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 (Republic of Colombia)
314 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical MacrocosmLyricsBlack MetalColombia199815
Supreme Knowledge DomainLyricsBrutal Death MetalColombia10184
Magic TranscendenceAtmospheric Black MetalColombia6110
SacroLyricsDeath MetalColombia1091
The First NecromancyLyricsBlack Metal, Thrash MetalColombia1570
Proliferation of DisasterLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalColombia460
The Goat of the Black PossessionLyricsBlack MetalColombia870
Sanctuary Beyond the infiniteLyricsBrutal Death MetalColombia654
Wicked TestimoniesBlack MetalColombia640
Depravity IncarnateLyricsBrutal Death MetalColombia330
Regressive EntitiesLyricsBrutal Death MetalColombia1130
Condemned by the AllianceLyricsBrutal Death MetalColombia450
Nuklear Zombie DivisionLyricsThrash Metal, Black MetalColombia1930
The Blasphemous Sinner of Damnation ImpurityLyricsBlack MetalColombia320
Tempus MortisDeath Metal, Black MetalColombia420
no imageGrindcoreColombia320
MemoriesAtmospheric Black Metal, Post-Black Metal, Depressive Black MetalColombia220
The Faceless ManAtmospheric Black Metal, Ambient, Epic Black MetalColombia330
Human Meat GluttonyLyricsBrutal Death MetalColombia421
Kraken ILyricsHeavy MetalColombia1610
Satanic ArmageddonBlack MetalColombia520
Preludio del malLyricsThrash MetalColombia720
IIIAtmospheric Black MetalColombia220
Nocturnal AttackLyricsBlack MetalColombia510
For My Your Blood for Satan Your SoulLyricsBlack MetalColombia520
no imageLyricsSpeed Metal, Heavy MetalColombia920
Bloodstained GodsLyricsBrutal Death MetalColombia210
Templo de la serpiente negraBlack MetalColombia110
A Dead Tree of SorrowTechnical Death MetalColombia220
Devouring Your PrayersLyricsBrutal Death MetalColombia410
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Artists : 46,454
Reviews : 10,080
Albums : 166,600
Lyrics : 217,499