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AFM Records

FounderAndreas Allendörfer, Axel Fischer
Parent labelSoulfood Music
GenreHeavy Metal, Power Metal, Gothic Metal, Thrash Metal
LocationHamburg, Hamburg
Also known asAFM Records GmbH
AFM Records
125 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Power of the DragonflameLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalItaly3769580
The Metal OperaLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalGermany1855645
MandrakeLyricsPower Metal, Heavy MetalGermany2639541
VirusLyricsPower MetalFrance732725
Eternal DevastationLyricsThrash MetalGermany372147
As the Angels Reach the BeautyLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Gothic MetalItaly1317421
Never NeverlandLyricsThrash Metal, Technical Thrash Metal, Heavy MetalCanada4616810
Only HumanLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Power MetalGermany1214113
...and Death said liveLyricsMelodic Death MetalFinland1113812
Grand IllusionLyricsPower Metal, Death MetalSweden221256
MasterplanLyricsPower Metal, Heavy MetalGermany1113712
Velvet Darkness They FearLyricsGothic Metal, Death Doom Metal, Electropop, Industrial RockNorway229310
PerformocracyLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard Rock, AORSweden12643
Life on Death RoadLyricsHard Rock, Heavy MetalNorway20594
AstronomyLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalSweden66815
Holy HellLyricsHeavy Metal, Power MetalUnited States6575
In Search of TruthLyricsProgressive Metal, Power MetalSweden19587
SkycrestLyricsPower Metal, Speed MetalGermany18626
Snowfall on Judgment DayLyricsProgressive Metal, Power MetalUnited States11442
VirusLyricsPower Metal, Heavy MetalFinland10421
NosferatuLyricsHeavy Metal, Power MetalSweden12416
Doomsday for the DeceiverLyricsThrash Metal, Heavy MetalUnited States17442
Animal HouseLyricsHeavy MetalGermany26451
EraLyricsPower Metal, Folk MetalItaly15493
RitualLyricsPower Metal, Progressive MetalBrazil13447
Beast of BourbonLyricsThrash MetalGermany41474
Forever AutumnLyricsGothic Metal, Doom Metal, Death Doom MetalSweden13396
Worlds ApartLyricsPower Metal, Heavy MetalGermany5395
Liquid MonsterLyricsPower Metal, Heavy MetalGermany24301
Sign of TruthLyricsPower MetalSweden5290
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Info / Statistics
Artists : 39,245
Reviews : 9,372
Albums : 141,936
Lyrics : 190,035
Weekly Chart
Issue date :  June 18, 2021
Gojira Fortitude (2021)
VOLA Witness (2021)
Epica Omega (2021)
Synsnake Fluxus (2021)