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Suicide Society Full Album Lyrics

Annihilator - Suicide Society cover art

Suicide Society

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Album rating :  71.3 / 100
Votes :  4
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Submitted by level 17 Mefisto (2015-10-03)
1. Suicide Society (3:50)
Welcome to the dark side, the human race
Crumbling before us, ending in disgrace
Politicians, corporations, a slap on the wrist
Spewing toxic chemicals, now mother earth is pissed

What have we done, it's only just begun
This suicide society is getting out of hand
We'll never learn until we burn
A suicide society, we're all just mad

Give me everything I want, never satisfied
Extreme religion, hellbent on genocide
Pesticide, open wide, poisoning the well
Radiation, medication, we're all just going to hell

No respect for what we're given
Humanity just wasting away

Take the blame, fell the shame
Play your games, down in flames

We're running out of time but we can't wait any longer
2. My Revenge (5:06)
Dedicated to the chosen craft
I made the choice, there is no going back
I never deviated from the goal
And I never doubted giving up my soul
Try to take it down and to offend
It will not break and it will never bend
What you give, you get back in return
Cross me, fool, and you will learn

Fight on, survival
Clawing away til the end
Fight on, survival
This is how I get my revenge

Spitting in your face, verbal attack
Daggers, in the air, behind your back
Try to stop me if you think you must
The mirror looks back at you in disgust
Slam it all and drag it through the mud
Cannot shut it down, it's in the blood
Critics, it's not what you expect
But show some god damn respect

Sometimes it gets lonely and sometimes it's full of pain
But If I could go back in time, would I do it all again, yes I would

I don't give a damn what you say
Cause nothing's gonna get in my way
There's time to kill and nothing left to do
Just sit and judge, who are you
3. Snap (4:54)
You try hard to annoy me
To creep under my skin
Slowly destroying
The end of me, it begins

Something's building up inside
A rage I've never known (I hope you'll never know)
God help me, please help me
I'm losing control

Save me, take me
To another place, don't wanna see your face anymore
Save me, take me
You're a big disgrace, don't wanna see that face anymore

I'm going mad and I'm sufferin'
Hate, shame and degrade me
I gotta get you out of my head
The abuse that you give me
I think I'd rather be dead

It's time to end this nightmare
It's time to put it behind
4. Creepin' Again (4:16)
Freakshow, welcome to this haunted house of horror
Nightmares to begin, just around the corner
Victim, target, I slip inside your mind
You'll never see me creeping up behind

Over and over, the same song and dance
Trying not to fall asleep
Somebody help me, it's creepin' again
And it wants to feed

Hiding in the shadows, moving around in the dark
Waiting like an animal to rip you apart
Panic, try to escape, run, run, open the door
The sandman awaits, scream, as you hit the floor

Parasomnia, am I dreaming?
Parasomnia, wake up screaming
Parasomnia, deadly dreaming
Parasomnia, I wake up screaming

Demon, incubus underneath the bed
You better get up or be dead
Awake, open your eyes and tell me what you see
Let me introduce myself, insanity
5. Narcotic Avenue (5:19)
Waking up to another day, my one-track mind
I've got to have it, I gotta feed, where will I find
Medication, I need sedation, something for the pain
I gotta get me what I want or I'll go inside

Fight for survival
Death on arrival

I tried to quit, I know it's wrong and it's killing me
Maybe next week, I'll give it a try, we'll just wait and see in that one
My heart is racin', I can't stop pacin' but I know what to do
Just take a walk, down the block, narcotic avenue

Feel the rush inside your veins, no concern of what remains
You cannot stop, don't blame me, I'll be the last thing you see

I'm coming down, another round, time to up the dose
But now you're dead, the headline read: FATAL OVERDOSE
6. The One You Serve (5:45)
I creep into you like a perfect disease
I prey upon your state of mind
I come to get you in your moment of weakness
It's nooonly time until you're mine

Follow me, don't you see
That this is what you deserve
Bow to me, can't you see
I'm the one you serve

Just sit back, as I sink in my teeth
I get my hooks into your soul
You'll never see me until it is too late
And I will never let you go

Medicate, intoxicate, I feel so numb
Rapture, ecstasy, second to none
Tyrannize, victimize, corrupt the brain
Consqeuence, death sentence or driving you insane

Welcome to your new obsession
Another self-destructing slave
Swallowing the poison, one by one
I'm gonna take you to your grave
7. Break, Enter (5:47)
I came home in the afternoon, someone kicked in the door
Three little rats, they came back for more
911, they're on the run, instincts kickin' in
I start the chase of human waste, the race begins

No remorse, no respect for what you do
Traumaize, victimize, karma will catch you

Break, enter

Split up, I take two, sprinting down the road
Grab one, throw her in the bushes, rage and explode
One down and one to go, I got him in my sights
I'm gonna get you, punk, I'm gonna make it right

Who do you think you are to break into my place
These are my private things and this is my own space
I'm in shock but I know one thing, I think you better get out now
I think you better run and run real fast, cause you're gonna pay
I'll pay you back for this, here I come

You, I'm talking to you
You wanna cross that line, invade where I dwell
Try again, just one more time, I'll send ya to hell

I got you, taking to the ground, blood on your face
Time's up, police show up, you're such a damn disgrace
8. Death Scent (5:11)
Target the weak, plan the attack
Recruiting them for a violent attack
Spreading your lies, planting the seed
Violence and force, to get what you need

Rming the bomb, strapping it on
Time to move in for the kill
The freaks come out to play

Death scent, fear is in the air
Death scent, there's blood everywhere

Vultures on a warpath
First prize for a bloodbath
Are you read to die, ready to kill
The more, the better, fire at will

Pure scum, radical
Roaming the earth, like an animal
Pre-emptive stirke, assassinate
Kill them all before it's too late
9. Every Minute (5:00)
I can't believe this is the end
I've so many thing left to do
When it's over and when it's done
Will you remember me, too

I don't wanna know, I don't wanna hear
I gotta find something to blame
Too blind to see the writing's on the wall
So was it all in vain

Our destiny, can't you see
The bell begins to chime
It's not too late, so don't hesitate
We're running out of time

Try to get it, give it all you've got
Live every minute, before it's time to rot
Try to get it, cause death is calling you
Live every minute before your time is through

So many chances and so many dreams
Too many regrets to ignore
I'm beggin' for mercy and I'm beggin' on my knees
I can't take this anymore

Please say a prayer for the dying
And now I must say goodbye
My time is up and I'm full of regret
Don't let life pass you by
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