries
Liberation of our mind, control of emotions
Earthly void, our own destruction will coming soon

Your life is balancing on the edge
And flames burn your blind eyes
This planet which feeds us
Shows her mighty powers NOW

Memories and somber thoughts
Emerging again
Soul leaving the flesh
In eternal pain

Many years of sanity and everything is falling apart

Power and government
Suddenly don’t work
Grace and our liberation
Have been sold

Humans without shame committing crimes, murdering each other
Evolution of society, brother kills brother
Like machines of self destruction, they rushed onwards
At the end – forever bordered in their own death trap

6. Way to the Abyss (4:36)
Now with hate – you are doing what you’ll regret
Life and fate they gave you in advance
Lies and tricks hurt others, it makes you smile
Blood and worms will climb out of your eyes

Disgrace and madness
Emptiness and sadness

Born to waste – everything that comes to your way
Ice and flame – disharmony turns your life to grey
Your cold soul is fed up with suffering, pain and tears
Deeds like nails pumping other’s fears in your veins

The time has come, dark flames are hungry
The revenge is here, angels are angry
Flames are burning, smoke is everywhere
You’ll stay imprisoned, you’re going nowhere

Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride

The time has come; you’ll pay for your sins
Your soul will decay and your lies will burn

Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride
7. Undead Corpses (4:58)
Laying there in the room of life
Between the darkest walls
Paralyzed bodies, no memories
Never ending fall

They are waiting for their time
For the painful cut of knife
Living corpses with human souls
Pay by organs for your life

Created for substitution of life
Human beings with fake blood and pig brains – empty minds
Sentenced to slowly decompose and die
Nobody hears their despair and cry

Without entrails, without eyes
But the heart is still beating
Every nerve feels the pain
And open veins bleeding

Dismembered while fully conscious
For comfort health of others
Tortured bodies – organ donors
Undead corpses without mothers


Undead corpses, born for death
Undead corpses, catching breath

Clinical life, destiny without future
Clinical life, your salvation is their torture

8. Through the Eyes of Beast (3:51)
Little boy with gun in his hand
A cruel game of horror and deadly end
Sense of humanity is absent
Killing is not a crime, but a commandment

You must clean this world of breed of the snake
Removes everything that makes master ache
By the blood we have written our fate
We act in the name of love and holy hate

Down on your knees – we are the holy chosen nation
Through the eyes of beast – gun is the only one salvation

I see your fear on the blade of knife
Next reflection of my hostile sacrifice
I act on behalf of my god
I saw something disturbing in your eyes


I will cut your head off and show it to the world
I will mutilate your body, I do nothing wrong
I will humiliate your remains; you are a waste of life
Authority is on our side, godless ones will die

Get on your knees; it’s time for your death
You feel my piss; I’ll separate your head
Get on your knees; it’s time for your death
You read the prayer for master
9. Paralyzed Before the Spiritual Raping (7:01)
He comes from the darkness when the night begins
Whispers in silence, this is not a dream
Lurkin’ from corners with empty eyes
Replay of horror, state of paralyze

You are chosen, your soul is weak
Body is broken and skin is bleak
Black creeping shadow impend over bed
Your eyes are open; it’s something like a death

Paralyzed when he enters you
You can’t scream and move
Feeling of fear and helplessness
With enemy in one room
Strange entity needs your body
Live remains of you
Host for ethereal beings
This is your slow doom

Hopeless, needless, powerless, sleepless
Raped by unknown form
Eating you from inside just like parasitic worm
Darkness, stillness and heaviness
Fucking paralyze
Possessed by your own daemon
Cannot close your eyes
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