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Looks Fragile After All | Full Album Lyrics

August Burns Red - Looks Fragile After All cover art

Looks Fragile After All

LabelsCI Records
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Disc 1  
1. Background Music To Her Awakening (4:10)
Then all silence is removed from the last room with the cord ripped from the phone.
She stays asleep.
She remains asleep.
Why won't she wake?
In the background I can hear the trumpets sing their song so powerful, so elegant.
This is what scares me the most.
If I can't have her, who is there to carry her love across oceans?
She used to remind me that all is not lost, as long as what you failed doing was something worth more than just your arrogant pride.
This is true my girl.
This is true.
I will always keep that in my mind, to open it.
To be reborn is to define the intent of finding bliss in tragedy.
I'm in your debt.
2. Missing This Opportunity (5:29)
Time and time again, will his knowledge lead his aggression?
You insist on bringing home a broken child, just like you.
Is this failure what you're grinning at?
Don't shut the curtain.
Don't block the view of precious portraits sending signals of grace.
It's the only thing left standing in the light.
I've got nothing else, but your fire hasn't gone out just yet.
Is this the best of what you are?
Well it remains subtle, remains silent.
I'll bring it.
I'll show them.
Unleashed in a second, I'll catch them off guard.
It hurts to say that I'm at a loss for words, but you've brought this on yourself.
Seems to feel better when taking a step outside.
The wind will carry my thoughts much easier.
Don't be so blind.
Just stop and look around to what you're missing- these opportunities.
There could be something nice to say to you.
Maybe the next time we meet, you will be smarter in choosing your place in this world for a promising purpose.
3. Glory Thrives (3:42)
Blooming into a fight for glory, we will rise above
We will rise above all else
The glory for us
But in the beginning we've dug this endless hole
Here we are, and I know we will have to work together
And in the beginning we've kept our redemption back
Here we are
I know we'll take the strife by its throat, in order to free each other from what we've fallen for in the first place
Let's go
Here we come to dream of progress, and to rationalize our actions to make sense for those who ignore the price they pay for cheating us
Remember that we become those who we die for, carrying their guilt on our shoulders, only having a life lost in the heat of innocent bravery
We are our loved ones heroes, and they won't even notice
They can't
That's the beauty of it, I guess
4. You Should Be Taking Flight Now (4:21)
Walls are painted as a brightness surrounding the tired and desperate eyes of that figure standing on the edge
Can it pull its weight when it takes that step and spreads its lovely arms to free-fall without fear?
Shots in my direction dance with my life, danger in consequence makes me alive
Won't you take back the blood on the dirt, and place the breathing back in its source
The ambiance of this moment makes our tears run so cold
Why must you be the one to take the pain- my best friend, look at you now
They gave you a carved name reflecting back to their wet eyes
So just let go of regret
Your wings are linked to fly, but they may never take flight when you hold onto your regret
So just let go
In this pathetic struggle, this is what I say: We give our greatest efforts to strengthen our only surviving chances
5. Accidental Shot Heard 'Round The World (5:44)
Currently holding that tongue
Let's just see what happens
Sky is red tonight
It moves streaming with rain that beats the pavement
How does it sound against the church roof or its bells?
It probably echoes
Sanctuary meets comforting
The mother sews as the father searches for his gun
Shots hurt my ears
I'll bite my lip to take in the deafening
Shots hurt my ears
I'll shut my eyes to remember the symphonies
I'm surprised to find him running in the rain
It's too dangerous
Risking the chance that bullets would fly with their purpose straight to the life
All too many simple mistakes disguising innocence
Tension builds in every nerve
I'm tired of falling short in understanding what it all meant, or what it's supposed to mean
I was relieved to see your face when I woke, before the last accidental shot brought my father to his knees, face in his hands
It felt good to be saved in some way
Disc 2  
1. Feature (The Beginning - The Band - The Future) (32:16)
2. ABR Timeline/Photo slideshow (7:10)
3. Background Music To Her Awakening" Music Video (4:10)
4. Complete Jon Hershey Interview (9:53)
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