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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Saints DispelledLyricsDeath MetalUnited States36310
Abhorrence in OpulenceDeath Doom MetalGermany987
Harsh RealitiesDeath Metal, GrindcoreFinland920
The Shadow at the World's EndLyricsDeath MetalSweden1340
Malevolent Demise IncarnationLyricsDeath Metal, Thrash MetalGreece720
Existence of ShepherdDeath Metal, GoregrindJapan1240
MorsusLyricsBlack Metal, Death MetalGermany710
Eternity's GateLyricsDeath MetalFinland800
Evocation of ChaosLyricsDeath MetalGermany1300
Shells Will FallLyricsDeath Metal, Death Doom MetalFinland1110
Die Zombie DieLyricsDeath Metal, GrindcoreSpain1910
For Lovers of the New BizarreLyricsDeath Metal, GrindcoreGermany2320
The Depths of InhumanityDeath MetalUnited States410
Forever Baptised in Eternal FireLyricsBlack Metal, Thrash MetalGermany320
Consumed by EvilLyricsDeath MetalUnited States300
Collapse into ChaosLyricsDeath MetalSwitzerland700
Summon the UndeadDeath MetalNetherlands800
Grinding Black ZeroBlack Metal, Death MetalGermany800
The SummoningDeath MetalSweden300
Eternity-The Weeping Horizons / the 2nd MoonLyricsDeath MetalGermany700
Libido MedicoBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreItaly200
Covered in SkinDeath Metal, GrindcoreSpain500
Pulmonary Fibrosis / Al Bundy / ImmuredDeath Metal, Crust Punk, GrindcoreGermany1600
The Next OffensiveDeath MetalGermany300
The TragedyDeath Doom MetalFinland500
The Spell of DamnationDeath MetalMexico400
Androphagous / Toxic RevolutionDeath Metal, GrindcoreGermany300
No Worlds... nor Gods BeyondDeath MetalGreece400
EngrainedDeath MetalGermany400
Servants of ChaosLyricsDeath MetalItaly400
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Reviews : 10,080
Albums : 166,608
Lyrics : 217,499