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The Great One Full Album Lyrics

Arcanorum Astrum - The Great One cover art

The Great One

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-02-07)
1. Initiatio (2:19)
2. Architect (5:02)
I destroyed the boundaries between eternity, waking and sleeping,
I opened the Gates of the Ninth Dimension and Halls

Architect gave me the right to write freely about
What I see and hear under the arches of the Light Heyhal

Delta’s radiant as ever, burns me,
To sacraments with covers I tore with my words
Compass leads me into my notebook by relentless hand…

Two Stars’ lighting over the Eternal Temple’s Gate
Architect confirmed that now… I’m clean in front of him

After curse lifted, my spirit was tormented for centuries
I recorded all the scrolls that I dictated to cherub
And ready to go out to the Nobles on Eve of the Annual Ball
Blood voice sounds like a tocsin of distant centuries,
The idea could finally came out in reality incarnate

Let this path into the world of cohort will be master,
Let proud of all those who truly have something to be proud of!

I appreciate every key that is ready to make me initiate,
That Mr. Temple Star is shining forever!

I opened the piano and try to play again,
Baroque piece that played on olden agape…

3. Tide of Plague (4:30)
A Wyrm with a baselard – his arrowy sting
The tide… Tide of plague’s in some of these days
Oh Gomorrah rots! And minds decompose
Our leprotic torsos and our rotten souls –

There’re no wretched souls in black yawn of hell
That’s doomed to corruption, avoidless bell
For whom called upon? For whom are so sore?
Lets stand on the path of ruinous war!

Laughter flows malevolent and chthonic
Sitra Ahra’s so ironic
In the bands of agonies and torments
God is agonist who foments…

No mercy! Waiting for revenge!
And in hell the time’s assigned
Retribution is arranged,
Who crossed my threshold’s line
Where the arms and where the curse,
Where the life upon the hearse?
Choosed the path and make a vow –
With a sigil on a brow!
Come to throne of the Lord
Fateful to eternal flames
Take the Sword of Fiery Word
Come and cleanse the reigns!
By the Fire, by the Sword
By the Light of Mo(u)rning Dawn…

No payment
Shall save you from your ene-
Embraced you in this world
Brethren of
Lord Samael, oh grant me

Wyrm will gnaw your filthy heart
Waits for your delightful Mart.
Felons –
Drown in Ire’s swamp of Styx
Saint Ones…

Glorify the mirth and reason,
Flaming heat of hellish season
Knowledge, shining and rebirth –
Let them fall upon the earth!

And behold, the temple of the tabernacle of testimony in heaven was opened. And out of the temple came the seven angels having the seven plagues, clothed in pure bright vest, and having their chests girded with golden bands. Then one of the four living creatures gave to the seven angels seven golden bowls full of the wrath of god who lives forever and ever.
4. Mind Transformation (4:18)
From the weak half-human turn into a flamous god,
Rejecting passions and the wilts, impuissance's trod,
Shining of new light and wit of beholding truth,
Overcame the rotting flesh, heard the clop of hoof

Epurate tabula rasa of your narrow mind,
Open Providence of God – your all-seeing eye
Be a spirit, quit from fetters of the manas’ wrath
And behold an Arya Marga – your enlightened path!

See that you’re The Greatest Universe
Mind is an
Infinitude of yours
Hear that you’re The Borders of Yourself
You are God,
The Architect of Self

You are your own enemy
And the Devil is in Man
Hell – is our barren land
Rather Psycho-Ecumene

And in fact, there are no bounds and the gyves of gold,
Paradise in your own soul, bleeding and blindfold
On the fulgent bloody-scared wings of her you fly
To the wondrous azure halls out of your sight

And become a Loyal Crucifer
Be a Star
In Crown of Lucifer
Incarnate the rightful Spearhand
Of the Judge
Of Armageddon’s land


To light – Godlike, the elite of mankind!
To light – who’s taste the Tree of Knowledge!
To light – Unlooked the goldarn Yahweh’s side
Blessed Ones!

To Dark – Handcuffed, the cowards of the Mind
To Dark – The slaves who love the whiplash
To Dark – Blind fans of Abrahamic trash
Cursed Ones!

And you can learn all people to the same
Because the End of World – is not the End
It’s just the change of zodiacal age
And we’re - eternal Bi-ven’Ehelim
You are in strength to do the miracles
In fact, not as Christ – nonens biblical
Become the symbol of the Newest Faith –
Faith in the Man, His Power on All Things!
5. Asmodeus (5:05)
Broken parts of bloody skin,
Cut-thin pieces of charred flesh
Steam in reek, disfigured heads:
The battlefield, strewn with harvest

Someone Black and Winged held here
By his Scythe to reap his loots
In the meantime, here I feast
With Ets-ha-Daath’s sacred fruits

There’s no place for lies and mercy…
Tears of blood, this feast is rude!

This spectacle is so monstrous
Waits for his malicious winner –
Be the viand, nice and gorgeous,
Scattered to the winds and aeon…

At each scythe – there is a stone,
At each head – there is an axe,
For each eye – there is a coin,
For a kiss – infected pax!

Every heart finds its own poniard
Every soul shall be judged!

I - Asmodeus
I challenge thee!
Choke by your blood of dissected veins…


Damned, crossed the roads of boundless sky
Are already spewing with mucus of pride
Their homes stained with clay, their feeds chewed by plague,
Their lives wait for cruelest Lord of Lech!

I’m at the golden gates in chilling souls armour,
I'm burning by my eyes their hearts – I am a Charmer
Squeeze out hoarse cries – ignorant nobodies
Make a Kiss of Shame for my (h)airy anus!

Do you want to fight with me,
With manifestation,
Take a knowledge of pure sin?
Make a sworn oration
I am Angel of Delight
Ruler of All Nations
I am mighty and all-wight
I have greatest patience
Stand with me in solar worlds
Reject mortification
Listen to the lustful words
Accept the gratulation
Break the legs and give to me,
My manipulations
I am Lord of Lust and Sin
Praise the copulation!

I - Asmodeus
I challenge thee!
Choke on my phallus with blubbery veins!

At each scythe – there is a stone,
At each head – there is an axe,
For each eye – there is a coin,
For a kiss – infected pax!

Every heart finds its own poniard
Every soul shall be judged!
6. Zikkurat (6:06)
On Gate of Ziggurat
There was a time sworn
Eternity was overthrown in this world
Through bridge and thresholds
The missed flows
With the assistance of a decent Force

Through invisible threads
Gave me the Guardian
Keys to the gates that will wind the times
Not saved from rock
In a terrible anger Eye
And learn the full horror

In clouds of vapors
Stood the ancient shadow
And went so blind at random
Slept decayed shackles
Strength of secret word
And steaming blood of Ziggurat

I came here first,
To reject His dogma,
To raise the banner of Omen,
So inward to me
From the hands of under thunder
Ancient Bowl – my take!

Not naive seeker, no saint predictor
This action could not have committed
I'm sure, and I know, all I wish
And whom I was able to open the path

“Oh mighty Lord, I summon you to us, from barathrum of Tiamat!”

I walked through the depths, through the fog, ruins,
Through torture, lights and fires
Through oblivion’s cold, but still young, truest,
And I'm back on the playing field
And I can barely wait in order to fully pay
For curse, for meanness and for pain!

Where are those who dare, almighty and sage,
To open these doors,
Where Ain Soph so heimlichly merge?
I'm waiting for those who are with me
With the fate of the doomed
With a black light in vulturine eyes of ice!

Here they are – Generals, carved on the crystals
Ancient writings on them from a scroll
In Angel Eye – Spotlight, that Milord Architect
Launches us on his beamy path
That, rose from the grave, Sefirot is on cabalical paths
We managed to find each other!

On Gate of Ziggurat
All veiled in radiance
Flames’ pouring from the Mountainwords
And all who call upon
To be with you in flesh
They answer soon from Underworld!
7. The Great One! (5:21)
His torch is burning again
He’s an idol and prince of arrogance
Throws ruthless
The sanctity to his feet
In temptation with the evil game
Has been constantly carried away,
Leading crowds of tempted souls

The Great One!
Hells flame burns eternal
Your power exists beyond the boundaries
The Great One!
The Black Sun will rise
And bring the end of the light!

He takes oaths and testaments
From everyone
Those don’t need courage
Who live with his legacy
Those who lived with his game
Those who have the same belief
They all follow Him on Dawn of the New Era!

He rips off all the veils,
He is exultant over
Exorcising the holy ghost
All the demons render a salute to him
He is worthy of admiration
The embodiment of pride
Forever thirsting for vengeance
Forever loved in flame

Where heard his name –
Triumphant forces of Hell
And bow before him, legions of Michael
And tremble the assemblies
Before his sinister face,
Because they remember the fate
Of his Archangel
Because they now exactly
How cruel is he in temptation,
How easy he defeats,
Dooming for the dawn


His torch over the ground
Shines from a scarlet chariot
He goes his own path
Black Seraph Lucifer!
8. Gates of Blood (5:29)
I open the Gates of Darkened World
I open the Gates of Sacrifice
I want to devour your lymph, you’re awed
I shall dominate your life

Enter these Gates of Soul Transformation
Your words are sovereigneal and full of blasphemy
Sloth and Greed and Gluttony, for Ever-Imprecation
Deicide is sweetiest (fruit of…)

Betrayal and guile – I stimulate
I glorify falsehood and jowl
Blood from your veins I chlorinate
And made holy water for your greedy mouths

Let the contemptible drown in their blood
Wash your wicked hands with spew of enemies
Try to ascend, masturbated in the mud,
But You are Nihil!

I don’t want the churches are full in the fire,
Crosses are sawed and icons are scribbled
For wickedness should have a root in the mire
Of Humankind’s hearts, perniciously livid…

Malaria is your desire
To contaminate dismal souls
Santeria’s vehement choir
Inflamed the primordial woes

Damnate your invidious life
Reflect light and love of Judeo God
Let spell Fides word and ‘ave right
To enter the Gates of Blood!

Oh Lucifer, give me your Pride!
Belial, give me your Truth!
Oh Astaroth, stand by my side!
Oh Azazel, quench my ruth!
Oh Behemoth, show me your Might!
Baal-Zebub, send me your fiends!
Leviathan, pour me your Blight!
Oh Satan, don’t make me weaned!


If many priests will serve with evil hearts, defiled
Mortal sins they sermonize and Christ denied
So then soon they will infect their humble laity
Their churches shall become our fanes, their God – our deity
Mammon, greasy ruler of their bloated minds
Kisses their lips – the herd of gorgonized
They worship him worm-licking his ulcerated loins
And Mammon pours into their mouths his epidemic sperm

We laugh upon… these al-dalala fools
We are the true Masters of the World
Risen above the Wisdom of the Mules,
Which should be dipped in shit and covered with the rot

If the sins will enter the bosom of the church
We do not have it either burn or tear down
The Temple of the Lamb shall be ruined and besmirched
That's why I, first of all, for seduction of the crown
This is my important and devastating arm
To crush the Church of Christ, to crush the Kaaba
Hail the New World Order without God-gendarme
We hail the Reason’s Era – New Satya-Yuga!
9. Invocation (4:01)
To the Lord of Air:

"Oh momnipotent Eagle, Great Ruler of the Storms,
Of hurricanes and gales, the Lord of Firmament,
Great Prince of Air Forces, We invocate:
"Rise and bless this circle
From all the risks that come from the East"


To the Lord of Fire:

"Oh thou, Lion, Lord of Lightning,
Master of the Sunny ball,
Great Prince of Fire Hosts
Come, we beseech thee,
And keep this circle
From all risks that come from the South"


To the Lord of Water:

"Oh thou, Snake of Old, The Lord of the Abysm
The Sentinel of Bitter Sea,
Great Prince of Water Hosts
Come - we beseech thee, and
Keep this circle from all risks
That come from the West"


To the Lord of Earth:

"Black Bull of North, Cornigerous,
Dark Lord of Mountains and Vales
Great Prince of Earthly hosts
Come - we beseech thee,
And keep this circle from the risks
That come from the North"



"Oh the Almighty, the Architect of World,
Lord of Darkness and Chaos, Chaos!!!
Creator of the All
Come - we beseech thee:
Enheaven our souls to the Great
Circle of Timelessness,
Circle of Timelessness!"
10. Forgive My Longing, Satan! (6:16)
O you, the most knowing, and loveliest of Angels,
A god fate betrayed, deprived of all praises…

You – omniscient tsar, the king of underworld,
The superlative healer of torturings and woe!
You – teacher of the lepers and maledict pariahs,
Edictal path and torch to hermitage of blithe!

Forgive my longing, Satan!
Prince of exile to whom wrong has been done
Forgive my longing, Satan!
Who, vanquished, recovers more strongly the arms!

O you – the lay of Death, an ancient true love-mate,
Engendered our Hope – that ghost ensorcelled fate!
You – granter to condemned that proud chilling glance
That curses from the scaffold the furious sentence!

You - knower in what corners of jaundiced territories,
A jealous God hid treasures that oriental trophies!
O, you whose clear eye all-knows the deep caches
Where, buried, lay in slumber the mineral of metals!

Forgive my longing, Satan!
Of all shepherds’ wand and the heretics’ sun
Forgive my longing, Satan!
Confessor of hatchers by your cruel serpent tongue!

Noctambulants’ observant from their lunacy
On fatalistic verge by nighted fantasy
You – bones of the drunkard, eructed from the grave
Refurbished to the life, but all the same depraved

You taught us how to mix saltpetre with a sulphur
And how to console the frail human suffer
Adopter of the all whose hearts are full of rise,
Who drove the real Father from earthly paradise…

Forgive my longing, Satan!
Forgive my longing!
Forgive my longing, Satan!
Forgive my long…
11. Strength Beyond Strength (Requiem to Dimebag Darrell) (5:21)
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