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 (Kingdom of Thailand)
Area513,120 k㎡ (51st)
Population67,959,000 (20th)
GDP$395,288 million (27th)
160 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Oriental Hell RhythmicsBlack MetalThailand1490
Episode III: The Archangels and the OlympiansLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalThailand461
S.K.U.D. (Satanic Kultus - Unholy Desecration)Black Metal, Death MetalThailand620
Delicious SinisteryDeath MetalThailand420
They're All Gonnalaugh at YouDeath Metal, GoregrindThailand530
Godless RitualsBlack MetalThailand610
Concentrate the AnnihilationBrutal Death MetalThailand610
no imagePower MetalThailand300
Into the Mystic SideNeoclassical MetalThailand200
The Rituals of Invocation Remains ChildBlack MetalThailand400
Path to NothingnessBlack MetalThailand500
AmataProgressive MetalThailand100
no imageBlack Metal, Death MetalThailand100
Hammers for Evil BloodThrash MetalThailand300
Siamese Brutalism Assault!!Brutal Death MetalThailand500
AriseSpeed Metal, Power MetalThailand200
no imageLyricsBrutal Death MetalThailand300
CrisisTechnical Death MetalThailand800
no imageBlack Metal, Death MetalThailand400
Gigantirix ExtinctionSpeed Metal, Thrash MetalThailand400
CaloricMelodic Black MetalThailand100
EpiklesisBlackened Death MetalThailand200
Dark to LightSymphonic Gothic MetalThailand300
From Extermination to DepravityLyricsBrutal Death MetalThailand400
no imageGrindcore, Death MetalThailand100
HellmetalDoom Metal, Hard RockThailand200
Promo 2013Brutal Death MetalThailand100
Dysfunction of the Uncontrollable SarcoidosisDeath Metal, GrindcoreThailand300
The Signal FlaresMetalcoreThailand200
Decade of SavageryDeath MetalThailand900
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Info / Statistics
Artists : 39,504
Reviews : 9,464
Albums : 143,193
Lyrics : 191,745