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Also known asMath Metal
Stylistic originsProgressive Metal, Metalcore
Cultural origins2000s, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States
Typical instrumentsElectric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizers, occasional use of Orchestral and Folk Instruments
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
The Violent Sleep of ReasonLyricsDjent, Progressive Metal, Technical Thrash MetalSweden2728912
Periphery II: This Time It's PersonalLyricsProgressive Metal, DjentUnited States201337
The Madness of ManyProgressive Metal, DjentUnited States8841
Angel or AlienLyricsProgressive Deathcore, DjentUnited States14894
War of BeingLyricsDjent, Progressive MetalUnited Kingdom17516
Set Course for AndromedaLyricsDjent, Progressive Metal, Jazz FusionUnited Kingdom13303
Wolves WithinLyricsMetalcore, Deathcore, DjentUnited States11301
The Common Man's CollapseLyricsDeathcore, Melodic Metalcore, DjentUnited States15481
RenaissanceLyricsProgressive Metal, Djent, Math Rock, Instrumental RockUnited States11291
Reaching HomeLyricsProgressive Metal, Djent, MetalcoreNetherlands8142
CosmogenesisLyricsProgressive Metal, Djent, Jazz FusionPoland1141
TravelersDjent, Progressive MetalCzech Republic6110
PhronesisLyricsMetalcore, Djent, Progressive MetalUnited Kingdom8131
In TimeLyricsProgressive Metal, DjentCanada6120
Arch EchoLyricsProgressive Metal, DjentUnited States490
Journey to the StarsLyricsDjent, Progressive MetalPoland8131
AlienLyricsAmbient Metalcore, DjentAustralia1180
Brute ForceLyricsExperimental Metal, DjentFrance890
VisceraMetalcore, DjentUnited States7101
VioesLyricsMetalcore, Deathcore, DjentKorea651
Wrath of the VanguardProgressive Metalcore, DjentUnited States891
måsstaden under vattenLyricsDjent, Progressive MetalSweden681
OneironotLyricsDjent, Progressive MetalUnited States6101
WitnessLyricsProgressive Metal, DjentDenmark1080
TerrapinProgressive Metal, DjentUnited States1170
Blinding White Noise: Illusion & ChaosLyricsProgressive Metal, DjentIndia471
ViaLyricsMetalcore, DjentUnited States1090
Album of EpicnessMetalcore, Deathcore, Djent, Trancecore, Comedy MetalUnited States261
Stargate SynchronicityDjent, Electronic Metal, Progressive Metalcore, MidicoreFrance660
KismetProgressive Metal, Djent, JazzAustralia550
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Artists : 45,594
Reviews : 9,976
Albums : 163,305
Lyrics : 216,073