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The Abstract Full Album Lyrics

Acheronthia Styx - The Abstract cover art

The Abstract

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-09-01)
1. Void (2:29)
2. The Abstract Constellations (4:33)
Abstract of the universe, an explainable meaning, for the reason of existence
Abstract of the light-years, so many centuries, so far away to see the shapes

This is our last chance
virtuality is coming
the stars are disappearing

we are the last generation
this is reality
generation cold and die

Abstract of the stars, the group in the night sky, prepare to hidden revelation
abstract the milky way, conform the solar system, nine to one, thousand stars, million lights

Abstract of death, is fade away across the time, my cosmic path
abstract of death, the stars show me when it will, will be my death

abstract of the void, the black matter become to life, in the dark no see the lights
abstract of the wormhole, we go to edge, we no return, the doors are closed
abstract of the constellations, another form connect the worlds, we are not alone
3. Doors to the Unknown (4:12)
I try to decode, a negative force, that hides a two dimensional defect

fragments of reality shatters, light the hope to come back

The gate get closed, no go in circle, between delusion to find the way out

absolute infinity causes, the clash of meaning of that you don´t know

becomes a metaphor
that solve equation of this
rapture the light is distorted
now you´re in front
at the doors to the unknown

Rises fear you´re trapped now an endless tunnel shows you a double entrance

try to see with melted eyes in a place where rules the collapse
4. Exoplanets (4:25)
The oldest eyes in the dark ignites in these landscapes
of infinite desolation while the matter flies free and limitless
to burn the lullaby song lines that still cries and resonate as echoes
on dead satellities that wander lost from another ancient times

vanished by the eternal indifference of your eyes
i´m keeping at the orbit, written by the stars twins
were forgotten by the light of creation and no one will
ever cross the breeze of those skies

The fifth gigant out the cosmical whirl
the stranger world it´s embrace I loneliness
the orphan was exiled to place of emptiness
the fifth gigant cosmical whirl

in the void of the universe, destruction by the huge massive stars
creating the new hostile planets another kind humanity
another orphan of the unexplainable existence hostile land
limitless landscapes for another new and ancient spheres

far away from the solar system, we find the unexplainable creation
dark energy and the great explosion massive stars
the errant planets, unhabitable binary system
and huge suns through the infinity universe
5. The Outworld (4:51)
They beyond the orion belt, are far away from the light-sun
watching us, from the other worlds
we don´t know what are they and why they are, only know
they are part from that universe

try to reach the truth
everything is collapsed
cosmos destruction

we are make blind, the dark forces coming back, they are so closed
there is no way out, everybody falling down, we are sentenced

they come from far away, from the another galaxies or maybe from inside this world
from the other dimension
we only know that arrived long ago, we are not alone
is the nature from the outworld

See the others
moons around them
cosmos expanding

we are make blind, the other shapes are outside, defect dimension
are not alone, they came from us, another species
6. Oblivion (2:12)
7. Interstellar Light & Cloud & Dust (5:21)
Cloud and dust scattered throughout the universe, making a shapes in a space.
diffuse astronomical objects form from gravitational collapse star, gamma ray burst

The death throes massive, short lived-stars
when the supernova explodes, collapsing worlds
ultraviolet radiation ionized gas
the stars are form in the nebulae

In a future our sun will produce a nebula before like a supernova, destroying all the solar system
living a white dwarf cloud and dust in the galaxy, the light-years we are nothing

When the high-mass star dead, the explosion form a supernova the nuclear fusion in the core collapse
creating the new energies, another shapes in the universe, light and cloud and dust

Even hundreds of light years, to travel and see the light and shapes
never will see the conformation, cause in the future past in the reality
every moment is a second less for our world, to transform us
we will be interstellar light and clouds and dust
8. In the Black of the Universe (4:30)
Looking in the center of the universe, a super massive black hole
where the silence is all and exist the eternal darkness
conform the wormhole
in the middle of the super cluster, at the dark the unknown
the gravitational forces don´t exist in here
and it can´t escape inside it

there is no proof the facts
everything is disappearing

the dark embrace me
i´m falling down in the void
my way is not found
i´m lost in the black of the universe

outside the galaxy, only now the lights and huge stars from the cosmos
but overwhelming force from the dark energy
is devouring everything with the expansion
is growing and expanding producing a negative pressure
absorbing the light we see

the eternal black is growing
everything is disappearing

we don´t know conceals the dark seas
maybe other kind of life in the chaos
we shouldn´t believe that we are only
maybe we never see in the black of the universe
9. Tres 2-B (3:51)
To seven hundred fifty light-years of distance
orbiting around the kepler one
in the small solar system binary
a darkest planet from the known universe

In a discovery method of transition, located in the draco constellation
so far away in that universe and so close from our solar system

inside it, always see the obscurity it´s sun don´t give the life
is an impossible world, maybe other dimension
in a far away constellation

reflecting less than one percent, of any lights that hits it
made of gas and titanium oxide
although close to its star, there is no day
a darkest planet from the known universe

No light inside, impossible that starlight penetrate its atmosphere
the eternal darkness, their skies are black and it doesn´t rotate in it´s orbit
10. Mirroring Imagination (4:15)
A cosmic composition parallel universe and eleven dimensions have never perceived
a mirage of science and physics or a definitive for all

it will be a physical theory or just philosophical thought there could be other worlds to our right side
but would complete the invisible mind the other places, would be in a very literal sense parallel universe

I walked
and then I saw me walk before me
but I was not really me
until we have no taken a look at the future
we will not be strong enough and brave

watch out the gap in door
divide reality, that seems to be what we used to see
the only me is me
are you sure that the only you are you?
Once the door is unable to convince the flux
every human reason and wisdom can´t
overcome all obstacle and that divine
intervention it´s more powerful

than anything human offerings
11. The Fragments of Time (4:37)
We now in the dimension divide, where insane things did happen here
product of the chaos reaction, called the big bang for to start it
they say that is beginning others says is the end
but there are no signs and proof the facts

I don´t know what happened here, other worlds collide
in that world and the other, there is no salvation for all

we now in the dimension divide, where the worlds connect through the other worlds
through the time that past and the future join to collapse our mind
there are many I, around this world connect through of strings and time
but there is a nature, that prevents connection with other me

you feel that life is broken
your physical laws don´t match
and all in a moment to end
the fragments of time
from dimension unseen
are the strings of every life

We now in the dimension divide, where the one by one feel the only one
but the science says you are not the only in that universe
the doors show us the beacon of our existence
the time show us that existence is great mistake from the nature

There is no answer for this, the life is fade across the time
I don´t know how long we will live, before to destroy us
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