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Beyond Fallen Full Album Lyrics

Beyond Fallen - Beyond Fallen cover art

Beyond Fallen

GenresThrash Metal, Power Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-04-02)
1. A Line in the Sand (4:18)
unleashing their hostilities
a never ending fight
conquest of the hungry serpents
devouring all in site

not to agree to disagree
upon them they force their will
with deadly sharp precision
they commence the final kill

the choirs of destruction sing
curse the sky and scorch the land
know for certain that no end is coming soon
draw a line in the sand

the dawn of desolation
to erase the way they think
imperfection must be vanquished
to make the infidels extinct

this conflict has been raging
two thousand years or more
from the cradle of civilization
nothing's changed from before

repeat chorus
2. Dim Vertical Sun (5:30)
looking to the sun they see it fading in the distance
shadows like a blackened rain pour down

they realize that fear is useless
in muted darkness mankind drowns

the planet spirals out of control
and now the time has come
the hands of fate grip the broken souls
I stare into the fading sun

eternal winter now enshrouds the dead frontier
no one there to listen, no one hears.

on their knees with hands held to the sky
all expire in the blink of a dying eye.

repeat chorus

what once was living now a lifeless empty shell
what once had shined now turned to rust

Mankind's curse can never be reversed
now less than human, turn to dust

repeat chorus
3. Bomb Inside Your Head (5:02)
Plant the bomb inside your head
detonation of all the things you dread

It's your jailer judge and jury
the engulfing flames unleash the never ending fury

in jaws of hatred you're consumed
ignorrance is a self-inflicted wound

explode the narrow minded ways
arrogance and ignorrance blown away

detonating the bomb inside your head
devastating and leaving you for dead

your struggle is an endless climb
the punishment surely fits the crime

sewn shut your ears mouth and eyes
to keep you a captive of thier lies

a mutilation of the mind
hallucination thought sedation intertwined

drain the life that they despise
nothing now remains as your past life dies
4. The Traveler (6:30)
is calling
In his heart he's got to get away
off the beaten path he'll stray

strange faces
strange places
open highway calls his name
in stagnation he can't remain

From sunrise
through sunset
the long shadows are keeping pace
wears the years upon his face

keeps wandering
vast landscapes
does not feel a need to explain
loneliness of the open plain

from oceans
to deserts
clouds the only shelter he knows
follow him wherever he goes

constraints of sanity left far behind
reality erased, redefined

he walks the road alone
a destination so far from home
The traveler alone with his thoughts
face to the wind he presses on...

repeat chorus
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