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Akphaezya - Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity cover art

Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresAvant-garde Metal, Progressive Metal
Album rating :  93.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity Lyrics

Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-10-17)
1. Preface (1:59)

The 13th century was born in strangulation. The strangulation of the akphaezyan forests and seas. Human deserts, the greatest of the 14 kingdoms, became, with the new queen's face, a curse for its people. its armies, conquering the last woods in the north east, spread a burning dead sand on elves and centaurus phantom civilisations. It was as if Shyrya’s ambition had grown with the last cycles of the twin suns...
For years, the confraternity of the crimson-eyed priests had been hearing the same poem... A poem cried by some dead souls in the hand of life!

«Tyro, incarnation of Natural divinities,
Sorrows for lands in agony,
Since each tear is a fallen tree
In the abyss of the golden sea.»

What followed came with its hopes, its pains... Some lessons for a lot of mysteries, but remember... Akphaezya has never cried a secret to those who smile with no respect.

2. Chrysalis (6:09)
[Tome I]

(Extract from the 28th book of the krimson confraternity, title 7: «Unfinished diary» related by Jamal Al Azad and its last student from 1215 to 1233 or 1234)

[Chapter I: Chrysalis]
(Pages 1 to 8, written by the priest Jamal Al Azad in 1215 cycle 4)

[Tyro] «See... I put my faith in your arms... This secret must not be betrayed! I know I can believe in you...
So I am placing this child in your trust... He is the apple of my eye... I know that you will devote your undivided attention to this uncommon child. He is a treasure... He could... He will become a man thanks to your help.»

[I, the priest] «What an atypical present! Thanks for you trust, I hope I will be up to this mission... Let me know what you are expecting from me...
I will do the best I can to bring up this rosebud, it will be dawned in a few years. I will honour my commitments as a man who have to obey the divine law.»

[Tyro] «Quite a few years will be passed when I decide to come back and check that he is ready to pass the test and join me.»

(In a whirlwind, the god Tyro disappeared, leaving me facing the baby...)

[I, to myself] «Oh god, what will I do? God, what is happening to me? I cannot bring up this baby... I am lacking in courage... I could not succeed... in such a mission... I am just realising what I am expected to prove.»

[I remember] «It must not be betrayed...»

[I, to the baby] «Fragile as a crystal diamond... Chrysalis, you will become a butterfly!»

[I, to myself] «Come on, priest... take courage in both hands...»

[I, to the baby] «Baby, I will teach you the rules you need to know to survive in our realm... I will offer you the way... to become... someone... good... sensitive... and... reasoning... and not a simple puppet... I trust in you!»

(A sweet wind opened the window)

[I, to the baby] «Chrysalis, you will become a butterfly, rosebud will be dawned soon!
Whatever happens, I will keep you in my arms...
Wherever you are coming from, you will be my son...
Take my life, no matter what I will become, because you are my child now!
Whenever you leave me, you will stay alone...
Whoever you become, you will stay my son!»
3. Beyond the Sky (5:19)
[Chapter VIII: Beyond the sky]
(Pages 235 to 256, written by Khym in 1229 cycle 6)

«Because I understand what the word “son” means, as father... Priest... I love you so, but I cannot lie to my feelings and many are made of sorrow. I have a home, a name... even a fate... but... I am not sure where my place is. Sometimes, I remember no home, no name, no fate... I only feel a heart full of empty spaces
Because I understand what the word “son” means... there is a mother I dream of now... and I... I ignore what I can feel when I touch her shadow.
I know that you give me your home, your name, your fate... Priest... You give me all you can, nevertheless... Priest... when I think about her home, her name, her fate... I would give all... for only one remains in my memories.»
«This morning, I asked you a question. It was: “How can I fly if my roots are only lies?” You tell me that rooted men are those who never fly beyond the sky... Beyond the sky? Beyond the lies... So what mean my dreams, flying away, out of the world? I feel the need to know where I come from and where I have to go. I really feel the need to find, by travelling the world, my mind...»
«My dreams flew away the world!»
«Who am I? Tell me the truth! Stop the lie! Where shall I go with all the things you want me to know? You say nothing... Leave me alone, I am not your son!»

(Page 256 written by Jamal Al Azad in 1229 cycle 6)

«Beyond, men are butterflies...»
4. Khamsin (3:24)
[Chapter IX: Khamsin]
(Pages 285 to 329, written by Jamal in 1229 cycle 3to9)

Today, when Tyro came back to my oasis in order to explain what Khym will have to pass... I realized... Khamsin, the great vortex of Kaltaz... the same trial in which all of the Krimson priests found their weakness, afraid of dying... I thought my son, so proud, was sentenced to death... It really seemed to be the worst...

[Tyro] «Priest? Do you remember Khamsin? And now it is time for Khym! Yes, Khym... does he believe in faith, fist force, fear of sin? So... Khym, onve arrived in Kaltaz, will have to say these words:
‘All the time is blown, tell me who I am! My name! What fate is mine! Great vortex, Khamsin, read in my hands and make myself a priest, Blood of sand! Drown me through the sky if you read a sin or let me fly beyond if I win!’
But before, be sure he is ready... more than you were!»
5. Reflections (4:50)
[Chapter X: Reflections]
(Pages 365 to 375, written by Jamal in 1230 cycle 1)

([Jamal] «From beyond his door... for three nights... words... don’t know anymore... Khym... If you could tell me... Dreams or nightmares... What I have to hear... what I hear... from beyond your door»)

[Khym] «Sometimes I hear a voice telling through my passions that I have no other choice but my fate and its reasons. Reflections on obsessions... Obsessions of the reflections... It is strange... this feeling... Obsessions of the reflections... Reflections on obsessions...»

[Poem of the voice]
«Poison fades
As my veins drown your heart
...of a tear...
Of a last spark.»

[Khym] «I see more and more sparks in the mirror... The more it shines... the more it shines... the more the tone seems... mine! The divine tone sings a dream inside... The far emotions that I dream again and again... Reflections on obsessions... Obsessions of the reflections...It is strange... this feeling... Obsessions of the reflections... Reflections on obsessions...»

[Poem of the voice]
«Poison fades
As my veins drown your heart
...of a tear...
Of a last spark.»

[Khym] «I see more and more sparks in the mirror... The more it shines... the more it shines... the more the tone seems... mine... Nothing after night, I forgot such a pain could have been real but if my heart is till bleeding, even its beat I cannot feel...»

[The voice] «My presence becomes clearer.»

([Jamal] «From beyond his door... who are you... What have I to... Nightmares or dreams... I am scared... Son... please... Wake up, Khym...For thee, Knight! Come beyond your door...»)
6. Awake (1:56)
[Chapter XI: Awake]
(Pages 432, written by Jamal Al Azad in 1233 or 1234)
7. The Golden Vortex of Kaltaz (6:42)
[Tome II]
(Taken from «Akphaezyan prophecies, legends and other tales» based on divine voices)

[Prologue: Voice of the Storm]
...And a warm caress blew Jamal Al Azad’s last words: «A man, three cycles ago... He told me... about you... and Tyro... I... never...
Khym, as ready as you can be... as soon as it is.... as none could hold you yet... go... and face the wind of fire... Face your own fate...
...You think you can touch the blue courtain of tomorrow’s sky... If no one can... If death seems to be worst... Khym...»

[Title first: The golden vortex of Kaltaz]
[Chapter I: From the desert gates]
[Khym] «Sleep well priest, to eternity and... Thanks priest, you have been a father to me... Please, see all these tears that I cannot cry because, as the wind I will fight, my heart feels dry.
(...) Now, walking on old golden waves, I follow the wind of the sea of sand... Flying away from your grave, I follow the wind of which I am the slave: I am in a whirlwind of fire as the sand burns my skin. Flying higher and higher by the wings of my screams...»
But his soul was still resisting: «The Vortex is leading me to a world of agony, drowning me into the Golden Sea.»

[Chapter II: The old city of Kaltaz]
Waking out, Khym saw a man, held up his hand and reminded him of the man’s face. Khym grew wan... He was Tyro, lord of the nomad kings and master of the desert wind!
Tyro looked at the sky and began to speak... Here are his words: «Congratulation dead priest... Stronger than you were, your student is, since he defied the sand storm and the Vortex of Kaltaz... all alone!
So, I make him one of my sons. I can feel the faith beating under his skin...»
And, forgetting what the young could have done (-Time to talk will come with time to understand-), Tyro gave the lands of Kaltaz which, now, would obey to Khym. His soul was comprehending: «I master the Vortex, spring the fountain of agony... I am Khym, Sheikh of the Golden Sea...»

[Chapter III: ...to the oath of fate]
Tyro looked down to Khym, then closed his eyes and slowly said: «Men and women must be free to be considered alive!»
After that, he disappeared and. His voice resounded: «Swear, and do not ever forget!»
8. The Secret of Time (7:15)
[Title second: The Secret of time]
[Chapter I: An oasis of serenity]
Khym: «Sleep well priest to eternity, I make your murderer my enemy, and with Kaltaz power on my side, I will relive the world of the beast I must find, because... Angels chase the demons to the twilight of time in another dimension that I made mine.»

[Chapter II: The dune of duality]
Later, he understood that: «Angels come with demons, as patience come with time which did the dimensions of my mind.»
Some talked about Khym as a hero, sent by god through the shadow... whereas other feared a night killer named Ayzeahpka.

[Chapter III: Words from the genie]
His fate had leaded Khym to the mountains. He decided to ask the orakles about his life. A genie answered his two questions: «Angels give birth to demons as a legacy of time... You have no solution... Now punish your crime!»

[Title third: ...to the northern lake]
Tyro knew what Khym had done... also that freeing people would make him free his soul...
9. Stolen Tears (1:50)
[Title fourth: Stolen tears]
[Chapter I: A snow faced angel]
[Khym] «I have no remains of the cold melodies winter played within me,
No light can bring through the shadows, and my dreams faded in blood...»

[Chapter II: The snow-buried murderer]
[Khym] «All I am is nothing but a lie I understand and cannot deny.
Winter plays a last melody, the first had made the priest sleep to eternity.»

[Chapter III: Stolen purity]
[Khym] «Crystal tears will not ever fade from my eyes to my hands... Crystal tears... stolen by my other face.»
10. Trance: H.L.4 (2:01)
[Epilogue: The last blizzard wails]
(Khym's lamento)
11. The Bottle of Lie (8:06)
[Thome III]
(Runes from Rodrom, carved in the stone of an old jail by H. Naftès in 1254)

[The Bottle of lie]

(Since the day when Khym Al Azad had committed suicide, each south Akphaezyan covered his heart with the name of Tyron, so... Who would have listened to this lunatic, mythomaniac, with a jackal head ring on his finger, who was screaming that a day... in a deep forest... fat in the north...)

“They were at least a thousand... I swear... Please... believe me... Half, they are beast... half man... This is the truth please... believe me... I... saw your god baptizing them in the blood of violence... losing control on his plans... I say... The god stole the infants... I... I even heard him cry... I heard hum justify: ‘Soon after they are raised, human will be ereased’!”

(The Akphaezyan could not hear such an insanity. Rodrom militia arrested him in 1294. He rested so many times in jail... People said he was even dead... But, in 1254 the high clergy of Rodom decided to give him an atonement... The ‘Trial of Denial’. A religious jurisdiction where you can ask for forgiveness by denying your word or die for your fallacy, by drinking a poison: ‘the bottle of lie’... All remembers his address to the Court...)

“Thanks to all his priests and sages’ credulity, Tyro masters there demons’ rages and destiy... Tyro blinds your heart with shadows of a butterfly, and so falls the sentence of Clergy: ‘Deny or drink the bottle of lie’? Hum... Found guilty in the trial of denial, I answer: ‘Summus jus, summa injuria!’.
Tyro master you all in a cage of credulity, but I... I must prove that real is my message... I AM NOT GUILTY! Your law based on shadows won’t fade on what opened my eyes... and this justifies that I can die by poison: ‘Bottle of lie!’.

(So he drank the entire bottle looking at the crowd... and while he was dying, he heard a judge saying...)

“Oh no! Look at his jackal head ring... Sign of the bad augury king...
H. Nafèts’ emissary that we feared, please, forgive us... for the truth we could not hear... Oh... too late... He is dead...
...But listen brothers, if he was right... he wears the mark... of misfortune... Think, think, my brothers... if giving Khym the Vortex was only an illusion in order to make us believe in a hero sent by Tyro... through our shadows... through Shyrya’s despotism... may Khym be one of us, but if he’s not... ih fe was the Ayzeahpka...? If there were at least... a thousand...”

(Doubt in the air... No answers... Only a long wait... until people began to speak to the congregation...)
“Brothers, how could not we think about Good and Evil... Are we able to sat Tyro, our good saviour, would be the serf of the queen... Brother, it’s time for faith and prayer: Tyro, incarnation of natural divinities, sorrow for lands in agony, since each tear is a fallen tree in the abyss of the golden sea.”
H. Nafèts
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