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Passing the Igneous Maw Full Album Lyrics

Argonavis - Passing the Igneous Maw cover art

Passing the Igneous Maw

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > A > Argonavis Lyrics (6) > Passing the Igneous Maw Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-03-07)
1. Passing the Igneous Maw (5:40)
2. Carving the Wapta Gorge (14:29)
Katabasis—the shroud of day and dusk,
Where the fortress surrenders in the wolf-willow’s musk.
A weapon of cruelty was swiftly appeased,
In the kingdom of cruelty, scorched flesh and disease.

The earth shakes, and fall
The sorrowful faces of mountain walls
From that black cloud of misery,
That yet, bore the scent of victory…

Katharmos—yields wounded skies
It runs, the flood of crimson blood
And draws me close to feast my eyes.
The imperilment was cruelty’s intent,
And Wolf-Willow boughed in nocturnal lament.

It tipped weighty totality, it disturbed the quintessential
Entropic balance between vitality and demise.
To release the mountain’s destructive potential.

Stone and ice, carve and cleave!
The red rift widens; upheave, upheave!
When the stones, enslaved, agonize!
These empty hands, once bound, now forge
They scrape and carve the Wapta Gorge;
Scraping and carving the Wapta gorge
…Within the gorge, timpanist resound….
These empty hands once bound!

Resounding timpani,

As red rifts widen,
Upheave, Upheave!
When the stones, enslaved agonize.
Raise thy standards,
Hail might!
Cleave the stones and cut the night
Scraping, and carving the Wapta Gorge.
I have ascended; ensanguined, crowned
Victorious, Crowned and triumphant!

Majesty! The Maw:
Majesty and awe!
3. For All Slaves The Cold March to the Scorched Gates (11:35)
For who can claim to know the antichrist?
I say that he is Dionysian.

When the road divided before me
Led the paths I foresaw, overgrown,
And there I yield
To a truth revealed,
In branded flesh by a burning light.

Disorder, torment and chaos reign.
So sickly the false annexation
Defy a forceful abdication
To evermore obey
the order of decay.

The conquest is impotent
to an elegance and imminence…
A mockery, the annexation
Trapped in the corruption of a ruined nation.

Refuse the aimless wandering of rapture
What convoluted elations you seek
Diminish upon their capture.

Down, held within the blazing prison
Of the red rifts to wine, from fire to blood
In bonds of hedonism.
For who can know the Antichrist?
I say that he is Dionysian.
4. Katabasis (9:49)
From within my heart, of the one whose heart was motionless
Enter Amentia, the subterranean mystery
And be restored, eternally.
The conquest is impotent
to the elegance and imminence…
A mockery, an annexation
Bound to corruption and ruination.

The slaves of uncritical rapture march
Onward to the cold scorched gates.
And are hounded by insatiable desire,
Lowered in cages by ropes and chains
To the eternal river of fire.

How long until we meet ourselves,
From across this gorge of dissonance
When one aspect of existence is the second’s antithesis.
So perceive of me as flame, with contemptuous desires.
And so ensnared in an impotent crusading garrotte,
I am flame and fire.
Our value is determined
From exclusive physical utility, derived.
And scraped and carved internally,
I, somehow, paradoxically survive
And so in being fire I may, naturally
Devour them alive.
5. The Blazing Torrent of Nasus Victory Pyrophlegethon (17:41)
Rerek is the serpent fiend
the worm shall not die, nor his visceral fires be quenched.
Enter the mouth and emerge from the tail
Acquiesce to the cycle; profoundly entrenched

From throes and trials prevail.
Serpent, what wisdom you may bring forth,
Hideous is the journey to attain it…
Dualistic death and Mystes
Enter the serpents mouth
to seek reality; abhorrent
Headfast to retribution
unto the blazing torrent.
Unto the Pyrophlegethon

The hierarchal structure of actualization
Is funerary in nature.
And the ascension of the pyramid is contingent upon
Horrors, trials and labours.

And so—hissing and spitting beast—as long as you shall gnaw your tail,
the cycle remains open…

Hail to loathsome death which comes in whispers.
It binds and drowns in depths of blazing rivers.

The twelve hours of Amentia—ameliorate, Katabasis fall not upon me
Seeking retribution upon the blazing banks
In the eternal…
The torrential river of fire!

Twelve hours of the night, when the heavens fell punitively fell upon me.
It bled that morning, and the stars fell from their lofty thrones
Abdicated from the sphere transforming.

Hail to loathsome death which comes in whispers.
It binds and drowns in depths of blazing rivers.
6. Katharmos Towards the Isle of the Dead (7:07)
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