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Melodic Metalcore

Stylistic originsMetalcore, Melodic Death Metal, Melodic Hardcore
Cultural originsEarly 2000s, United States and United Kingdom
Typical instrumentsElectric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals (screaming, growling)
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
AscendancyLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Thrash Metal, Heavy MetalUnited States3227016
An Ocean Between UsLyricsMelodic Metalcore, MetalcoreUnited States181684
As Daylight DiesLyricsMelodic MetalcoreUnited States271192
AmarantheLyricsTrance Metal, Melodic Metalcore, Melodic Death MetalSweden311404
The PoisonLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Thrash Metal, Heavy MetalUnited Kingdom421564
The Fall of IdealsLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Melodic Death MetalUnited States30780
Jack of DiamondsLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal, Synthesizer Rock, Alternative MetalSweden22964
The MarchLyricsMelodic MetalcoreUnited States18482
VolitionLyricsProgressive Metal, Melodic MetalcoreCanada18353
Reckless & RelentlessLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Hard Rock, TrancecoreUnited Kingdom28599
BxMxCLyricsTrance Metal, Alternative Metal, Power Metal, Melodic MetalcoreJapan2525917
The Common Man's CollapseLyricsDeathcore, Melodic Metalcore, DjentUnited States15451
Blessing From a Blackened SkyLyricsMelodic Metalcore, MetalcoreAustria8191
Phoenix DownLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Melodic Metalcore, Alternative MetalSweden18310
The Hymn of a Broken ManLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Alternative Rock, Post-RockUnited States2172
Till the EndLyricsMelodic MetalcoreUnited States9130
UngratefulLyricsPost-Hardcore, Melodic MetalcoreUnited States14163
RunesLyricsMetalcore, Melodic MetalcoreUnited Kingdom21120
Your HighnessLyricsThrash Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Melodic MetalcoreFinland13110
Hollow BodiesLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States9160
Apologies Are for the WeakLyricsMelodic MetalcoreUnited States11200
EraLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Melodic Metalcore, DeathcoreUnited Kingdom14130
The Moment You Find Your FlameLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Alternative Metal, Hard RockUnited States16100
EternalLyricsMelodic MetalcoreUnited States1060
Barton's OdysseyLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Melodic MetalcoreFrance441
New DemonsLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Alternative Metal, ElectronicoreUnited States1392
Digital VeilLyricsProgressive Metal, Melodic MetalcoreUnited States550
BereavementMelodic Metalcore, Metalcore, Progressive Blackened MetalcoreJapan230
The Opposite of DecemberLyricsMetalcore, Melodic Metalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States740
AliveLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Melodic Metalcore, Modern Metal, Alternative MetalSweden540
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Reviews : 9,969
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Lyrics : 216,043