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Groove Metal

Stylistic originsHeavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore Punk, Crossover Thrash
Cultural originsEarly 1990s, United States and Brazil
Typical instrumentsElectric Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar, Vocals (screaming, growling)
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Beneath the RemainsLyricsThrash Metal, Death Metal, Groove Metal, Nu MetalBrazil5743534
Vulgar Display of PowerLyricsGroove Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash MetalUnited States3841315
Ashes of the WakeLyricsGroove Metal, MetalcoreUnited States3832124
IronboundLyricsThrash Metal, Groove MetalUnited States3726111
Among the LivingLyricsThrash Metal, Speed Metal, Groove MetalUnited States6024315
Bonded by BloodLyricsThrash Metal, Groove MetalUnited States3423811
The BlackeningLyricsGroove Metal, Thrash Metal, Nu MetalUnited States322197
Holographic UniverseLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Groove MetalSweden1420215
FortitudeLyricsProgressive Metal, Death Metal, Groove MetalFrance171244
DemanufactureLyricsIndustrial Metal, Death Metal, Groove MetalUnited States561323
Endless Supply of PainLyricsThrash Metal, Industrial Metal, Groove MetalKorea71206
Dark AgesLyricsNu Metal, Groove Metal, Death Metal, Thrash MetalUnited States451145
The Fury of Our Maker's HandLyricsGroove Metal, Melodic Death MetalUnited States31711
The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Volume 1LyricsGroove Metal, Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard RockUnited States21654
One Kill WonderLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Groove MetalSweden19493
Eternal NightmareLyricsThrash Metal, Groove MetalUnited States10430
ChimairaLyricsGroove Metal, MetalcoreUnited States19352
InfliktedLyricsGroove Metal, Thrash MetalUnited States11341
Word of MouthLyricsHeavy Metal, Power Metal, Groove MetalUnited States22312
RepentLyricsThrash Metal, Groove MetalGermany19400
Slaughter in the VaticanLyricsThrash Metal, Groove MetalUnited States6220
UndefinedLyricsGroove MetalKorea9260
ManifestoLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Groove MetalGermany12252
Band of BrothersLyricsGroove MetalUnited States11161
L.D. 50LyricsNu Metal, Alternative Metal, Progressive Metal, Groove MetalUnited States26171
War of WordsLyricsHeavy Metal, Groove MetalUnited States3231
IIProgressive Metal, Groove MetalUnited Kingdom4130
SevendustLyricsNu Metal, Alternative Metal, Groove MetalUnited States16171
Forbidden EvilLyricsThrash Metal, Groove MetalUnited States15170
Hellbilly DeluxeLyricsIndustrial Metal, Heavy Metal, Groove Metal, Alternative MetalUnited States12120
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Reviews : 9,582
Albums : 144,633
Lyrics : 194,056