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 (Kingdom of Thailand)
Area513,120 k㎡ (51st)
Population67,959,000 (20th)
GDP$395,288 million (27th)
164 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
The Day Bastard Leaders DieBlack MetalThailand200
Promo 2015Death MetalThailand200
๑Black MetalThailand100
Heavy Metal E.P.Heavy MetalThailand200
Thrash ProjectThrash MetalThailand100
Just Commencing To RevengeBrutal Death MetalThailand100
no imageDeath MetalThailand100
WondererAtmospheric Black MetalThailand100
Before Night FallMelodic Death Metal, Doom MetalThailand200
Black MoonMelodic Death MetalThailand100
no imageBlack MetalThailand100
no imageBrutal Death MetalThailand100
ลาวาHeavy MetalThailand100
EP 2011Death Metal, Thrash MetalThailand100
The Day Bangkok BurnedCrossover ThrashThailand100
no imageBrutal Death MetalThailand100
Rehearsal Demo 2004Black MetalThailand100
Gravity Of SoulsMelodic MetalThailand100
no imageProgressive Metalcore, DjentThailand000
no imageBrutal Death MetalThailand300
Revenging High-class SpeciesBrutal Death MetalThailand200
Incubation in the Parallel DimensionSlamming Brutal Death MetalThailand200
no imageBlack Metal, Folk MetalThailand000
no imageBlack MetalThailand100
no imageBlack Metal, Folk MetalThailand000
no imageBlack MetalThailand000
no imageBlack MetalThailand000
no imageBlack Metal, Post-Black MetalThailand000
Utopia Part IILyricsThrash Metal, Progressive MetalThailand1900
Demo 2018Black MetalThailand100
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Info / Statistics
Artists : 42,073
Reviews : 9,949
Albums : 151,395
Lyrics : 198,292