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Mass IIII Full Album Lyrics

Amenra - Mass IIII cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Sludge Metal, Hardcore Punk
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-03-09)
1. Silver Needle/Golden Nail (8:24)
.this is a calling on you.your needle drew.the first blood of my war.the needle drew.the life right out of you.searched the blood.and all I found was you.I had forced you into my veins.we are the blood.we drain.in years of pain.
you have been touched.by the hand.accept your fate.now lead the way.ascend.to rise.above the whole.this is a calling.on you.I will beat you without anger and I will draw from your eyelid a tear.
I bare.my arms.now drive your nails through my palms.when we meet.drive those.nails right through my feet.I have given you something real.you thought that you'd never feel.I have given you something so real.a wound.that will never heal.
2. Le Gardien Des Rêves (4:26)
.we read scars and were the wounds.we pained our way and we knew then.we were not coming back.her light.was all that came with me.as I descended.I was building a world for you.as I descended.I found you in the darkness.as I descended.our eyes.meet.a mirror.and in our tears shimmered this song.i reached out my hands.in hope you would accept.to travel with me.through these dreams i have kept.i wish we were and we always are.that wound.
3. De Dodenakker (10:01)
.when I reach your land.will you be out there?I buried the day in that field.and grew my past there.
reach.when I reach out my hand.will you be near then?buried myself in that field.I hoped to find you there.when I call out your name.will you appear then?or will it stay silent and will i die alone again?I carried the void.down deep in me.reach.when will I reach.the new morning.the new day.and we will meet.death.the harvest of blood.in our blood.in our eyes.give us.a lamp before our feet.a light before our eyes.give us courage.to live.a life dead inside.there is no end.that we will not reach.
4. Terziele (2:46)
Mijn ziel splijt en ik zie geen bloed.
Ik weet niet hoe te helen.
Haken van ijzer en spijt.
Ik weet niet meer hoe te leven.
5. Razoreater (6:49)
.I will never kneel down.because the knives are too sharp.I won't let a hand hold me down.I won't let a foot mark my ground.the day.where pain became flesh.since that day on.it had begun.
seek truth.and you will find me.stay close.and you will see.speak silence.and you will hear me.
stay close and you will see.that light will always reign over your shadow.and you will never die like I did.your fire will always be inside of me.you will always be a part of me.the heart of me.
6. Aorte. Nous Sommes Du Même Sang (9:01)
.a heart full of roses and painted wings.
thorns ripp.my heart outs.a loud/allowed..incomplete.I stumble.into you.glass.broken.like me.unseen.blood in my eyes..I cannot see.myself.fall into you.blood in my eyes and now I realise.I have fallen.into you.and your presence.every second of the day.untill my heart stops.you will
be my reason.I died that day.and so did you..feathers sprung from my shoulderblades.and my black wings unfurled.all your human features dissapeared.you come unseen.as a guide.to never leave.to stay by my side.black feathered wings unfurl.touch the ground.human features dissapear.
you arise to shine.and I fell into you.you lead the way.and I trusted in you.then went away.and I held onto you..and I fell into you.
7. Thurifer, Et Clamor Ad Te Veniat (6:43)
.inscense/the scent.the smell of my burning flesh.I'm sent.I am your burning flesh.flames burn bones to cinder.I want to see you burn.I want your ashes to bury the streets.Iwant to see you burn.I want your ashes to fall at my feet.one fine day.you will feel my warmth.you will breathe my smoke.
I am mounting up to you.as prayer.for I am the sacrifice.I am the carrier.and I will wash my face in the flames.risen.now hidden.burn away.cleansing is near.I would burn alive for you.
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