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Conscious Darkness | Full Album Lyrics

Blaze of Perdition - Conscious Darkness cover art

Conscious Darkness

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsAgonia Records
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > B > Blaze of Perdition Lyrics (29) > Conscious Darkness Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-12-08)
1. A Glimpse of God (10:59)
Grant me a piece of darkness
Grant me a glimpse of God
The sum of all fears
Lives given and taken
Passion and horror comined
O perfect redemption, withdrawal of blood
To every beliver, the promise of God
The vilest offender who truly believes
That moment from His lips a pardon recieves
A perfect creation, a flawless mistake
A beautiful flower of virtues regained
Blossom and grow until Heavens above
Are within reach, just waiting
To be ours again
Grant me a piece of darkness
Celestial void of wishes, ignored
The sum of all prayers
Lies heard, lies spoken
Hope and disappointment
Together as one
Sacrifice and suffering
Everyone must learn
Sacrifice and suffering
In the dark of night
Pity , compassion, forgivness
All these virtues the world no longer remembers
Can they be right? Am I void? Am I hollow?
All I know is everything I do I do for the love of God
Grant me a piece of darkness
A glimpse of divine dread
Grant me a piece of darkness
A perfect image of thy face
Pity, compasion, forgivness
Cruelty, indifference, punishment
Pity, compasion, forgivness
Resentment, indifference, revenge
Great things He hath taught us, great things He hath done
And great our joy, each one His son
But purer, and bleaker, and greater will be
The night – our purpose, The twilight we seek
2. Ashes Remain (14:48)
Beneath, between, within, beyond – Nothing
No more truths to reveal
No revelations to proclaim
No men to bestow them upon
And only ashes remains
When nothing survives to feed the fire
And the fire begins to feed itself
Self proclaimed divinity
Delusion of grandeur
Self inflicted lunacy
Driven by the urge to become
More than one can be
More than one can aspire to be
Only ashes remain
When nothing survives to feed the fire
Only ashes remain
And embers wane
On a pile of dust
Beware, the ones who play with fire
It shall burn to the ground
Everything you claim to know
Everything you hold dear
Leaving you naked and weak
Fragile as newborn child
Across the barren lands of decrepit mind
Serpent`s crawling through the cracks
Through the dirt and dried blood
Through the fractured spine
Nodes of power shattered
Man`s sanctity, all dignity
The lunacy of man – defiled
Eternally astray, wandering with folded eyes
Across the wasteland they`ve become
In search for paradise
They will never find a way
They will never become
What they yearn to be
All sanctity, all dignity
The lunacy of man – defiled
Across the barren lands of decrepit mind
Serpent`s crawling through the cracks
In the darkest of our thoughts
Through the fractured spine
It travels on and on
Beneath, between, within, beyond
Through the nodes of power
Beyond our reach
Through the broken conscious
To entwine
To feed the blaze, to feed itself
To feed the blaze
Until only ashes remain
Come and play with fire
And burn to the ground
Everything you thnk you know
Everything you hold close to your heart
Where it hurts the most
3. Weight of the Shadow (7:58)
Eeach effort to rise makes us heavier
Each failed endeavor tightens the noose
As we reach for the stars
They don`t seem to get closer
They just stare and glitter
And the stone keps pulling down
Until our necks start to break
With cracking sound of relief
And crimson tears run from our eyes
As we refuse to submit
Pull me down no more!
I – lost within and broken without
Fractured spirit in search fo reconnection
With the light coming through the darkness
With the darkness hidden behind the light
There is a price for every thruth unveiled
For each step forward, two steps back are a must
There is a purpose in every wound we recive
And our hearts shall turn into maps
One scar at a time
Come to me, stand by me, pierce through my heart as I scream
Become one with my sul and my mind
As I paint my world black to resemble your eyes
Staring at me at night, while I am staring back
My dearest enemy
Lesser twin, rejected child
Twisted reflection in a broken mirror
Or my face incarnate?
Craving for a chance to become
Integrated and whole
I live, I lie, I kill, I die
I am the punishment, I am the crime
I am the one with the darkest void of mine
And I urn
Whatever it takes to progress
Do I carry the shadow
Or does shadow carry me…down?
The more I try to keep it concealed
The more of it slips away
Another look within I take
Another step beyond the veil
Another glimpse of what`s to come
Of what was hidden all along
Another chance to see my hands
So I pull off my velvet gloves
Another face to gaze upon
But this time it is my own
4. Detachment Brings Serenity (9:18)
Another chai nis broken
Another bridge on fire
The further I go
Away from its warmth
The more it feels like home
In freezing serenity, alone I wander
In freezing serenity, fire`s born anew
Never back down they say
But to retreat does not mean to surrender
For the fire needs air to burn
To spread its soothing blaze
Years of levity in denigrating dirt
Created a layered husk
And it`s crumbling with each passing day
In blissful seclusion
I can breath again, I am born anew
Rising up from the seeds I watered
With my own tears, with my own blood
To fertilize this soil once more
From the distance I can see what was hidden
Behind the masks worn as a second skin
All those layered faces, all those hollow smiles
To fight the shadows cast by us
To reach what we perceive as light
To live the lie, to breath the lie
To become the lie in disguise
I shall embrace the sun today
And steal the light away
I shall turn the moon tonight
To reveal its lightless side
Another the unbound
Another idea, burning down
The deeper I go
Destination – south
The more it feels like home
In isolation profound
Facing the mirror of the soul
The man shall take off his mask
To stand alone in the light of the stars
Then the day shall turn to night
And the moon shall replace the sun
In the rakness, I shall find
A piece of mind I have lost
Then the night shall turn to day
The sun shall rise to lead us again
I remain deached in serenity
Within the Devil`s womb
I remain detached in serenity
Holding hands with my own God
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