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Speed Metal

Stylistic originsNWOBHM, Heavy Metal, Hardcore Punk
Cultural originsLate 1970s and early 1980s, Europe and North America
Typical instrumentsElectric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Rust in PeaceLyricsThrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed MetalUnited States491,35676
Reign in BloodLyricsThrash Metal, Speed MetalUnited States4681050
Land of the FreeLyricsPower Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy MetalGermany3557052
A Blaze in the Northern SkyLyricsBlack Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed MetalNorway3335017
Nightfall in Middle-EarthLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic Metal, Speed MetalGermany3928140
Among the LivingLyricsThrash Metal, Speed Metal, Groove MetalUnited States6022615
Welcome to HellLyricsHeavy Metal, Speed Metal, NWOBHMUnited Kingdom8615419
Port RoyalLyricsHeavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed MetalGermany37769
SkycrestLyricsPower Metal, Speed MetalGermany18616
25 to LiveLyricsHeavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed MetalGermany34569
An Overdose of Death...LyricsSpeed Metal, Thrash Metal, Black MetalUnited States30532
ThunderSteelLyricsHeavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power MetalUnited States22517
Speed Metal SymphonyLyricsHeavy Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Speed MetalUnited States2395
DiamondsLyricsHeavy Metal, Speed MetalSweden14364
Terminal EarthLyricsHeavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed MetalGermany7344
BleedLyricsSpeed Metal, Thrash Metal, Melodic Metal, Power MetalGermany9335
Theatre of FateLyricsPower Metal, Speed MetalBrazil16313
The Lost WorldLyricsPower Metal, Speed MetalKorea3282
IXLyricsBlack Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash MetalItaly24254
HeresyLyricsPower Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed MetalGermany10241
Violent RestitutionLyricsThrash Metal, Speed MetalCanada15231
Agony of DeathLyricsSpeed Metal, Thrash MetalGermany24200
Heading NortheLyricsPower Metal, Speed MetalGermany15175
Back to the WeaponsLyricsThrash Metal, Speed MetalGermany12171
Unstoppable ForceLyricsSpeed Metal, Thrash MetalUnited States7161
Eyes in the NightLyricsHeavy Metal, Speed MetalCanada10164
World CircusLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Speed MetalUnited States8151
StormSpeed Metal, Heavy MetalKorea2151
Heavy Metal ManiacLyricsHeavy Metal, Speed MetalCanada12140
N.E.W.SLyricsMelodic Speed Metal, EurobeatJapan2101
Info / Statistics
Artists : 38,846
Reviews : 9,066
Albums : 139,676
Lyrics : 185,812