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From Forgotten Worlds Full Album Lyrics

Auroch - From Forgotten Worlds cover art

From Forgotten Worlds

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-04-18)
1. From Forgotten Worlds (4:38)
Great Portals Open!
From where old walls have guarded in slumber, and where statues, older yet, have watched with dreary eye and heavy mind, the eroding barriers

Old rumour
Of forgotten gates
And vorticies
And the harrowing whisper of something else
Brazen deities ascend to the spires zenith

Thy illuminated procession
Storming visions sanctioned from the prisms depths
Walk the Ley-Lines and embrace the horror (whore)
Of the revelation(s):

(solo: Ouzounov)

The prophetic omens howled from the amalgams orifices seethe and close
Bleed and ring true
Realized, they shatter our fragile shell
Decades waning beneath a thousand-faced moon

"Madness rides the star-wind. Claws and teeth sharpened on centuries of corpses. Dripping death astride a bacchanale of bats from nigh-black ruins of buried temples of Belial."
(solo: Montesi)

And I heard the vociferation out of their temple saying to the thousand angels (angles): "Go your ways and empty the vials of the wrath of God(s) upon the earth."
When 7 are broken, 1000 shall be born


Dawn the impossible- a million favoured trumpets resound
And on high whispered "Rejoice in the end of existence)
Spawn the impossible from the tars of pre-creation and splinter the faiths of man


And in their awakening they shatter mans delusions of Gods and devils, the lies of science and the tenderness of conscious thought.
There will be no gnosis in death, nor ascension of any sort, only formless voices
2. Fleshless Ascension (Paths of Dawn) (4:45)
Cephalopodique and antiquated
Old mossy, tricephalic one.
What is the curve of the pseudopodia,
And the ceremonious opening of the maw,
if not a most clear path to skin oneself?

Hailing to thee, God

Moil in bastard lineage
Venerate obsidian idol
Casting names to the shadows...

A head adorned with sigils
A face blessed by Staphylococcus

Razor whipped never ending nerve endings endless careless caress

Vestments of Saturnal encolourment- TITAN
Vestibule of the sternum temple- MIMAS
ZOTH OMMOG- pristine progenitor- primarch
The waking dawn comes far too early
Summoning and beckoning by ways primeval
Their parchment burning, sigils ensouled

DEVOUR- The Degenerate Devout
WITHER by the wrath of the waxing moon
WRATHFUL- Divinities ascendant
Hastur departs...
3. Slaves to a Flame Undying (5:16)
Tolling bells and olibanum fill the air around the altar
As the beck and call of madmen resonates in flawless diction

Seething seed in flaming column
Verdegris calmness, tempestuous death
Pestilent essence of nitrous doctrine
Doric divinity of sickness alight


Beneath cold sepulchres, an impossible brood has converged in the sign of the verdant; as old tombs quake and old stone angels weep, foreseeing the great harvest...

Mocking charnel feeders rejoice as lepers dance beneath a sky of ash
Congregated dead arisen in phosphoric rebirth with disemboweling wrath
(Lacrimosa dies illa, qua resurget ex favilla Iudicandus homo reus.
Huic ergo parce, Deus)

Deaths solemnity
Beneath GROTH
The cadaveric reprise
Venerating AZATHOTH
The sigils of unlife are glowing
Worshipping YOG-SOTHOTH
They devour the living life
4. Dregs of Sanity (3:25)
I have graced as drifting dust
From aeons past blackness
I am a tongue of YOG-SOTHOTH

I speak in spheres
Beyond dimensions of time
Future upholds my slumber

I speak in spheres and am made king of snakes
And they bow before my calls
When stars speak to lullabies of the sky

Dregs of sanity
Oh, great ocean, I enter into thee

A birth of hunger came
Desire, truth and soul
But how can we see if knowledge cannot disbelieve
The sky is silent
The stars are gone

We turn our eyes to disbelieve
5. Pathogenic Talisman (For Total Temporal Collapse) (4:37)
Arbitrator of the dissolving portals
Sacrosanct oblivion manifest the sheer exterminating brilliance

Total temporal collapse
Space-time, exonerate us not
Penetrate the womb of the cascade through aeons
Idols of dead and dying divinities lapsing in and out of actuality

Ruinous crucible
Ring of parallel matrix's
Negate genesis
Overwhelm consciousness
Weave conspiracy into history

Verbum dimissum custodiat arcanum

The impossible magnitude
A sheer scope measureless to man
Death prayer and violence
Resonating in the halls of All Times Temple(s)

Inviolable Omen Synapse
Sacred amorphous artefact
Total temporal collapse
Harbinger of cycles end

You will weep in thunderous moaning of calamities conclusion:
Those of women born
Those of matter-formed
Shall look skyward and know undivine scorn

The stiffening cadaver of the dodecafaceted one
Cave... cave... visus...

This talisman glows like the altar body in unction
Anointed flesh awaiting blazing sigils

Pleas will manifest: liturgical, architectural and in the scribe's hand

The plunging knife that sinks so deep...
6. Terra Akeldama (3:59)
Lamentations of the aeons end (mark of the chosen)

Signal the birth of the opening eye (the sigil, enfleshed)

As the spewing hordes of the uncreated credo (those who are not)

Assail the sky (and earth, above and below) from the millennial vault

The sunken temples of the old Lords once again make home to zygote of cabal

There will then be blood (sanguine symbiotic) on eyes of the milfaceted ones...

Spear of Gods...

Celestial Azag...

Call forth Divinities

In sacrament, pray

Blessed tempest of plague



By the oratory formulae, (The sacrament rotting) that defies the faiths of man, (we call the culling) storms of blessed disease (to spill the chalice) on the altar of genocide waxing and libate Luna unto vicious Azathoth..

Two fold: divine

Marvellous helix of murder

Sigils of mankind’s death...

Extinguish the flame...

From the altars of the Old Gods (the temples forgot) we invoke the thousandfold name of the night

The blessed visions of the opening gates (the planet’s behest) shall usher up from under the mires of time

The legions of the dreaming dead (the divine and devout) called back from Nadir’s in blood

The mantra then shall be to cut their tongues and make them speak; to gauge their eyes to make them see (and slit their throats so they may breath!)
7. Bloodborne Conspiracy (5:21)
This too shall surely pass
Old antiquation rejuvenated
For as days dawn and fade,
Omniscience waxes nigh ignorant of their fate:

To sleep without waking

Vision-tongued, the lexicon was etched to my mind of an ethereal voice
The slow sleep of poisonous madness
Desperate million-fold lament blinds the ears, deafens the eyes
The truth that must not not be...


Bequeathed nothing of man's passing, the cycle shall begin
Aeonic churn...

Shatter the barriers and splinter sigils seals of time
Scour millennial vaults
Purge the eyes of the heresy bereft of thought

Shatter the barriers with the malaligned paradox
The tongues that cry out, to cut their eyes out

Visions of Yaddith envisioning Yuggoth
The minions of Hali calling out the Leng
Envisioning Haddat... oh...

Sommelier to the Old Ones
The open portal to worlds forgotten...
Their age comes upon thee

Disembodied soul dismembered to extol the essence of the call


Age of the Old Ones... ARISE!

(solo: Montesi)

I awoke bleeding
The slow sleep of madness nestled in my tonsils
I avert the calamity is six swift steps and taste the wines
From the vine of Heresy


Bequeathed nothing of man's passing
The cycle must begin again

Embrace the truth... DIE!
8. Tundra Moon (3:09)
Condemn their spirits to imprisonment
Signal the enslavement of the weak
Aspersorium hemorrhaging
In their harrowing of lies, the traitor is in their midst- but they are unaware- the endless diaspora is upon them:

To the folk of Pontus, and those of Galatia,
To the Cappadocians, Asians and Bathyians
To the weeping masses, all who seek salvation-
Condemned to the trials of the Nine Hells
Sword- blade of persecution
Tongues- Cut in mass confusion
Fire- Solvent and solution immolate the disillusioned
Prayer- to the all destroyer
Sounder- of the seven trumpets
Gospel of the Arch-Heretic

Nocturnal vigil
Most giving sacrifice
Enter in to the arena of the averse one
Adversary, the Devil, as a roaring lion walketh about
Seeking one he may devour
Prey begins to pray- perfection imminence

Ensigil the vow of the worthless
Adorn with feces and seek the condemnation of the flames
As Death's cult crushes death cult and the usurper of the thorny brow, would not the modern manifestation of this heresy be the hypodermic?
Descend to the bringer of iron light
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