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All Paths Lead to Death Full Album Lyrics

Amiensus - All Paths Lead to Death cover art

All Paths Lead to Death

GenresProgressive Black Metal, Atmospheric Folk Metal, Black Metal, Post-Rock
Album rating :  80 / 100
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-06-06)
1. Gehenna (6:33)
The dark souls gathering
To feast on the flesh of humankind
Purgatory, damnation
Suicidal agony
Left to forge
Left to scavenge
Dead in life
Dead in our minds

Wandering through existence
Feeding on bones of carcasses
The darkness binding
All that was left of me

Lightning exploded the sky
Blinded yet woven in time
Fire, blood, bone, dust
Fire, Blood, DUST, FIRE

Ripping to shreds
Burning the flesh
Hellish nightmares killing our dreams
Lifeless bodies, drifting through space

Lightning exploded the sky
Blinded yet woven in time
Dead in our lives
Dead in our minds

In this profound
Setting of mind
Distant and pure
Dead in the womb
Left…. in the dark
Born from the gloom
Mindless and bleak
Suffering and weak
2. Mouth of the Abyss (4:53)
Rise, thou seed of the children of Cain
Of the contaminated bloodline of Hem
Cursed ones who I bidst: Come hither
Dost not thou know the time is near?

When the mouth of the earth shall open again
To receive new blood
May it crieth unto God
And establish the New Covenant:
Ye are to be witnesses of the Awakening of the damned
Let every tongue and nation proclaim
Terror of Gehenna is open

And the demons .. who have never known flesh
Be made into flesh!
And those who knew flesh:
Never know it again
Arise! Out of thy bodies
As human smoke
And the smoke shall be as a… great storm cloud
Until it hath turned ….the sky black
Thus shall we be known as the nation of man
Who stood before God and made our own name above the heavens
And conformed the whole earth unto darkness
As never seen before: on earth, in heaven, or under the earth.
I have gathered the younglings who have not the seal of God
Whose corruption shall inherit the whole of the earth
Bring forth the suckling, also, with the incantation whose
Goal is to transcend time and space; Immortal One!
3. Prophecy (5:33)
Rife with murder, slaughtered souls
Blood that filled the city streets
Explosions sound, a bright night sky
All that we had come to know

Soldiers guard an empty tomb
Lies that spread around the world
Panic reaches, bodies tremble
Down beneath, a storm cloud brews
All of Hell returns to earth
The lake of fire becomes reality

Revel, in his unholy power
Black shrouds surround his bloodied throne
Drink from the goblet of revelations

And come to see the man made truths
Servants of death, join in the circle
There is power in the arcane
For it is said, as above so below
Fate is inexorable.

Grotesque impalements of unbelievers
Line the bloodied, blackened path
Structures crumble, a red sun rises
The birth of new humanity begins

No Gods or Kings- exaltation of the flesh
And the fullness thereof
Manipulate the either and let our will be done
Triumphant sinners rejoice in rebellion
Unclean spirits innumerable make their home
Envision glory and make it so
Creative power of the subconscious mind unleashed
4. Desolating Sacrilege (5:27)
Bright night sky, light of the world
The beauty of your majesty
Is your light, a reflection of your creativity?
Revelations shout, your magnificence
False religions hath come forth
And praised your mysterious and wondrous ways
Ominous clouds rolled in, as moonlight fled the skies
A blood red omen, the roar of the trumpets sounded
As the lion devoured the lamb,
The earth shall tremble, as your name is spoken
The locusts shall devour flesh
As we repent
The heavens shall burst
Come forth with the torch
A burning sphere of agony
The seas will dry up
And the dragon will come
The mark of the beast shall appear
A trumpet will sound
With a glorious might
The cloud shall form
Of billowing smoke
From the lake of fire
A sulfuric design
Meant for mankind's demise
As our flesh ripped from bone
We saw what we’d done
To deserve this fate
Our Hell awaits

How does one man chase a thousand?
Outer darkness transmuted to inner light
Soul scorching litany and contempt
Wherewith the Cup of Wrath shall be poured out one last time
5. The River (6:23)
As we passed through
The mountains …to the north
The sigil of the raven
Foretold my coming death

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

The rivers currents
Carried me today
Her outstretched arms I grasped
As life took my last breath away….

I ran through the woods to find
My soul had just arrived
From hell, to this place now
The coldest winters death

Beginning to end
Life was always
Full of bliss and Ignorance,
For I was not aware
Of wat my fate would become

Lead down the river
The lights that guided me to Hades
I saw Styx as she was waiting
To bring me to my punishment
For all good deeds in life
Are nothing but mere penance
For the sins of mankind
Can never be restored
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