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Colossal Destruction Full Album Lyrics

Assacrentis - Colossal Destruction cover art

Colossal Destruction

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-10-15)
1. Human Zero (6:06)
All nations die
World War III
Massive fires
Nuked world
A fireball
Gamma flash

Radiation zone
Shock wave
Blast effect
Atomic bomb
X X ray
Chemical soils
Everything burns

Human zero
Nuclear war
Human zero
Chemical world

Collapse of buildings
Breath of death
Fragments projections
Dust and ashes
Satan flames
Melted skin
Burnt eyes

Weapons of mass
Victims succumb
Organic stop
Cardiac diseases
Internal injuries

Human zero
Nuclear war
Human zero
Chemical world

All of you die
Infected humans
Lifeless earth
2. Empire's Rebirth (5:06)
A thousand years of war
Put the world in darkness
Black lords conquer all they can
Threat of the human race
Extinction begins
Sky's falling and hell's growling

Solitary avengers
Last free knights
Living in the shadow
And born in secret
Everyone's learning to fight
Under ground
Carrying swords and axes
They wait for their time


Imminent war
Despair and pain
Wounds and bleed
In Lucifer's cradle

Years passed
Resistance is growing
Strengthening every day
Men become ready for war

Both armies arise
The upcoming bloodbath
No mercy, they all have to die
Clash of the hammers
Impact of shields
Merging in a tragic noise

Glory to the new king
Death to the impure
Glory to the new king
The empire's rebirth
3. Chemical Pandemic (6:45)
Suffering, pain and despair,
We are facing the unholy times.
Ecosystems slowly disappear.
Way of extinction arrives.

Human shall soon live underground,
Unlocked inside bunkers.
The few exists in the toxic cloud,
Shall wear coverall and gas mask.

Hiroshima, Nagasaki,
Chernobyl, Fukushima,
Zika, Ebola.
Open-air laboratory

Tones of toxic wastes.
Atmospheric pesticides.
Oil spills and black tides.
Mercury pollution

Silent pandemic,
Food additives,

Chemical industries,
Nuclear tests,
Magnetic waves
The world is consumed

Bacteria, virus and toxin.
Inhalation of poisons.
Acid rains, the plants disappear.
We walk on the plutonium.

Neurological diseases,
Serious and chronic illnesses.
Cancers decimate victims.

Chemical pandemic
Behaviour disorders,

Poison affect human brains,
Cerebral palsy.
Infectious consequences,
Zombie's mutations.
4. Infinite Collapse (4:21)
Angel of death
You have to fight
You're angry
Your haunted mind
Plays with your nerves

War pain terror death
Old diseases spread
End of human race
Justice is beaten
Coldness cancer pest
No one survives
Bully your soul

They are too strong
Your throes begin

Blood in your lungs
You die
Infinite collapse
Slowly disappears

The demons arrive
End of a pitiful reign

Infinite collapse
Slowly disappears
The demons arrive

End of a pitiful reign
Pitiful helplessness
5. Premise of a Cyber Era (5:15)
You don't know what you eat,
You don't know what your drink,
You don't know what you inhale.
Premise of a cyber era.
You consume what you see,
But recipes remain secret.
When you die,
You don't decompose.

Shit that you swallowed all your life
Keeps you like a mummy in sarcophagus.
So much better, we can dig up
Your corpse for dinner.

There will be so many humans,
Resources of the earth
Will not be enough
To feed everybody.
Your new god held in your hand.
You don't even look your path,
He shows you, the way to go.
Your liquid brain already died.

You don't know what you eat,
You don't know what your drink,
You don't know what you inhale.
Premise of a cyber era.
You consume what you see,
But recipes remain secret.
When you die, you don't decompose.

You live slave's life for your god.
Eye of Horus is watching you.
He always knows where you are.
Facial recognition.

He's everywhere.
He looks at you,
Under several angles
While you eat.
He knows where you piss
He knows where you fuck
He knows where you vomit.
You must produce,
You must consume,
You must feed the matrix,
You must run
The system in decline.

Submit yourself,
Obey the voice,
Listen to, and believe in it.
Don't watch your steps, your virtual god
Will show you the way.

Assassinations of pragmatism,
In the cursed realms,
Where outer walls and barbed wires
Prevent your resilience and dissidence.
6. Signs of the Decline (8:18)
To authority.

Brain washing machine.
To a unique thought.

Malthusianism effect.
Of the world genetics.
Limits of the system.

Conflicts and terrorism.
Slash of civilization.
Monetary system collapse.
World crisis.
Terror management.
Impoverishment of the peoples.

Emergence of castes.
Social tensions
All around the world.
Migratory movements
Of refugees.
Resource depletion.
Population reduction.

Tyrant's ascension
To the power.
Charismatic direct
Authoritarian leader.

Nuclear power plants construction.
Overexploitation of grounds.
Chemical fertilizers.
Leading power coalitions
And authoritarianism.
Democratic rights reduction.
Control of human genetics.
Here I see the signs of decline.
7. Prophetic Collision (5:55)
I... Prophet of decline, declare open,
The period of the end of time.
Predictor, I read in,
Sacrificed horse entrails.

Soon will come, the age of ice, and blizzards.
I see a comet, appearing in the sky,
moving towards earth.

I see the world in panic,
Trying to escape the collision.
Social chaos,
Paralysis, of any human, capacity.

Debaucheries - mutilations - mass suicides
Killing acts - massacres - assassinations.

I see a rocket launch, with nuclear warhead
To intercept the comet, falling into pieces.

Colliding on earth. Impact vaporizes,
A part of the globe. Everything is carbonized.
Colossal destructions, killing billions of people.

Shock wave, tsunamis, massive fires.
Magma eruptions, suffering, of human race.

Ashes and dust in the atmosphere.
Volcanoes, awakening.
Earth moving away, from its axis,
Around the sun.

Poles inversion,
North moves on equator.
Thick cloud on the planet,
Blocking the sunlight.

Migratory movements.
Victims escaping cold winds.
War against life.
Decrease of human race.
Millions of refugees.
Rough wet cold winter.
No hope for survivors.
Chaos in the blizzard.
8. Burning Skies (4:30)
Burning skies
Reborn through flames
Torments of ghosts
Torn and possessed

Heretic fires
Storms of Armageddon
Almighty blaze
Fate of ashes

Succubus from hell
Pure ember eyes
Riding goats
Splendour of resurrection
Cosmic message
Of another creation
Bringer of death
For human race

Burning skies
Reborn through flames
Torments of ghosts
Torn and possessed

Cosmic impact
Closed heavens
Flavour of death
Taste of ashes

Burnt ground
Wounds in flesh
Collapse of life
Mass extinction
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