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 (Italian Republic)
Area301,338 k㎡ (72nd)
Population60,795,612 (23rd)
GDP$1,815,757 million (8th)
1,549 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Power of the DragonflameLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalItaly3568479
KingLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Symphonic MetalItaly1423120
As the Angels Reach the BeautyLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Gothic MetalItaly1317421
Stream of ConsciousnessLyricsPower Metal, Progressive MetalItaly1212111
Ascending to InfinityLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalItaly812012
Fragments of D-GenerationLyricsMelodic Death MetalItaly61187
FrAmeLyricsProgressive Metal, Power MetalItaly131035
SeditionLyricsBrutal Death Metal, Technical Death MetalItaly11904
The DiaristLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Doom MetalItaly11899
A Time NevercomeLyricsPower Metal, Progressive MetalItaly11848
Prophet of the Last EclipseLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalItaly5688
Return to Heaven Denied Pt.II - A Midnight Autumn's DreamLyricsPower Metal, Progressive MetalItaly14658
Divine Gates Part l : Gate of HellLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalItaly17659
LimboLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalItaly9543
EraLyricsPower Metal, Folk MetalItaly14493
Obscura Arcana MortisLyricsBlack Metal, Doom MetalItaly15494
UrsaLyricsProgressive Gothic Metal, Doom Metal, Death MetalItaly8452
SwampedLyricsGothic Metal, Alternative MetalItaly36422
A New Dawn EndingLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalItaly6366
Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)LyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalItaly1364
Dark QuartererLyricsHeavy Metal, Progressive MetalItaly12291
no imageLyricsPower Metal, Heavy MetalItaly10282
NemesisLyricsPower MetalItaly4262
Champion EternalLyricsPower MetalItaly9256
IXLyricsBlack Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash MetalItaly24254
Hastings 1066LyricsPower Metal, Symphonic MetalItaly6234
El NiñoLyricsProgressive Metal, Power MetalItaly12222
Irae MelanoxLyricsProgressive Metal, Power MetalItaly6220
Rabbits' Hill Pt. 2LyricsPower Metal, Folk MetalItaly9205
Mare NostrumLyricsSymphonic Black MetalItaly14191
Info / Statistics
Artists : 38,776
Reviews : 9,048
Albums : 139,431
Lyrics : 185,395