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Entropy Mantra Full Album Lyrics

Anicon - Entropy Mantra cover art

Entropy Mantra

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-06-27)
1. Feeding Hand (5:52)
I am the one who sculpts the earth of your world
For your appetites I provide a feast over time with time
I know your needs, your lust, and your want of me
Show me how you value me
I am the one with whom you barter for your blood
Mine all mine: I will poison you where you dine
Gorge yourself on venom
Gouge your eyes and crawl
Bewildered, blind and moving on
Until your vision is gone and you beg from me
Truly you cannot see yourself
You cannot see what is nor what might be
You proceed without the comprehension:
“You may be happy but I have more”
Remember this pact and which part you act
Gloat in avarice and choke on stool
2. Wither and Waste (6:08)
Time has its way of teaching all
Expand and recede and carry on
Moving through life
Only to forget and let go
All things gone, all lost
With one’s face to the wind
Giving pieces away
What does one become —
Every time in this way as we erode?
Presence I crave
I slowly dissolve
Unreplenished and erased
Here what could grow?
I draw back
Autonomy is exile
The fruit withers on the vine
Lose hope
Lose virtue
Just lose
Hold tight to memories
Lose love
Lose warmth
Once apparent: now fade
3. Drowned in the Mirage (6:56)
Caressing the mirage
In an infinite dream
My form is false
And envelops me
And stranded I remain
Affirm for me
This waking life
Show to me the fears
To be swallowed
To be nothing
Pull me out
Return me
Validate me
Assure me
Rebuilding the real
A place in time
With meaning and warmth
With meaning and worth
4. Names Written in Tar (6:54)
Come back!
From your travels return
Your teeth are long, your roots are black
Come back! Come back!
Come back and see you are recalled
Stretched thin as shadow
Temporal as a name
As your time to draw breath and see each day become the next
…and on and on and on and on…
Wherever you may choose to go
Wherever you have gone
It makes no difference short or long
Return to me nonetheless
Rest your head upon my breast
A mantra toward entropy
A lake of hot tar
Blank hyperbole to obfuscate and forget who we are
5. Tarnish on the Emblems of Ardor (6:41)
In an endless procession
Stale and torn
As will dims black
Steady on to progress
I, unfulfilled, remain
Release upon me fortune
Before it fades
Regret expands
And flows with disdain
Torment overflows
Purpose denied
6. Blood from a Road (9:00)
Many are the ways
With broken stones paved
Many as the days
Walled with broken brick
Persist o faithful one
Thy endeavors be undone
How tragic that you speak in tongues
Wander in whatever way
Amidst the renewed maze
Grey is a short road to this place
Where every stone will crack and break
7. Paling Terrain (9:04)
In a fake world
Lie in triviality
Ignorance is the end
Existence will cease
To the callous
Taken by the glow
Fall into decay
Actions curb disregard
Scorn overwhelming
Trapped by mankind
Thrive on misery
Salivate in pain
And the voyeur
Is made whole
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